Summary: When Amu's grandparents pass away, she is forced to look after their old mansion by her parents. When she arrives, she meets five hot boys who claim to be ghosts and are there to serve and protect her. With an annoying little sister, strange supernatural happenings, being alone in the house and at school, and five bothersome ghosts, how can Amu cope with her new life? And just what kind of connections does she share with each of the ghosts?

Note: THIS IS NOT BASED OFF OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! Even though the summary alone should have already told you that...

Inspired from parts of the When They Cry series and how the series Bloody Kiss starts out. (Replacing the vampires with ghosts.)

Warnings: Contains most Amu pairings.

Disclaimer: I do not, and never will, own Shugo Chara!

A silver jeep sped down the highway road. A teenage pink-haired girl stared out the window. Her eyes gazed blankly at the objects that zoomed past.

She was hoping for a regular month of June but no. Instead of wasting the day away by watching TV or going shopping with her friends, she was on a car with her family leading to their new life.

A girl with brown curls was next to her. Her little sister, Ami, was too busy playing her DS to talk to her. She was 10 years old, but it didn't stop her from being an annoying little brat.

"Amu! Ami! We're here!" announced Midori, their mother. Her dark golden eyes shone with excitement, in sharp contrast to the boredom read in her elder daughter's own. Her looks often made most adults joked that Amu might have been an adopted child. Ami bore more of a resemblance to her mother, with the same shade of brown hair and golden eyes. Amu's hair was a bright strawberry pink and her golden eyes stood out with a brighter shade. Midori and her husband, Tsumugu, who unlike his wife bore no resemblance whatsoever to his daughters, both got out of the car to unpack. Amu looked out the window to survey their new home.

The front gate that awaited them was rusty with age, creaking slightly. The house was a large mansion that would impress anyone coming from the city. It looked like, in its prime age, it would have been a fine house, if it were not for the thick ivy vines covering the sides and the tan brick walls chipping off. The garden in the front had flowers that wilted and was dull in color. The fountain in the middle of the garden was turned off, with no fresh water gushing from the top. If water would ever gush from it again. Not exactly the best mansion in mind.

Ami turned off her DS and jumped out. Amu followed her, opening the car door. She saw her sister run up to the gates in glee, her eyes glittering with admiration for their new home.

"Look, sis!" she exclaimed, "Doesn't it make your heart feel all 'doki, doki' just by looking at it?"

Amu rolled her eyes at her little sister's enthusiasm. "It makes my heart feel disgusted. Who wants to live in a trashy place like this?" she said with apparent distaste. Midori frowned at her daughter's attitude but only sighed.

After the entire luggage had been taken out, she and Tsumugu got back in the car.

"Have fun you guys," Midori said to them, "Amu, don't forget to look after Ami, okay?"

"Papa's going to miss his little sparrows very, very much!" her husband wailed tearfully. Ami giggled while Midori sweatdropped at Tsumugu's crybaby behavior. The car did a U-turn and drove off. Amu watched it go in silence while her sister waved a cheerful goodbye to her parents.

"Bye! Mama! Papa!"

When the jeep drove out of sight, Amu first tried to bust open the rusted lock on the front gate. The lock remained closed, too stubborn to open. Gritting her teeth in frustration, she tried to attack it with her briefcase, whacking it at the lock again and again. Throughout her endeavor, she thought back to when this had all started.

Her mother had received a call from the officials. Amu remembered well the shocked look on her face, and the day after. The whole family went to a funeral, looking down at the coffins of Amu's dead grandparents, the owners of the mansion she was going to live in for the rest of their life.

After the funeral, they received a will and a letter left by her grandmother. According to the document, Midori Hinamori, was to inherit the mansion in a small suburb, along with all of the belongings still intact in the house. The letter confirmed of what was in the will, and stated that they were to look after the house and "tidy it up, until it was all sparkly clean!"

While it was clear they had a choice, her mother decided to move away from the city and settle into a new life in the suburban town. Of course, she was against the decision, but her mother wouldn't hear any of it.

"Why don't you like it?" she asked, "Is it because you're afraid of the stories surrounding that place since you were little? You know they're all not true."

"That's not it!" Amu had shouted, "I just don't want to look after some broken piece of shit left by my grandparents!" Tears welled up in her eyes, "It's not worth throwing my life here away for! I don't want to be the only city girl in my class full of country bumpkins! I want to stay here! With my friends and my home!" Her talk lead her to being grounded for a week, giving her no time to let any of her friends know about her moving away.

"It's because of that stupid will!" she thought hotly, "Who wants to look after this run-down place anyway?! I say either wreck it or sell it to someone else!"


