Sooo….. my first storie about my two favorite characters!!!


Warning: if you havent read the stories of these two called, "Alphabet_Weekends_and_ZA_Kisses,"

Do it!!! Its my Favorite! And a lot of this characters conversations and some characters are the same. I just love her ideas that I don't want to change them but this storie is something I created, so


Oh and that chapter I was talking about you should read, it has never happened in my characters life, sorry!!!!

Chapter 1; Why…what a Sonny day…

"Sonny?" a highpitched vioce said. "Sonny? Where are you?" Today was the firstday of vacation and I ask my mom if we could go home to Wisconson for the week, but right when I stept through the front door of my calm farm house my little sister Katie had pounced on me with the plan to play their favorite game, Hide and seek. And of course being Sonny Monroe, I just had to say yes. Katie was like her mini me and dissapointing her after not seeing her for about 2 years was unexceptable. I would of done anything for her. Im just glad it was to play a game where you try to stay as still and as quiet as you can who could complain.

"Sonny, you got sooo much better at this!" I heard my sister say from down below. We had both agreed any where in the house was exceptable but what she didn't know sonny had a secret place on top of her ceiling. A hole just big enough for her to get through leeked right to the attic. Of course she had set up the foldout stairs for her sister so she could get to her but I guess she wasn't taking the random stairs to a hole in the wall as a hint.

"Sonny?" Katie was wining now.

"Ka-" something stoped me from letting my sister in on my hiding spot…it was my phone. It was vibrateing in my pocket. With the space I was in it was very hard to move with out hitting your head or having a ball of dust in your face. But somehow I got to my phone and saw that it was a text from…Chad Dylan Cooper?!?

Yo Random,

Yeah you see, where the hell are you? The studio was empty, and I thought you'de be the worlds biggest loser and be at work on your vacation and Chad Dylan Cooper came to see if you'de do my luandry since my fam is out of town. So where are you Chad's luandry needs doing!


Click, are you would like to delete this message?

Click, deleting…complete.

Well with that pest out of control I can maybe et out of this dusty cave.

"Sonny? Mommy wants to let you know shes taking me for icecream now and we'll be back later!" Her voice sounded distant, like from down stairs. Which means she was long gone before I Could even say, "I want to come!"

"ugh, well why spend a few hours up here with Chad making a mock of your life when you can go take a bubble bath!" I Said to myself! Climbing through the hole wsa harder than she remembered cuase this time she didn't have a big fluffy bed to fall in to due to the fact her grandma did some reorganizing.

Okay, lets just take it easy… Climbing down was alittle easier than I thought cuase I was taller than the last time I was up there and with your phone ringing in your pocket can destarct you from falling to your death.

Taking the phone out of my pocket I checked the caller ID.

Chad Dylan Cooper , it read.

"Well you'll just have to wait Chad Dylan Cooper, cuase Sonny Monroe is taking a break from your harsh words!" I yelled to the skies (ceiling)… did I really just say that? I gotta stop talking to myself.

Putting the call on egnore I threw my phone on my bed and headed to the bathroom for my bubble bath.

An hour later:

Rapped in a towel I put my long brown hair in a messy wet bun on top of my head and pressed play on my stereo to see where Katie had left off cuase I know she's been using my room as her own personal play room. And the song Between the lines by Sara Bareilles started to play. Wow Katie, good taste. While singing along with the tune (more like humming cuase I don't really know the lyrics very well due to me being busy with acting on So Random) I rummaged through my closet for a big T-shirt the one that was overly huge on me that I used for a night gown that was green and said, "Hop to it!" and the cutest drawing of a frog on it that was blue. Putting on some shortlike underware cuase I was just with my mom and sis this week the brothers are all away at college and stuff so I could be as confortable as I wanted!

Ding-dong! Oh the door bell is ringing! Without thinking of my appearance I rushed down stairs to the front door aand opened it with a big smile while saying, "Hello?" I was so happy that I smiled with my eyes closed that I didn't know who I was talking to until they replied.

"Sonny Monroe?" a familiar males vioce said. Opening my eyes I took a good look at my new guest.

Chad! With a smirk on his face he continued to talk even though I knew I must have had some strange surprised facial expression.

"So,…" he started to say, but alll I could think was why was he here?!? At my home in Wisconson?!?!?

"You take one step in hillbilly town and you instantly lose your ability to dress your self?" he said with a luagh while looking me over. That's when it hit me, Chad…Chad Dylan Cooper at my house,…..Chad Dylan Cooper, seeing me dressed practicly half naked…..Chad- Alright you get it!!! I shreeked at my self to regain any sanity I had left.

"Chad," I had to take a breath. "why are you here?"

He chuckled and walked by her rudely and had a look around her home.

"Ugh! You live her?" the discusted tone in his vioce was tapping on the little jar she kept her anger in. and it was a fagile jar.

"Chad, what are you doing her???" I egnore his comment for now and petered my question some more.

"well I texted you saying you need to do my luandrey cuase I need clean cloths for vacation and…" he took a puase and sniffed something. "you live here?"

