"Sebastian, make me some and find out why Puru is barking. It's annoying and I can't think straight." yelled Ciel. Sebastian smirked at his young Master. "Yes, my lord." Ciel nodded, and then went back to his paper work. Sebastian left the room, thinking hard. Something had been bothering the butler for a while. It was a weird feeling, a feeling that he felt only around Ciel. Sebastian shrugged it off, for now.

As the butler walked outside, Puru jumped on him. "Pluto, down boy!" Sebastian yelled. The Devil Dog listened immediately. The butler sighed. "Finny!" The small, but amazingly strong boy appeared within seconds. "Yes, Sebastian-san?" "Why was Puru barking?" The small boy started to laugh. "He was chasing a cat and got stuck. I had to help him out." Sebastian growled. He liked cat, a lot. "Keep him secure next time!"

Sebastian tool a tray of tea- Earl Grey- up to his young Master's office. He opened the door to find that Ciel had fallen asleep. The butler smiled. Last time he was asleep, Sebastian took a picture of him. That picture had him discover that Ciel really did care about him. That's when the "weird" feeling appeared. The butler walked over and tapped Ciel on the shoulder. The young boy lifted his head and yawned. "Your tea, Master." Ciel blushed and looked away. "Thanks…"

When the butler made it to the kitchen, he realized the "weird" feeling. It was love. " Damn it." Sebastian threw a plate, then walked away.

Ciel felt totally embarrassed. He fell asleep, again! And in front of Sebastian, too. Ciel hadn't been getting any sleep at nights. He always asked Sebastian to stay by his side until he fell asleep. It made him feel safe, and something else. Ciel knew it was wrong, he couldn't love a demon. But he had to find out how Sebastian felt about him.

"Sebastian, I have a question." Ciel stated as the soon as the butler walked in. "Yes, Master?" "Can demon's fall in love?" Sebastian dropped the tray he was carrying. He was shocked. "Sebastian?!" "I-I'm sorry my Lord. I will clean it up and leave." Sebastian cleaned up and hurried out of the room.

The butler hit the wall of his room and gasped in shock. Can demon's fall in love? Sebastian didn't know the answer. He wanted to though…

It was dark out when Ciel snuck out of the mansion. He wanted to be alone, just like he had always been. "I knew it. He doesn't care, he only wants my soul…" Ciel sighed. He leaned against a tree. "Gotcha, Ciel Phantomhive." Ciel turned around and saw a tall man. The man knocked Ciel out before he could even scream.

Sebastian woke with a start. Something was wrong, he could feel it. He ran to Ciel's room as fast as he could. He opened the door…Ciel was gone. But there was a note. Sebastian leaned closely, it was written in blood: I've got your boy, demon. Rot in Hell.