ilose my mom


There was a haunting tense feeling as Carly, Freddie, Sam, and Spencer anxiously waited in the waiting room.

"Anyone know any games?" Spencer asked hopefully, attempting to cheer up the crowd.

"Not now." Carly whispered to her brother, Carly was certainly right it was not the time for games Sam's mother was dying after an extreme over dosage of some type of drug. Sam was losing her, and for so long she tried to convince her mother to stop, but Miss Puckett refused. Sam had a deep feeling inside that it was her fault her mother was dying, she how felt that she was responsible for her.

A doctor stepped in the waiting room.

"Sam, would you come here please?" He asked, Sam looked as if she were to cry. He pulled same into the hallway, where Carly, Freddie, and Spencer could not see, and began to speak.

"Sam I am sorry to say but were losing her," a tear streaked down Sam's face. "There's really nothing more we can do, we've tried to pump it out, but is already where we can't get to. I'm sorry." Sam did not yell she did not fight, she just looked at the doctor with gleaming eyes and said only one thing.

"Can I see her one more time?" The doctor nodded, and escorted Sam down the hallway to visit her mother one last time.

It had been at least an hour until same returned to the waiting room, but when she did it was almost too obvious what had happened.

"I'm so sorry Sam." Carly cried, then embraced her best friend, even Freddie shed a tear. Spencer with a worried look on his face said,

"You can stay with us until you work something out." Sam nodded,

"Come on." Spencer said, and the four of them left the house of tragedy.

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