"Chad!" my jar was cracking.

"Oh, yeah and I called and left messages and thought I probebly need to come in person for you too get the hint."

"What can I say Chad, im like my sister I like to egnore the oviouse stupid things." Ooo…good one Monroe!

Chad made his cute mad confused what to reply with, face. Wait did I just think cute? Couldn't of had.

"You know Monroe ill let that one slide so ill have My driver drop off my luandrey and ill come pick it up tomorrow." He started to leave but I got in his way and blocked him in the doorway with my body. I should say I stood my ground.

Looking up because with out heals he was actually quite taller to her. I only met to his shoulders.

"Listen I don't know how you got the idea that im gonna do your luandrey and anouther thing," I could feel him chuckle silently though his body that im just now am nocticing is akwardly very close to mine so I took a step back making it so that I was standing on the porch. "how did you get here?"

"Well I took my private jet, hired a driver to take me here and walked the ten feet up your porch and to your door." He took a step closer to me making so that we were touching again and said, "do you need anymore details?" Looking up at him looking down on me I accidently made eye contact and I was stunned. His piercing blue eyes looking right through me. Yes they were sparkily. And just for a moment we both went quiet.

"Sonny.." Chad's tone was calm and gentle unlike his mean sarcastic tone he usally used. Suddenly he layed his hand on my arm holding it like a concering friend but closer. We were sooo close and everything started to deteiriorate and as Chad began to lean down closer a truck horn beeped loud behind me. Shocked I practicly jumped and hit the top of my head into Chad's nose.

"Ow!" he stepped back and held his nose with his hands I turned around to see who was in the drive way when I heard a high pitched scream say, "CHAD DYLAN COOPER!!!" my sister Katie had abandoned her icecream and rushed over to the porch where Chad and I were.

Katie jumped and practicly flew to the Hurt Chad and clung to his legs.

"Bah!" Chad screamed. I luaphed.

"Chad? What are you doing here?" my mom said concerningly. She also rushed as fast as she could past me to the hurting Chad with the extra small human body clinging to his leg for joy almost like she's gonna stay there for the ride. Ugh bad thought.

"Ah, Sonny hit me in the nose!" Chad was exzagerating.

"No, well yeah I did but it wasn't-" my defence was cut off by my mom.

"Sonny how rude could you be to a guest!"

"What no it wasn't en-"

"Sonny hurt my Chadykins!!!" Katie wined while still clinging to Chad's leg.

"My god this kids worst than Mr. Condor's." Chad said between his Ows.

"Katie get off his leg, Sonny stay out here and cool off for awhile!" My mom started to lead Chad into my house, that I apparently arent welcome to. Ugh I hate you Chad Dylan Cooper! I Hate you! I hate… tears started to pour down my face. How dare he come all the way to my home, at the beginning of her relaxing vacation with her family.

Right when I thought Icould pull it together and go inside and create some sort of fake apolagie to Chad. When it started to rain. Sooo…when im sad it rains?....weird but a good way to feel better. I was about to run off the porch when I stoped right at the edge of drie and sokeing. Hmm…im in just my underware and a t-shirt that only goes past my butt enough to be egnoleged as a night gown. A pile of wet hair on my head and a face full of tears…some how I think I might get a cold but if it means I wont have to be around when Chad leaves or is ever there……Yay!!!

Jumping to the pouring rain bare footed when it was only like 50 degrees outside my wet hair falling from my messy bun I started to slip and slide and in a feeble bregging the rain to pour harder, danceing in the drive way. Yes I would need anouther bath…but with Chad being here I wouldn't care if giving a lung would get him out of my life.

I was spinning around lauphing when it hit me what would of happened if mom didn't come home…standing there frozen I went over the posibilities. Chad couldn't have been planning to kiss me!!! Could he? I mean….UGH!!!! No! No! Chad probebly was going to push me off the porch for all I know. He definaly would kill me before kissing me.

In my midst of stareing into spare with my hair soaked all over my face my bodie cold to the bone, crying… "how could my perfect vacation end up like this? Wait, I know its all Chad Dylan Coo-"I started to shout.

From behind someone was lifting me up. Their arms rapping around my waist. "what the? HEY!"

Struggleing in the arms of my capter he finally gave in and set me down back on my feet in the mud but I didn't give up the struggle.

"Son-" it was a male vioce but I wasn't backing down. "Sonny! STOP!"

The tone in his vioce scared me stiff. He was out of breath, I could tell with him breathing hot air on the back of my neck. It sent shivers through my spine and suddenly my head felt heavey and the rain, the guy holding me still, my self started to spin.

"Its Chad!" The voice now had a face but even that started to spin. "It's pouring out and you are out here half naked!"

I couldn't process that fast enough to respond.

"My god your such an idiot!" Chad gripped my waist even harder and his voice started to get a tone of concern in it. "Chad Dylan Cooper has enough worries about himself that I don't have time to worry about you!" To late chad I can barely understand you…my heading is spinning to much…