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To See Your Face 1

Naruto turned his head a little bit so he could get a better look at what Sasuke was doing.

"Come on, you can take more of my cock," Sasuke's voice rang haughty and taunting through the dark room. A moan left Naruto as he watched Sasuke's cock sinking deeper and deeper, his midnight black hair falling into his even blacker eyes. The muscles of his body rippled as he moved in the slow rhythm of one, sensual thrust.

Sasuke didn't wait for more permission as he began to slam his hips forward, lifting toned legs over his shoulder to get a better angle. He began to thrust his hips almost brutally downward.

"Oh fuck," Naruto moaned as his own hips snapped forward harshly, picking up the pace. Sweat began to soak his body as he continued to move faster and harder, trying to match Sasuke's erratic thrusts.

Several moans, grunts, and gasps filled the air along with the sound of heavily slapping skin. It was easier now to see that Sasuke had started to build up a slight sheen of sweat that lightly coated his sculptured body.

The tingle and tightening of his balls let Naruto know that he was close to his orgasm.

"Sa -" Naruto began, the name catching in his throat, Sasuke's name on the tip of his tongue. However, he swallowed it back, watching as his partner looked at him expectantly.

Naruto increased the motions of his hips and thrust three more times before finding blissful release into his orgasm.

"Sakura!" Naruto moaned, managing not to scream Sasuke's name.

"Oh – oh – Naruto!" Sakura moaned as her body began to pulse around Naruto's cock as she too followed in bliss after his orgasm. Naruto panted as his body jerked the last remnants of pleasure from his body, his cock twitching as he gave one last, final thrust.

Naruto's eyes turned to the TV, watching the porn actor Uchiha Sasuke and some unknown actress who were still fucking heavily on the bed, their moans and grunts echoing in the darkened bedroom. Naruto closed his eyes and took a deep breath before he pulled out of Sakura with a slight tugging resistance to his cock before lying down next to her.

Sighing, he gently unrolled the condom from his body and threw it into the bedside trash.

"That was wonderful," Sakura breathed as she curled up next to him, her hand resting on his naked chest as it rose and fell steadily.

In a few moments, Sakura was already blissfully falling asleep while Naruto was still partially hard, his eyes locked on the porn video ahead of him. The porn actress's dark hair fell about her in waves as part of her sweaty hair clung to her face and shoulders. Her face was contorted in the deepest of pleasure as Sasuke continued to plunge relentlessly into her body, his hands caressing and playing off of her sensitive spots.

While her face was pure bliss, Sasuke's face was concentrated and almost calculating. It did nothing to deter from his graceful beauty. When her body finally began to convulse in pleasure from her orgasm, Sasuke's face suddenly changed as he went through the motions of having an orgasm.

He was going through the motions because he wasn't really having an actual orgasm.

After having watched all of Sasuke's porn videos (repeatedly), Naruto had noticed that the condoms on Sasuke's dick rarely had any cum in them. From constant watching, it had become easy to tell which orgasms he faked, as well as the few rare times that he actually came on video.

In all of the movies that he actually did orgasm, Sasuke always turned his face from his lover and the camera during his blissful moment of ecstasy, the moment that Naruto never got to see how those beautiful eyes would contort in passion and bliss.

Sakura let out a soft sigh against his chest, and Naruto felt guilt well and blossom in his heart. He stroked her pink hair tenderly, feeling like a jerk because of how he felt – and no longer felt. The fact that he now fantasized about Sasuke having sex with him every time he spent the night with Sakura had slowly begun eating him from the inside out. Sakura was his girlfriend and here he wanted to be with Sasuke. The truth of the matter was that the only reason he could even cum while having sex with her was by watching Sasuke on screen.

He would have to break up with Sakura soon. Looking around Sakura's bedroom, Naruto remembered the first time that Sakura had approached him and asked about watching a porn video during sex. It had been their first time having sex at her house. When he had agreed, he had nearly had a heart-attack when he recognized Sasuke, the cold arrogant and distant boy from his middle school and high school, displayed lewdly on the front cover.

He was clearly a boy no longer.

In the yearbook, Sasuke had been voted most likely to become a CEO of some multi-billion yen company. To see him as the leading role in a porn movie had been...shocking.

To say that they had been close friends would have been off. For the most part, they hung out with different crowds and hadn't shared that many classes together. That wasn't to say that they had been enemies either. At least, not enemies when they were older.

