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"Do you know when you'll be back?" Ginny asked, sitting up in bed.

"Beginning of next week, at the latest," Tonks said. "Love you. I'll write, if I can." Smiling reassuringly, she kissed Ginny. She tossed a toothbrush into her bag and zipped it up. Walking to the door, she said. "Boys, I know you're in there."

Two boys, both with bright green hair, climbed out of the cloak closet across from the door.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Tonks asked.

"Where you going, Mama?"

"You know I can't tell you that, Ridder," Tonks told him. "You and Zack need to get back to your room. Mummy put you to bed thirty minutes ago. I'll be back soon, I promise." She kissed both boys and nodded toward the stairs. Once they had gone up and closed the door to their room, she walked out of the house, locked it, and Disapparated.

"Hey there, sexy," a seedy looking man said. "What-cha here for?"

"I got an appointment with The Wand," Tonks said. "This is Max, and that's B."

"Blondie came with some muscle, boys," the doorman said, sharing a chuckle with his friends.

"Look, I know you're prob'ly looking forward to bustin' my balls for a while, so to speak, but I'm running on a schedule. And your boss is gonna be pissed as all Hell if he finds out you fucked up a good business deal."

"Wha's your name, girlie?"

"Ellie Dormer."

The doorman looked at his notepad and scowled at her, but let her and the other two pass.

Tonks smirked at him and made her way through the parlor of the rundown hostel. She was really glad the scumbags had picked a Wizard's hostel to operate out of, rather than a Muggle one. It made things that much easier. She climbed the stairs, nodding at Max and B to stand guard at the bottom. The top floor was deserted. She knocked on the door to her right and stood back, wand at the ready in her pocket.


"That's me."

"Here about the goods?"

"Right-o. How many?"


"Just like I asked. You really are the best."

"That's why I'm the boss."

"Ages 8 to 12, like I asked?"

"Yep. And they're new. All Muggle-borns. You'll be able to break them in yourself."

"Perfect," Tonks said, walking into the room. Her heart broke into pieces at the sight of the four frightened children, but she held it together. "Bloody hell, they're perfect."

"I do what I can for my clients. Payment?"

"I've got what you want, no worries. 50,000 galleons is a lot though…"

"You can check them out yourself. We don't hurt them."

Tonks knelt beside the boy and looked him over. "Easy," Tonks said softly, taking his hand. "You're good, I'll grant you that," she told The Wand. "Here you go. All there, all counted myself. Some of my lower peons think they can get away with taking a cut themselves, so I handled this one personally."

"A woman who looks after her money. I respect that," The Wand said, grinning.

"Any protocol for getting these things out of here?" she asked, nodding toward the children.

"Not at all. We picked a Wizard's spot so no one'll be on the lookout for 'em. You'll have to keep the brats on the low for a few weeks though. Like I said, we just got 'em."

"Gotcha. All right, you lot," she said to the kids. "Single file, go ahead of me. Pleasure doing business with you," she told The Wand, handing him a card. "If you get another shipment in, send an owl to that address."

"Will do."

Tonks put a hand on the smallest girl's shoulder and led the kids out of the room, exhaling hard. Max and B joined them at the bottom of the stairs, and they walked back to the street. A car appeared in front of them, and she knelt next to the kids. "Don't be afraid. Get in the car, you're safe now." She shut the door and tapped on the roof of the car. It disappeared as quickly as it had come and she turned to "Max" and "B". "Would you like to do the honors, Harry?"

"Of course," Harry said, grinning. He shot a spell into the air and a moment later, Magical Law Enforcement members were lined up in the street and surrounding the building.

Tonks smirked as she saw colorful flashes in the building from where the MLE people were dueling The Wand's men. "Harry!" she shouted, something on the roof catching her eye. "The roof!" She Apparated onto the roof and shot a stunning spell at The Wand. The two of them dueled until Harry got there.

"Throw your wand down!" Harry shouted, sending a stunner at the criminal.

The Wand shot another spell at Tonks, catching her off guard. The force of it picked her up off the ground and sent her flying over the edge of the roof. As she caught the fire escape's edge, she heard Harry yell "Stupify!" and The Wand scream.

"Tonks!" Harry yelled, peering over the edge. "Hang on!"

Tonks's vision swam. She could feel the spell, whatever it was, working. She let go just as Harry grabbed her wrist and pulled her up.

"Gotcha. You're okay, you're going to be okay. Kingsley!"

A sharp pain raced through Tonks's body, and everything faded to black.

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