A/N: I think I read in the books about Billy coasting down a hill or something. That inspired this story and so did sleep deprivation (the reason it is bad).

"Okay Dad, are you ready?" I asked while holding his chair and pacing back a few feet

"Sure, sure," Billy, my old man, grunted.

Ever since his legs started to weaken because of his diabetes I have wanted to roll him down a hill in his new chair. When I'd told Bella about my secret ambitions she thought of them to be 'cruel and unusual', but the second I told Billy he hopped on board right away. He needed adrenaline in his life.

One of the few asphalt roads on the reservation is by Sue Clearwater's place. I had spoken our big plans to Seth, Sue's son who can never seem to shut up, but, of course, he blabbed to his mother. Mrs. Clearwater objected to the idea as Bella did, but for completely different reasons. Her husband had died from health complications which made her overly cautious about Billy's own problems.

I started to move the wheelchair back and forth quickly to build the friction and momentum needed to gain an ultimate speed.

"One," another push forward

"Two," I pulled back

"Three," I urged the chair to go as I loosened my grip

Dad was screaming with delight, like a rider would on a roller coaster. The hill looked steep and high from my viewpoint.

His gray streaked ponytail blew back from the wind.

He was flying.