I have absolutely no idea to why I am posting this. Just to let you know and for you not to post comments like "Shit", "What the hell?" and "That was so OOC", this was part of my five part English Exam. This was obviously the writing task and it was completed in twenty to thirty minutes with no thought process what so ever. I couldn't think of anything except for 'LOVELESS' since I was reciting it that morning for god knows why.

Prompt: Create a character and write the story of their holiday experience. The character can visit any destination. Write a short story (I had to highlight that for myself as we were given only one double sided piece of lined paper and I had to write smaller than my small writing to complete it!).

WARNING: Rushed, OOC and makes no sense.


I was not willing to take part in this and I have every right to do so.

I would have preferred staying back at home, limbs sprawled all over my beloved, faithful couch adorned with crumbs from the crisps sitting by my side as I tapped haphazardly at the buttons on the controller in my hands, watching Sora try to defeat Sephiroth on the screen of the lovely LCD TV. But no, that could not possibly be the case for a young man with auburn hair and shining cerulean eyes. No, he just had to be taken onto this preposterous leave that his dear friend would so dashingly refer to it as a 'holiday'.

This is not what a holiday is to said auburn haired young man, who by the way is absolutely handsome in all perspectives. No! This is complete and...and drastically heart wrenching torture!

This auburn haired young man just so happens to be yours truly.

Currently seated under the shade of a palm tree with weeping fronds, with nothing but a book in red gloved hands is I – smothered in sunscreen in all very few exposed expanses of skin.

I hate the gritty, white sand beneath my body. It always seems to find some sort of way to crawl through the layers of my clothing and chafe against my skin. I abhor the crashing waves, their deafening holler interrupting me as I recite word for word the play of 'LOVELESS'. I loathe with a passion the ridiculous, scorching, burning star of nuclear matter hanging high in the sky threatening to turn my pale skin into a horrid orange by the time I manage to completely escape the outside world and those sly UV rays.

I slammed my beautiful book down onto the sand, sending particles of white jumping up into the air before joining their cousins.

I hate this. I hate this....this holiday!

I solemnly swear with much passionate detest that this is most definitely not a holiday! I, Genesis Rhapsodos, budding poet dubbed vibrant drama queen, shall name this island that I am stuck on due to a former friend who goes buy the name of Zack Fair, from the ridiculous Destiny Island to the repulsive Burning Hell!

Why burning? The sun! The unforgiving sun sending thermometers to 42 degrees Celsius! Why hell? Well coming here I find it rather self-explanatory.

"Hey Genesis! Wanna play volleyball?" came that bright spirited, light hearted voice of a dim-witted man who resembles a restless puppy, Zackary Fair.

Did he just say volleyball? Volleyball? Out here on chafing sand, by the deafeningly rude waves, by some flimsy trees and under the scorching sun?

Do not ever get me started on that again. Eugh...I hate holidays.

To my dear Sephiroth waiting in my wondrous play station, a poem for you: "Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return."


I got a 19/20 for it. I lost that one stupid mark for not having enough dialogue. Well the piece of paper was busting at its seams already! *Groans*

I was just like to repeat myself. I have no idea to why I am posting this. Oh and if you find errors, it's because I am currently multi-tasking (cooking whilst writing, fun!)