Chapter 4

"Are you okay, Becca?" said Melissa the next day. She had work to do at Seattle Grace, she was doing some work for the Callahan charity foundation and had some meeting at the hospital. That meant she would be seeing Mark Sloan again, and she was willing to bet that he had found his tongue by now.

"Yeah I'm okay," said Rebecca. She and Melissa had had a long talk about her father the night before, Rebecca hadn't said much since.

"I have to go back to the hospital today, get some details figured out and some papers signed," said Melissa. "I wish there was more for you to do here, I didn't get why you wanted to come with me...I guess I found that out yesterday."

"I didn't plan to have a fit like that," said Rebecca. "I was just going to...I don't know, I just wanted to see what he looked like."

"So why did you react like that?" asked Melissa. They had talked about the way Rebecca was conceived and Melissa's history but not Rebecca's attack on Mark. "You are the most mild mannered kid I have ever met. I thought I was the family hot head."

"You are," said Rebecca. "I guess I was just mad."

"Why were you mad though?"

"He took advantage of you," said Rebecca avoiding eye contact with her mother.

"I thought I explained this to you," said Melissa. "It wasn't his fault. He was so drunk it's a miracle you were even conceived, and I...well I was not an normal 15 year old. I was out of control on alcohol and too much coke, honestly I practically mauled him."

"I know you already told me," sighed Rebecca.

"He is not the big bad man you seem to think he is," said Melissa. "But no matter what I told you last night, it is my actions that I am ashamed of and regret. But your existence and the person you are has never and will never be one of those regrets."

"I know," said Becca. "So how long are you going to be today?"

"A while," said Melissa. "Uh...why don't you take a credit card, go to the mall and buy a book or something. You can take the car and driver."

"Oh a Gold card and a limo, have you been taking parenting lessons from Grandma?"

"Funny!" said Melissa. "And I wasn't giving you the gold card, you were just getting silver."


"Fine, what do you want to do today while I'm at work?" said Melissa. "There a hospital a few miles away from Seattle Grace I'm sure you could find a surgeon to attack there."


"You could go into the office," Melissa suggested. "Poor Jeff is archiving today, you could go and help."

"You are so not funny," said Rebecca furiously, she had developed a little crush on the office manager in Seattle, Jeff.

"I'm sorry that was mean," Melissa laughed. "Seriously though, take the car, go to Mall or go to the office, just take your cell phone and let me know where you are."

"I'll go to the office," said Rebecca. "I don't mind doing Admin work, plus I could do with the cash."

"Yeah yeah," said Melissa. "Your allowance is perfectly adequate."

"What was your allowance when you were my age?"

"I didn't have one," smirked Melissa. "You are lucky to get one."


"I didn't have an allowance," said Melissa. "I had a credit card with no limit and two cars."


"Yeah I had a cute little Ferrari and a jag for winter," said Melissa.

"I don't even have one car," Rebecca grumbled.

"Because you are thirteen and I am not about to let you become a screwed up little brat," said Melissa firmly. "You just have to deal with it."

"I wouldn't mind being a screwed up little brat," said Rebecca. "If it means I get a jag!"

"Go to work," said Melissa as she motioned to the driver to bring the car around. "I will call you when I'm done and then we can eat."

"Okay," said Rebecca. "Could you apologize for me?"

"I already did," said Melissa. "The hospital got an extra half million dollars on top of their donation."

"Wow I should have punched him harder," said Rebecca. "My best shot was only worth half a million dollars."

"Get in the car," said Melissa, then she said to the driver. "She's going to the foundation offices, take care of her Bob."

"Of course Miss Callahan," said the driver.

"See you later Mom," said Rebecca as she got into the car.

"See you," said Melissa.

"You stupid little..."

Melissa heard someone scream. She had just finished her meetings with the board and was in no mood for drama. Seattle Grace was cost cutting big time, at the expense of their patients Melissa had had to call the foundation's office and ask them to bring a check over to cover the medical bills of a sick little girl that the board wanted to stop treating. All she wanted to do was go back to the hotel with Rebecca, order room service and watch an old movie.

"Job cuts and a brawl," said Melissa. "Fun place."

She followed the Chief of surgery down the hall to where the trouble was happening. She saw a young dark haired doctor shouting, but she couldn't see at who. Melissa was about to turn to leave when she caught sight of who the doctor was screaming at, it was Rebecca.

"Becca!" said Melissa as she shoved her way past the people watching. "What the hell..."

"Mum," said Becca, she was clearly upset she was almost in tears.

"What is going on?"

"This little bitch's lies has..."

"Excuse you!" Melissa shouted. "I think you better find a better way to express yourself before I put you through that wall!"

"I would like to see you..."

"Try me sweetheart," said Melissa menacingly. "Now do you want to explain why you are screaming at a thirteen year old?"

"Her spiteful little lies got my boyfriend arrested!"

"Spiteful?" said Melissa. Rebecca didn't have a spiteful bone in her body, and then it hit her the doctor was talking about Mark. Rebecca must have shouted that he was a rapist before she hit him. "Mark Sloan? Yeah you look like his type, perky, young and little psycho! But you need to calm down and get the hell away from my kid because I will kill you if you even so much as look at her in the wrong way, not to mention your medical career will be over."

"As if you even have that kind of power," Lexie scoffed.

"I'm on the committee in charge of your cost cuts during the merger," said Melissa. "Not to mention I can do anything I want in the walls of this and any other hospital in the state!"

"A little 'don't you know who I am?'" Rebecca whispered. "You're not the queen of England."


"Dr. Grey!" said the Chief of Surgery, his voice like thunder. "Go into my office and compose yourself, I will deal with you in a minute."

"Oh let me deal with her," said Melissa threateningly. "I..."

"Mum, come on lets go," Rebecca urged.

"Fine," said Melissa. "But Dr. Webber you better keep that away from me and my kid, or you'll make a very powerful enemy."

"I can assure you it won't be a problem," said Richard clearly humiliated about being dictated to in front of his staff.

"Little power mad, Mum," said Rebecca. "Come on let's just leave."

"Fine," said Melissa.

"I brought the check," said Rebecca as if she just remembered. She took it out of her pocket and handed it to her.

"Jeff sent you," said Melissa. "Dr. Webber, here is your check for Emily Walter's treatment, let me know if there are any other expenses in her case."

"Fine," said Richard.

"Come on Becca, lets get out of this nut house," said Melissa as she steered Rebecca towards the elevators.

"Mum, she said they arrested my...that man, the police took him away and they want to talk me. Mum, they think I accused him of raping me!" said Rebecca tearfully. "Mum, I'm scared what if..."

"Don't worry," said Melissa wrapping her arms around her daughter. "I am going to go down to the police station and straighten this out."

"I'll come with you and tell them..."

"No honey you will stay outside in the car," said Melissa. "I don't want you in a police station, they are not nice places."

"But you can fix it," said Rebecca.

"Well I'm not the Queen of England or anything but yeah I can fix it," said Melissa. "I'm so sorry about all this honey, you shouldn't have to see any of it."

"He is my father," said Rebecca quietly.

"He might be your biological father but that does not mean you owe him anything," said Melissa.

"Well I can't let him go to jail..."

"He would not be going to jail anyway, not without a victim," said Melissa as she steered Rebecca into the waiting car. "I'll sort it out..."

This update is for Lady Isabelle Black who asked for one, to be honest I had almost forgotten about this story because it didn't seem like anyone was reading it but I had a few chapters already written.