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This chapter is a short thing about Jenna & Garet.



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Dream Come True
By smileypal4eva

Chapter 1: Missing You


Jenna sat on the steps at the top of the Mercury Lighthouse as the gentle flakes of snow fell around her. For the first time since she had been rescued, she had a complete feeling of safety… and freedom.

'It's wonderful to be free,' Jenna couldn't help thinking. 'Even if it isn't home.' After being rescued by Isaac, Garet, and their fellow adepts and friends, they had traveled across many places Jenna had only heard about, and finally arrived in the wintry and peaceful setting of Imil.

Jenna smiled, despite the cold. She was bundled in a light fur jacket that Isaac had bought for her once they had reached a town before going into the caves that would lead them to Imil. It was soft and warm, perfect for the current weather.

"How can a fire adept like you wear so little clothes while I'm freezing?!" A familiar voice rang out, agitated. Jenna averted her gaze to the base of the stairs, and took in the sight of one of her friends. Jenna smiled softly. "I'm warm from within. Now, I would like to wonder how you can wear all those clothes and still be able to walk," she replied mildly, shifting her gaze back to the landscape.

He scowled. "I'm cold, alright? Aren't you cold? Even Mia thinks it's cold, and she grew up here!" Jenna scooted over so the young man could sit down next to her. "Only difference is, she's only wearing her fur robe, while you're wearing… all that," Jenna laughed. The adept shot her a glare and sat down next to her, mumbling something incoherent. Jenna watched him out of the corner of her eye.

'He's so handsome, even when he's mad. I wonder if he's fallen for Mia. She's pretty, with her long, blue-green hair and aqua-colored eyes. And she can heal. Plus, despite what Isaac, Garet, and Ivan say, she is a great fighter, and makes up for all who she hurts and kills by healing others.' Jenna thought sadly.

"Well, I'm still freezing." He finally said.

"Only you would need so many clothes to stay warm, Garet," Jenna said, shifting her gaze back to the guard. He still had a frown on his face. "I haven't been this cold since we rescued you," Garet muttered sullenly, shaking.

Jenna became quiet and looked across the landscape to the snowy mountains. A warm hand caressed her cheek. Jenna looked miserably at her fellow fire adept. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring it up," Garet said gently. Jenna shook her head slowly, letting her rich brown hair fall from her shoulders. "It's okay. It just… brings back bad memories, is all," she whispered faintly.

"Want to know something?" Garet said after a while. Jenna raised her sad, glazed eyes to her friend. Not waiting for an answer, Garet plundered on. "When you first disappeared, I was crushed. I - I felt so guilty, for you getting caught."

"It wasn't even your fault! Nobody is to-" Jenna protested.

Garet held up a hand to silence her, still gazing at the water to his left. "Let me finish what I want to say," he interrupted quietly. Jenna settled down to listen again. "Like I was saying, I felt really guilty, and I tried to cover that guilt up by trying to go after you and Felix and the others as fast as we could go. Of course, the others always changed my mind. Usually, Mia was the one who'd convince me to slow down.

Basically, we met a lot of people along the way who were willing to help. And we also made many new friends." Garet swept his eyes across the white landscape, and finally his brown eyes settled on Jenna's. "Not to mention the fact that when we finally rescued you, most of my guilt vanished."

Jenna looked at him questioningly. "Most?" She repeated. Garet hesitated, then nodded. "If we hadn't left you alone, at the entrance of the room of the Elemental Stars, you would never have been dragged along with Saturos and Menardi and Alex." Garet explained. "Maybe if we'd insisted that you two come with us….." he said.

"No! It wasn't your fault, no matter what! Not your fault! Nobody was to blame, except for Saturos, Menardi, Alex, and maybe Felix! Not you, and not Isaac!" Jenna said violently, and she hugged him tightly, holding back the tears that threatened to spill. 'It could never be your fault, Garet,' Jenna thought.


Garet put his arms around Jenna's shoulders and hugged her hard. "If you want to cry, just go ahead. It always feels better to let everything out," he said soothingly, patting her back. Almost immediately Garet could feel Jenna's tense muscles relax a little as sobs racked her body. Garet gently smoothed her hair.

After awhile, Jenna stopped crying, and she simply sat, encircled and safe in Garet's arms, head buried in his chest. 'This feels so right. I wish Jenna could be mine. I've missed her, and missed her, and missed her,' Garet thought numbly, a bit shocked that Jenna was hugging him.

"I missed you," Jenna said, voice muffled.

"I missed you, but there's something else, Jenna. It's important." Garet wrenched her away - gently - so he was looking into her brown eyes. "There was another reason why I hurried everyone to come after you. It was because - " Garet gulped, but his gaze didn't shift, and he didn't look away.

"I loved you. I loved you, when our journey began at Sol Sanctum, when we were just seventeen, and I still do. I will always love you, Jenna." Garet said earnestly. Then, he pulled Jenna to him and kissed her passionately, as he had always wished to do.

To his amazement, Jenna pressed her lips firmly against his, and wrapped her slim arms around his neck. When they broke apart, they stared at each other.

"You - you loved me?" Jenna asked. Garet nodded seriously. Jenna stared into his eyes for a moment, and her gaze softened. She smiled up at him. "I knew that. Just one more thing before I tell you a secret of my own."

Jenna slowly shifted her body so she sat in his lap. Now, with her head above his with the increased height, she lowered her mouth to his and kissed him gently. Hugging Jenna's body closer to his, Garet returned the favor, kissing her gently, pulling back, and then kissing her, again and again, softly and lovingly each time.

Finally, after what seemed like centuries, but was really only a few moments later, the two broke the kiss. Jenna was smiling, a look of content on her face, and Garet was just amazed at what had just occurred. Jenna leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"I love you."


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