Ciel awoke in his own bed. He felt better, with only a little pain. He looked around for Sebastian, who wasn't there. Ciel felt…upset. He longed to see his butler. Knock! "Come in…" Ciel said depressingly. "What's wrong, my Lord?" The doors opened and Sebastian walked in with a tray of food. Ciel brightened up immediately. "Today, I've made you-" "Sebastian, who was that man that took me?" Ciel was curious to know. Sebastian sighed. "A mad-man named Yule Fonsworth. He had gone crazy about demons, which he wanted destroyed. Somehow he found out about me. So to upset me, he was going to kill you."

Ciel gasped. "Would that have upset you? I mean, if I had been killed?" Sebastian smiled. "Yes, it would have, very much actually…" Ciel blushed. The butler set the tray down and leaned closer to Ciel. "Remember when you asked me if demons could fall in love?" Ciel nodded. "Well, I think they can, because I've fallen in love with someone very dear to me." "W-who?" the small boy stuttered. "You, my Lord." And kissed him.

Sebastian leaned back from the kiss and grinned. Ciel's face was red. "I best be off…" "Don't go! I, uh, love you too…" Ciel blushed even more. "Please stay here, with me?" The boy whimpered. Sebastian smiled. "I will never leave your side. Even if you go to Hell, I'll be there with you. After all, I am one Hell of a butler."