Hallo! So, this began as a drabble collection like "Wide Awake Bored", but it became more of a ficlety thing. Enjoy! I'll probably post two in a chapter if they're particularly short.

To any of my readers from Star Trek: the next chapter of Heatsink is being written, so fear not!

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"I miss England," said Matt in the British accent he hadn't properly possessed since graduating Wammy's. "Can't we go somewhere less hellish, Mel?"

"No," replied the Russian, tying his hair up into a makeshift ponytail. His neck was sticky with sweat in the Tokyo summer heat and Matt could see it dripping down into the hollow of his collarbones. "If you're hot, turn on the fan."

"It's already on."

"Then stop bitching." Mello had headed into the kitchen. "Drink some milk." The milk was standing out on the counter because the refrigerator was full of chocolate.

Matt shifted unhappily on the couch and tried to peel his goggles off his face.

"Next time, let's pick an apartment with air conditioning, yeah?"



He rubbed the apple with his sleeve until it shone red and green in the afternoon sun. The fact that it wasn't a perfect sphere, was instead quite lopsided and rather lumpy, didn't bother Matt. It still tasted fine.

"Hey Mello," he said, peering down through the branches of the apple tree and past his skinny legs. "Come up here. There's still lots of ripe ones." But Mello was too busy throwing the fallen fruits at Near, almost but not quite hitting his little white head. Roger frowned from the orchard path and began to move toward them, bound to stop disaster before it occurred.

Matt just sat back, feeling the bark of the tree trunk tugging at his shirt, and laughed with apple in his mouth.