I found the old video and uploaded it because it was such a great idea and I'm continuing because it was just lovely and intriguing and I know exactly where I want it to go.

WARNINGS: Language, Blood, Controversial Topics, Smut, Dark Themes



Dean was having a rather hard time not thinking about it all and Sam knew that something was off as well. His brother seemed distracted and unfocused and Sam wanted to help, but he also knew that he wasn't about to be able to get Dean to open up about it. Ever since Angels had come into the picture, Dean had gotten more and more closed off—not that he wasn't closed off already because of spending time in Hell.

"Did you not sleep well?" Sam asked his brother slowly.

Looking at Sam, Dean shrugged. "I slept well enough."

To be honest, it was nice to have a break from the nightmares about Hell, but this girl…why did she feel so real? He could feel her heat surrounding him when he thought about her and he definitely remembered her feel and her taste and it bothered him because weren't dreams supposed to be based off memories or something? Dean didn't know anything about that, but what he did know, was that he didn't recognize her, so if she was a memory, she was a long since buried one.

"Well, how about I go grab some research at the library and then you take a nap," Sam suggested with a shrug. "Hunting is no good when you can't focus."

Dean didn't want to admit that Sam was right, but he nodded. "Sure, whatever."

"Alright, see you in a bit," Sam answered with a chuckle.

The way that Dean said that, made Sam aware that Dean was just trying not to admit that anything was bothering him and he was too tired to fight Sam on anything. So Sam just took off, leaving Dean to take off his jacket and lie down on the bed. He didn't want to have another nightmare about Hell, but Sam was right: he couldn't fight when he wasn't getting enough sleep. Nodding at that, he closed his eyes and let himself drift off to sleep, Rose letting herself sleep as well.

It had been a long day and given how boring her life really was, she figured that another sex dream might be nice. So she spent her evening in bed trying to remember every bit of her dream with vivid detail and when she drifted off, it was like she felt fingertips moving up her legs and it made her whole body shiver pleasantly. At the same time, something felt off and Dean felt a sudden surge of hatred. Just like that he'd grabbed her and flipped her over.

"AHH!" Rose let out, struggling underneath him.

For some reason, Dean felt the need to snuff out her very existence, so he just kept trying to strangle her, Rose struggling, reacting by reaching for the motel phone. It took her a moment, feeling his weight on top of her and the wind being forced out of her, but the object was finally in her grasp and then on the move. Dean wasn't expecting the phone to hit him in the head so hard, but he jolted awake, feeling like his head was throbbing in pain, and Rose woke up gasping for air, sitting upright in her bed.

He'd never woken up from a nightmare before actually feeling like he had been hit in the head, so this couldn't just be some random happenstance. Dean also didn't understand why it was that it was the exact same woman—and why was he trying to kill her?! What was she?! Maybe he needed to ask Castiel about all of this, but right now Dean's head hurt and he didn't want to have to deal with the angel trying to figure it out.

He didn't want to sleep, but Dean was trying to piece this all together…unfortunately, all that came to him this time, were nightmares from Hell.


Rose hadn't been able to go back to sleep.

It was quite a wake-up call to be strangled by the guy that had earlier been the reason for a cold shower, and what more…she felt like she had actually been strangled. In fact for a little while there, there were strangulation marks on her neck and she suddenly felt like she was in some bad horror movie and she didn't know what to do about it. What if this guy was real and he was dangerous? What if these dreams were some sort of vision, or something? It wouldn't be the first time something weird had happened to her.

Actually, Rose had always felt a bit out of place even though she enjoyed her life and all of the people in it. She, Jenna and Lena were very different, but at the same time Rose always had feelings about things—about what was right and what was wrong. Rose had always had a very strong sense too of what was morally acceptable and what was not, which was why this whole time she'd been a virgin…though she'd done things that most would say made her a hypocrite or a tease—she knew what it was like to feel a man's finger in places that it wasn't entirely acceptable…a mouth too.

That's why she figured the dream was just a dream and she missed that stuff.

It wasn't like Rose didn't know what an orgasm felt like, or how to get a man off with her hands and her mouth, it was just that Rose always felt bad afterwards and had stopped. She'd been curious, yes, and she'd felt lost for a long time, but she had put those things behind her and tried her best to be as she was sure she was supposed to be. Besides, even if sometimes she felt different, she always felt good about herself even when strange things happened…and the voices had stopped a long time ago.

When she was little, it was perfectly acceptable for her to have 'imaginary friends', but the voices in her head weren't imaginary. She believed them to be at one point, but soon she was aware of how real strange things were and she just kept it all to herself…even when the voices suddenly stopped. Now, she was having strange dreams that felt real and she was wondering if maybe this called for some research. Occult research maybe? She certainly couldn't let anyone know she was doing it though.

After a shower, Rose got dressed and went down to brew some coffee, deciding to get a bunch of caffeine into her system so that she was wired and wouldn't have to sleep. She didn't want to dream about that man anymore, right? Now she'd had two dreams and it was definitely a toss up and that was strange, right? Sex the first time that felt amazing and then he tried to kill her…why had he tried to kill her? Shaking it off, Rose went to turn on the TV, curling up on the couch and inadvertently passing right out.

