"That thing on your backpack. I saw it on the ground on my way to the subway. What does it mean?" I asked.

"Oh…. um nothing…" Ananka said tensely.

"Ananka I can do many things, which include how to tell a lie. I KNOW you're lying." I remarked.

"I got to go to my next class." replied Ananka and she then went and drew in the crowd.

I tried looking for her, but with no luck I gave up. I went to the office, and got a schedule. I looked over the schedule and found my first class.

Biology. Sounds fun. Next class was English, skipping that class. Then Science, fine I'll go. Math? No way Jose! Social Studies, eh ok. Lunch? I could work with that. Language to Learn? Sure. I'll choose Latin, easiest to learn. Physical Education? Hell ya! Art … Fine. Then it ends. Time to go to Biology.

I opened the door to the Bio room, and looked around to find a seat. I chose one in the back of the room over by the window. I got out my Bio book and placed my backpack over the chair. I got my notebook out, and started doodling in it, to pass the time. The bell rings, and I glance up. I see students starting to file in.

I spot Ananka and she catches my eye. We glance at each other and she walks over and takes a seat next to me.

"Soooooo…. Sorry about cornering you like that, I was curious, but it's your privacy, and I will respect that." I apologized. I figured that since she is my only friend I've made here, I better apologize.

She looked surprised at me, then she muttered a quick Thank you, and then got out her stuff.

The biology teacher walked in, she had gray hair, and a couple of wrinkles here and there. She wore an oldie skirt and blouse. Great, JUST great. I got out my plain white apple laptop. A couple, girls, including Ananka raised some eyebrows but said nothing. I typed out notes, for dissecting a squid, and then we got to do it. Ananka looked terrified at this.

"What are you afraid of dissecting?" I asked, taking the scalpel.

"N-n-oo" said Ananka shakily, taking a small gut out with tweezers.

"Ok, want me to dissect it for you?" I asked again, picking out the squid's eye.

"I'm fine" she said breathing in, and then started dissecting.

About an hour, of tireless dissecting, we got to leave. I skipped English and went to the library. I headed to the computer and searched "Ananka Fishbein" on Google. I pressed enter and searched the results. About 1000 hits. Geez… I didn't know she was THAT famous. I click on the first link. It was from the New York Times. The page loads like a slug, very slow.

After five minutes it loads. I scroll down, and it freezes for a minute. "Stupid Computer!" I thought to myself. Finally the article is showing and I squint to read the article.

"Local Girl Foils Art Heist." The article screamed in my eyes. I see the picture first, before I read the article. It shows a young Chinese girl, in a nightgown speaking out on a pedestal. I see another group of girls behind her, in terrible, old-fashion dresses. I peer closely, and see, a sickly midget with white hair wearing black , a Spanish girl with red hair wearing a fifties style dress wearing combat boots, a girl with dreadlocks in a blue dress, and an Italian looking girl, with black hair in a yellow dress. I look at the other girl with the wispy brown hair and rose dress, it's Ananka.

I gasp loudly at the sight in disbelief. "What are you doing?" asks Ananka, who appeared at my shoulder reading the article I found. "Are you stalking on me?" she asks, looking at me questiongly.

Oh Shit.