The lock broke from the constant blows she delivered. She carefully tugged the lock free from the gate. Ami ran in, leaving her suitcases behind. Groaning in exasperation, she dragged their suitcases and bags with her.

"Why do I have to do all of the dirty work?" She caught up with Ami just in time to see her swing open the front doors. A grand room greeted them. A large chandelier hung above their heads when they walked in. Winding staircases lead to the rooms upstairs. The room itself was the size of a giant tennis court. Two hallways on the sides lead to separate rooms: the dining room and the lounge.

Ami looked around in awe until she saw something that caught her attention. Grinning, she wandered off down one hallway.

"Hey!" called out Amu, "Wait up!" She dropped their entire luggage and ran after her.

"Over here!" she shouted. She was in the lounge, sitting on one of the sofas. The lounge was as large as the previous room. There were three sofas, sitting together in one big circle. One rocking chair rocked from side to side. A coffee table sat between the sofas, in front of a huge fireplace. There were a couple of bookshelves and one contained a TV set.

"It's really soft," commented Ami as she jumped up and down, "Not bad for a ten-year old house." Before sitting down, Amu noticed a thin layer of dust that covered everything: the walls, the rug, the furniture, and the shelves….Everything. Why did their parents have to go away on vacation for their wedding anniversary? Couldn't they throw a party or something else?

"Good afternoon, ladies."

With a yelp, Amu hid behind her sister. (Not that it was exactly the best protection.) She stuck out her head in fear, wondering who the intruder was. A man in his possible early 30's stood before them. He was dressed in a white frilly shirt with a blue sash around his waist, which were all covered by a blue tuxedo tailcoat and pants. Their luggage sat near his feet. He gave a polite gesture and laughed.

"Ahahahaha. My bad. I guess you don't know yet."

"Who are you?" Amu asked bravely.

He introduced himself, "I am Tsukasa Amakawa, the head butler of this house. You must be Amu and Ami Hinamori, am I right?"

The two siblings blinked in confusion. Neither remembered their grandparents having a butler. Amu rubbed her temples, struggling to remember. She recalled a vague memory of her grandparents having a servant in the house, but she couldn't recall what he/she looked like.

"But our parents never mentioned you."

"I don't tend to engage in conversations with my master's and mistress' guests," Tsukasa said, "I am mostly serving tea."

"Hey, Butler-san," said Ami, "Could you take us to your room? I really, really want to take a nap."

A small smile quirked at the end of his lips, "You can call me, Tsukasa-san, if you like, Hinamori-san. As for your room, all of the rooms here are vacant. You are free to choose whatever you like. However, if you prefer a certain kind of room, I should gladly take you to it."

Her face scrunched up in thought, and then she said, "I want a room with a balcony!"

"That can be arranged. Right this way please. Make sure to watch your step." Tsukasa started leading them out of the lounge and up a flight of stairs. The wooden steps creaked as they walked. Various stone guardian statues glared at them as they passed. Amu felt as if this was turning out to be one of those lame horror movies where the main character goes to a haunted mansion and ends up living with a poltergeist, whom constantly caused mischief.

They walked through a long hallway when Tsukasa halted. A line of doors on the right side lead down to the end of the hallway. Windows on the left side let in the light source to light up the otherwise dark and ominous hallway. There was a layer of dust even here, covering the floor beneath them.

"This will be your room, Hinamori-san," said Tsukasa, gesturing to Ami. The door beside them was shut, almost as if it was beckoning for her to come in. "I hope you enjoy your stay." Ami let out a cry of joy and took her stuff, leaving Amu alone with Tsukasa.

He turned to Amu, "Now…what about you, Hinamori-san?"

She thought for a minute, "Umm…Is there one with a wardrobe? I…kinda have a lot of clothes…"

He pointed to the end of the hallway, "It is the room over there." Tsukasa took a deep bow, and left. Carrying her suitcases, Amu made her way over to her room.

Tsukasa was very nice, she thought. Maybe he would be willing to help out with the cleaning.

She swung open the door to be greeted with a normal, plain bedroom. The paint on the walls peeled off in some places. The dressers and wardrobe was empty. No curtains hung to block the intense sunlight coming from the windows. The bed had no covers or pillows of the any sort. Yet, a tall teenage boy dressed in a dark suit was strangely relaxed sleeping on it…Wait, a boy?!

She quickly did a retake and saw there were five boys in the room. They all wore dark suits varying in styles and color. Each of the boys eyed her (except for the one sleeping on the bed), unblinkingly, their faces reading the same confusion that was perceived on her face.



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