Dean was in the middle of a nightmare about Alastair torturing him, when Alastair became Rose, Dean's eyes widening. Just like that, she let him off of the rack and started to kiss him, Dean feeling his wounds heal as what felt like electricity coursed through his body, making him moan right into her. Her hands were fumbling down his torso to get his belt off, pushing his pants down and grasping his member as she nipped at his bottom lip. Dean gasped, but he nodded, feeling her hand glide up and down him, hardening in her hand and grunting as she pleased him just like that. But soon her hands were gone and Dean found himself asking her why she had stopped.

"It's obvious, isn't it?" Rose asked him slowly.

He glanced down and saw that the scenery had changed and while he was now aware that he was in a dream, he wasn't in control. Not at all. Was she? Was she controlling all of this and making his body feel alive like this? On fire with desire he'd never felt before? All he knew was that her lips looked so perfect and inviting pouting like that, her rasping breaths making his erection feel especially painful as he found his naked behind placed into a chair and she straddled his lap.

"I just want to feel you again," Rose whispered, leading his tip to her entrance.

Dean whimpered and nodded. "God help me, I need to be inside of you."

"Give in…" Rose answered then.

"Fuck," Dean swore as he nodded.

She might have been controlling this in Dean's mind, but Rose felt just as helpless to it all as Dean did. All she knew was that she cried out as his fingertips dug into her hips, pulling her down on him as his flesh pushed inside of hers, Dean grunting loudly and nodding. It felt so good to be inside of her and they both preferred this kind of dream to the kind where Dean was trying to end her…but what if he needed to end her? Those thoughts disappeared as she rocked, feeling him stroking her from he inside out, the sensation ripping through him as well.

Just like that she was riding him, feeling him moving in and out, his hands firmly on her hips helping her to keep the rocking motion up, swallowed by the feel of her. Dean buried his face in her breasts, moaning and nuzzling as Rose moaned too, tugging at his hair and panting in his ear, making him buck up harder, his thumb moving to rub at his clit good and hard, making Rose nod and make noises that just felt like music to his ears at this point and he was close…he was so close…

"Fuck…" Rose whispered, whining gently. "Harder…oh, God…"

Dean nodded and felt her as she came, his thumb going to town on her clit, and that feeling around him made him practically explode. He spilled himself right inside of her, both of them still rocking a little to let the orgasm ride out, but suddenly they were awake…sweaty and exhausted and complete. They felt like it had happened and as they were both trying to catch their breaths, Sam walked into the motel room, which made Dean feel paranoid, and Rose was sure this was something really strange and she had to know what was up. What was this?


"You seem out of it," Jenna said as she and her sister sat at the diner the next day.

Rose shrugged a little bit. "I dunno…I feel off."

"That dream again?" Jenna asked her.

"No," Rose told her, making a face. "Just in general I feel off. Like something is about to happen, or…I dunno."

"Last time you felt like something was going to happen, Dad got murdered," Jenna pointed out to her. "I hate to say it, but you have pretty good intuition into all sorts of things no normal person would. Mom always said it was because you were special."

Rose smiled a little bit and nodded, wishing that she could make sense of all of this—because underneath what felt like amazing sex, Rose just felt afraid. There was this fear deep inside and she honestly didn't know if she was going to be able to get through this because what if he was a bad man? What if he was something that went bump in the night? It wasn't like she didn't believe in ghosts and demons and all of that, because while she hadn't seen any, plenty of her feelings had led her to research about the Occult. What if that's what this was?

What if Dean Winchester was a witch?

It made sense to her, but at that moment, Dean was wondering if Rose was something unnatural, and had finally told Sam about it. Sam also thought it was weird and wondered if maybe she was a Succubus. Maybe Dean had been tagged by one and now he was feeling this ragged and everything because he was being drained and the dream of killing her was his subconscious telling him something was wrong. Dean liked that theory, but now he had to hunt her down.

"I just don't know where to start," Dean explained, shaking his head. "We might have to call Cas here."

Sam nodded at that. "That might be the best idea."

"I don't think that that's the best idea," Castiel told Rose as she grabbed a book.

She was in the bookstore in the Occult section pulling out a section on witches and was startled by the deep, commanding voice. For some reason, this man felt familiar to her—like someone that she could trust—but she just didn't know what to do. Instead she smiled, thinking that maybe he was just trying to talk to her about the book and he certainly didn't know why she was here, right? Who was he to tell her what book to look at when he had no idea what was happening?

"I think it'll be helpful," Rose responded kindly. "Have you read it?"

Castiel shook his head. "I do not need to, I know all about it."

"Do you believe it's real?" Rose found herself asking him slowly.

"It is very real," Castiel explained to her, leaning in a little bit as he knew absolutely nothing about boundaries. "It is best to stay as far away from witchcraft as possible."

"No, no," Rose replied blushing, "it's not that. I…you're going to think me a lunatic, but I think I might be hexed."

Castiel nodded slowly. "You will figure it out."

"Yeah…" Rose said before moving past him. "Thanks for that…"

She found him to be a little weird, so she headed for the cash register, only to hear a flutter of wings and her heart skipped a beat. That seemed like such a familiar sound and yet when she turned around, Castiel was gone. Rose swallowed down the lump in her throat and felt suddenly like that bad feeling of hers was being magnified. Something big was going on here, and she had a feeling that she was right in the middle of it all.

Note: In case you're confused, they only dream about each other when they are sleeping at the same time in their different places. They will also meet up in person, but not quite yet…there is a really huge twist coming up before then. Feedback is always appreciated!