They had initially rubbed each other the wrong way upon meeting their first year of middle school. It was one of those instances where they had both made eye contact and a spark had flared. That sparking clash of their personalities turned into a challenge and rivalry the first year, out doing each other in sports or getting praise in the one class they shared. They'd both been on the soccer team, and they had always tried to one up the other. Naruto and Sasuke had both gotten kicked off the soccer team because of their inability to work well with others: Naruto because he tried to hog the ball and Sasuke because he was so good no one else wanted to pass him the ball out of jealousy.

However, the second year they actually had the opportunity to talk (instead of show off) with each other which occurred when their guidance counselor had invited them to a special lunch in a classroom outside the cafeteria. Sasuke and Naruto weren't the only ones in the group. They were joined with a few other students who were orphans (as both Sasuke and Naruto were) and those who had lost siblings. The group had been made exclusively of students to try and talk about their feelings about losing their family members and all sorts of other emotional crap.

Out of everyone, only he and Sasuke had refused to talk about their pain. Instead, Naruto had talked extensively about his love of ramen while Sasuke refused to say two words. While that hadn't made them friends, it had forged a sort of odd bond that they were alike – even more so than the other students who could talk about those types of things.

Their mutual silence and the understanding of why the other couldn't talk about their feelings spoke more about themselves than words could have.

The following year when Naruto had gotten into a fight with some upper classmen, Sasuke had helped punch out two of the eight guys that had ganged up on him. It had been embarrassing to Naruto because they had said some pretty nasty (and untruthful) things about him before attempting to beat him up. The words had gotten him so worked up that not only were his attempts to defend himself sloppy, but tears also ran freely down his cheeks. A double embarrassment.

Even back then he considered himself an accomplished karate martial artist, and he felt he should have been able to take on eight against one. He hadn't been able to, and it was foolish for him to think he could have. Thankfully Sasuke had come in and saved him from being beaten to a bloody pulp. Sasuke had even helped him clean the blood off and given him an extra t-shirt since the kids who ganged up on him had torn his. And Sasuke hadn't said anything about his tears.

The fact that Sasuke helped him out what he could have joined in instead had showed both of them how much their rivalry had changed.

Three years later in high-school, Naruto and Sasuke had had a project due in History class. It was a project that students could either do by themselves or with a partner of their choosing. They had both chosen to do theirs on their own. Sasuke usually worked alone if given the choice. Naruto had only worked alone because he'd been absent on the day everyone picked their partners. His two friends in the class had partnered with each other, leaving Naruto to work on his alone.

However, on the due date of the major project worth 35% of their overall grade for the quarter (with a 15% deduction of points for turning it in late), Sasuke had forgotten his project. When the teacher asked him what had happened, Sasuke had looked furious with himself and said nothing. Apparently, he'd simply forgotten. To Naruto's knowledge, Sasuke had NEVER forgotten to bring in anything to school.

Naruto (who had actually felt rather proud of his project), said that they had done theirs together, and that he had been responsible for bringing the project in. He claimed the fault and asked the teacher to take the points from his grade – and only his grade – stating it wasn't Sasuke's fault that he'd left their joint work at home. Naruto hid the work he did and lost the points from his grade, and his grade alone. He didn't care about perfect grades, but he knew Sasuke did.

Even so, it turned out better for Naruto's grade in the long run because Sasuke revamped the project he'd left at home to make it look like two people had done it. Naruto was sure that even with the percentage taken off his grade, he got a higher one not turning his in and pretending he had done one with Sasuke than the project he'd done himself.

They had looked out for each other and respected each other through the years in many ways. There had been times after school when Naruto had seen Sasuke lingering after school, and he could tell the other just hadn't wanted to be alone and had hung out with him to keep him company.

If he was honest with himself, most of those days he hadn't wanted to go home to be alone either.

And Naruto vividly remembered senior year on his birthday when he had thought everyone had forgotten about his special day since not one of his friends had said anything to him that morning. During lunch, Sasuke had come up to him out of the blue, bought him lunch, and wished him a happy birthday.

Later that night his friends had thrown a surprise party for him. No one had said happy birthday because they had all been too afraid of ruining the surprise for his eighteenth birthday party. He could distinctly remember wishing Sasuke had been there too, but Sasuke and he weren't really close friends. They didn't hang out with the same people.

Despite that, Sasuke had seen that Naruto had needed someone to recognize him on the day of his birth. He'd even gone out of his way to buy him lunch.

And even though he hadn't seen Sasuke since they had graduated high-school, to see Sasuke as a porn star had almost given him a heart-attack.

