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Near's was white, and the hinges were quiet. It was always open because Roger was always bringing Near something new to play with after his test scores came out. Actually, Near liked to watch Mello as he careened through the halls, laughing, or more often yelling. When Mello passed Near's room, he shut the door.


Mello woke up.

"Mello! You will not believe what happened on my raid last night because it was so EPIC and we only wiped four times except Todd kept dying 'cause he kept pulling all the dragons that we told him not to but he's not really the brightest crayon in the box to begin with so that doesn't really count and we're totally awesome but any way we might have to go shopping today because we're all out of coffee because I had to keep drinking it last night to stay awake because we had that job two days ago remember the one with the diamonds so we should probably get some more and hey, are you listening?"

Mello blinked.

Mello turned over and went back to sleep.

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