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Chapter 5: One for you but wheres mine?

Chad was right for once. I did stink… after last night im surprised im not sick… I remember mostly everything except after I fainted outside. I would have to ask Chad what happened.

Wait… Chad still didn't know I remembered him… Hehe I satrted to brainstorm a plan to teach Little old Chad boy a lesson on manners… he did say he wasn't gonna leave until I remember ill just make him have the best day a Concieded jerk throb actor of our generation could have!!!

Towel dying my hair I rapped myself in the towl tightly and proceeded to the bathroom door.

Right when I opened the door hands grabbed my head and I helt lips crash on to mine.

Chad, had help my face and kissed me. Kissed me!!!

It took me a few seconds to react of course.

"what the HELL?!?" I Pushed him and he feel backward but with a suvineir. Chad had grabbed my towel in atempt from falling and brought it down with him… leaving me… towel-less…

Chad on the floor flung the towel on his face and screamed, "SONNY! GET BACK IN THE BATHROOM!!!"

I started to retreat back to the bathroom when I said, "No I can just get some close on now, you cant see right?"

"WHY WOULD I WANNA SEE YOU NAKED?!?!?" He was stuttering in his shout.

"I WAS JUST MAKING SURE YOU PERVERT!!!" I screamed back rushing to my dresser. Rummageing through t-shirts trying to find a bigenough one to hide my… well you know. I finaly found one and I tugged it on.

"ARE YOU DONE YET?!?" I came out from behind chad and lifted him up and he pulled the towel off, I was now dressed again just in a big T and underwair. "THANK GOD!!!" he said sataricly. "YOU KNOW I COULD HAVE BEEN SCARED FOR THE RST OF MY LIFE?!?!?" his shouting were really starting to hurt. "CHAD DYLAN KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS TO SEE AND THAT IS NEVER GOING TO BE YOU, LIKE…" Wait Chad is blushing? "Like…"

I had enough of his scolding screaming he had been the one who pulled my towel down after he…kissed…me. That reminded me.

"WHAT EVER! I DON'T GET WHAT THE HELL YOU…" mid shreek I slapped Chad as hard as a could on the cheek he flung back but not before he grabbed my arm in reaction so he wouldn't fall again.

I ended on top of him on the floor, him moaning in pain… me blushing probebly from head to toe.

He started to sit up but froze with his hand holding him up his face was very close to mine. Our eyes were stareing into each other. I wanted to jolt back and tell Chad to get out.. but I could move. My body was frozen.

Sonny was so close to him… Chad knew all this was his fualt but it was strange that Sonny was just staring at him with a surprized look on her. She was red… he could feel her hands resting on his chest from braceing her self from the fall. The were very close… this was bad Sonny and I arent suppose to like each other. He thought to him self. I only Kissed her cuase I heared that a sudden surprize could help with bring back forgotten memories… maybe I was wrong.

"Sonny," he said while pushing her away. This was to much for him… Sonny never would think of him like that… not the real Sonny. He had to find a way to get her to remember him so that if they ever did…you know… date it would be real not… because she saw him as a new person. Wait… Am I really considering that I would want to date Sonny? No way would I say that ever… UGH! Bad houghts, bad thoughts!!! Getting up he rushed to the bathroom stopping in the door way with his back tward Sonny.

"Im gonna take my shower now." He said with a blush and shut the door.

Sonny, just sat there knees tucked under her still in shock from who knows what…

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