Five years have passed...

Ayumi stepped outside to welcome the morning sun. It was still cool but the sun's heat kissed her skin. She closed her eyes to better appreciate the warmth. The pup in her arms began to squirm and she looked down into his golden eyes as he shook his fat fists at the sky.

"Good morning Ichiro," she whispered as she leaned down to rub noses with him. His little dog ears swiveled around picking up the noises the birds were making. He had chestnut hair but the tips of his ears were silver.

He had been born a couple days ago, dog demons had a hard time conceiving. Ayumi wanted more pups though, something she was already stressing to her mate.

Sesshoumaru had paid some villagers to build her a hut in Edo. They stayed their during her pregnancy and now for a couple weeks after Ichiro's birth. Then they would begin to travel the western lands. Ayumi had begun conspiring with Kagome. The girls wanted the brothers to travel together and to them it made sense.

They were both after the same thing, Naraku. Now they both had pups so it would make sense to stay together in order to protect them. InuYasa would bitch for hours when the topic was approached and Sesshoumaru refused to reply at all.

Ayumi jumped in surprise as a hand came to rest on her shoulder, but instantly relaxed as she realized it was her mate. Sesshoumaru wasn't looking at her or their pup though. His attention was on the woods. His golden eyes narrowed.

"What's wrong?"

"Hn...Stay here," he ordered as he left into the forest. She scowled at him as she hiked up her kimono.

"Fat chance! I want to know what's going on!" She exclaimed as she jogged after him, Ichiro still in her arms. He had began to suck on his thumb, drool pooling around his chin. A red blur passed by her and her scowl deepened as she realized that must have been InuYasha. He didn't acknowledge her at all.

Kagome struggled to keep hold of Chiyu as the young hanyou struggled to get out of her mothers grasps. She kept pulling her arms away only to have Kagome grasp the next tightly. The girl wanted to accompany her father to hunt lesser demons but Kagome would hear nothing of it. She looked like a copy of Kagome, all except the dog ears on her head and her golden eyes.

"You are too young!" She exclaimed, her brown eyes searching for some help. Shippou quickly came to her side. He now came up to her waist, he looked up at Kagome, his emerald eyes sparkling.

"I wasn't much ol-" He began but decided to bite his tongue at the fierce glare she shot him. Shippou coughed and looked down at Chiyu.

"Chiyu-chan, let's find Rin and play some games," he suggested as his paw intertwined with hers. She nodded and soon he was dragging her away.

Kagome sighed and took a moment to compose herself before heading towards the well. She recognized these auras, although she wasn't able to place a name or face to them. She knew they were familiar though. That's part of the reason InuYasha had left without her. She had felt a demon near the well and Sesshoumaru was headed towards it. Whoever the aura's belonged to, she didn't want them to get injured during the fight. Gathering her trusty yellow bag she ran after InuYasha.

Sesshomaru's looked at his claws in disdain. They were coated in the boar demons blood. It dripped thickly on to the ground and he scoffed as he cleaned them. This is all he did as of late, running around Edo killing off vermin.

Now everyone that had the gull was challenging him, believing him to be weak for mating a human. He spared the details little thought having long since abandoned his negative thoughts on humans and hanyous.

There was one exemption to that though. It approached now, his younger brother but a red blur as he neared. InuYasha stopped beside him and crossed his arms. He glared up at Sesshoumaru after looking at the bloody mess.

"You don't have to kill them all ya know. I would like some action at some point..."he grumbled, "After all this is InuYasha's forest, not fluffy bastard's forest."

Sesshoumaru began to growl menacingly until a squeak interrupted it. He peered around the well and found two strangely dressed onna's clutching on to one another. There eyes widened in fear as he gazed down on them, his face devoid of emotion.

"DON'T KILL US!" One of the girls sobbed loudly as she buried her face in her friend's red hair. The other girl began struggling to throw her friend off.

"You can have her, just spare me!" She begged. Tears fell freely from both of them as they struggled with one another. The onna with the light brown hair struggling to keep hold of the one with red hair. Finally the brunette pinned the red head to the ground and looked up at him pleadingly. Sesshoumaru's eye brow arched up in question.

"You would sacrifice a friend?" he inquired of the pinned girl but before he got an answer, InuYasha pushed past him. Sesshoumaru cracked his knuckles, fully prepared to beat the hanyou.

"Aren't you Kagome's friends?" InuYasha asked curiously. The two gaped at him for a moment before getting to their feet and running at him excitedly, stopping the impending attack on him.


Ayumi walked up slowly and placed a hand on Summerhouse's shoulder. Her face was scrunched up in confusion.

"Eri? Yuka? I-I don't under-" She was cut short as the girls embraced her, making sure to avoid squishing Ichiro.

"Eri? Yuka?" Kagome yelled as she came into the clearing.


Yeah, there's going to be a sequel. One of you reviewers gave me an idea and instead of making it a separate story, figured I could just continue it. NO IDEA when it will be out, I'll make an update on this story when it is. Sorry this took so long. I know it's not even 1,000 words. I wrote it maybe 3 times (this is NOTHING like the others I came up with lol), more than 2,000 words but god. I hated them lol This just all fell in place over night.

So anyway...

THANK YOU for reading. I really appreciate it and y'all made my day. I looked forward to seeing your thoughts on it. I cannot thank you enough for giving my story a chance and sticking through it. I actually finished a story! And you are the reason why =D