Lycanthropy: Preface.

As i stood in the trees, i stretched my arms up, as if to grab the stars and drag them back down to Earth, then lowered them to my sides while all the while staring at the moon.

Lunabell's light shone down on me, and i felt the beginnings of a Change. i smiled, how i loved the Change, the quick pain of bones snapping, elongating, and shifting from to that of another creature's,muscles rippling with the raw Strength of the wild... i threw back my head as the change ended, and pulling in the rich night air, i detected a mouthwatering scent on the air:a human was near.

I let out a famished growl: i would always be starving after a Forced Change, when the full moon forced the change on all Lycanthropes and made our instincts take over and our starved bodies seek out flesh to gorge ourselves on. Carefully,i crouched in the underbrush on the edge of the trees out side a home: somewhere in Washington i thought idly in the back of my mind. I stretched out my furred and clawed arms out in front on me, digging my claws into the ground, waiting. my hands were oddly elongated, about twice the normal length of human hands, and tipped with inch long claws.

In front of me, a door opened in the front of the house, and a girl with long brown har and pale skin walked out, holding a silver cell phone in her hand, pressed against her ear as she listened to someone on the other end. the moon shone brightly down on her,Lunabell's blessing, showing me that this girl would be my meal.

As i coiled my body like a spring, ready to attack, a branch snapped under my clawed feet as i shifted my weight. My prey looked up and stared at me with wide, chocolate brown eyes.