When Sakura had asked what was wrong with the video with Sasuke so exposed and open like that, Naruto hadn't been able to admit he knew the porn star as someone from his past. Instead, he had merely asked her to choose another one. Thankfully she had one that Sasuke didn't star in, and they watched that one their first time.

The next three times they watched movies Sakura picked: ones where Sasuke wasn't the lead actor. On the fourth time, Sakura pulled out another porn DVD (Naruto was rather impressed by his girlfriend's extensive collection) that had Sasuke as the main character. Not wanting to admit that he knew Sasuke, he finally agreed to watch one.

Curious, even if he was a bit perturbed to watch Sasuke fucking some random girl, Naruto found he was mesmerized by watching Sasuke having sex.

Sakura had all of the videos Sasuke stared in – as he seemed to make lots of them. (Acting was almost unnecessary; long stamina and a sexy body were, and Sasuke had both.) Sasuke had started making porn videos (at least, according to the website about him and the copyright date on the DVDs) three years before. In that time he had made an impressive forty-seven videos. Plus number forty-eight which came out in two weeks' time.

Sakura always bought the new DVDs when they came out. Part of Naruto would have been jealous if he weren't so happy to watch them himself. Thankfully she never talked about Sasuke. Then again, Sasuke wasn't the name Sakura knew him by, so sometimes it was easy to forget she was talking about his friend.

Naruto found Sasuke's porn name rather amusing: Subeta Togetogeshii. He indeed could be as sharp and harsh sword.

Sakura had all Sasuke's videos. And Naruto had watched each and every one of them with her…

…and on his own after he'd bought his own set of Sasuke porn DVDs.

He'd come to love watching Sasuke. Yet it tugged at his heart for some unexplainable reason that Sasuke never seemed happy, truly happy, even when he was supposed to let loose and just have fun. Naruto watched each new video, wanting and hoping to see Sasuke's face actually contort in pleasured bliss.

Yet he had never seen Sasuke face the camera during the sex scenes. Not to mention that Sasuke didn't seem to actually orgasm when he was on screen having sex.

Over the past year it had come to the point that Naruto was getting more fanatical about watching Sasuke than having sex with Sakura. He had begun to follow the brief snippets off the internet that he could find about the porn star. The details described him as being able to make any woman orgasm though (as Naruto had figured out) Sasuke himself was extremely hard to make cum. Even so, the porn actresses detailed him as a considerate and extremely amazing lover. Everyone who slept with him usually became obsessed – though he declared himself as being unattached to any one female.

As Naruto looked down at Sakura again, he felt the guilt bubble in him even deeper. He wondered if he should actually be mad at her for getting him to become obsessed with Sasuke, a porn star who gave his heart to no one.

It wasn't just the videos of Sasuke that had made Naruto start to fantasize about having sex with the dark haired man – for he had started to crave and fantasize about Sasuke, much to his own reluctance, after Sakura had coerced him into some sexual experimenting.

Naruto remembered that night all too well…

"You want to do what to me?!" Naruto had all but screeched.

"I want to try using a strap on dildo on you," Sakura had said, her face serious, her green eyes flashing.

"Are you serious?" Naruto asked, a little hitch to his voice.

Putting his cock in her ass was one thing. Putting her fake one in his was another.

She had been serious. And in the end, she had (as usual) gotten her way.

And Naruto had liked it.

He'd been ashamed of how much he'd enjoyed having her strap on inside his body, turning him on in spots that he'd never dreamed could be a turn on before. Naruto relished the extra sensation of having his prostate stimulated while he could also find release by jerking off his cock.

Of course, to save his manly reputation, Naruto denied enjoying it that much. Yes, they did a bit of "experimenting" with it every now and then, and yes, Naruto had enjoyed those times more than he told Sakura, but those experiences had made him question what he really and truly enjoyed sexually.

Watching Sasuke having sex, knowing what he did about Sasuke, having the connection he'd had with Sasuke during their schooling together, and knowing he liked having a nice hard-on shoved up his ass made Naruto seriously begin to question himself.

Not to mention Naruto always had a lot of stamina that left others tired and himself unsatisfied. He was still hard, and Sakura was sound asleep. The thought of how Sasuke would be able to keep up with his stamina and be able to satisfy his usually un-sated lusts also fueled his desires.

For the past few weeks Naruto had wondered if he should break up with Sakura having discovered these new feelings. Yet he had held off. It wasn't like he and Sasuke would ever get together anyway. Perhaps he was just going through a curious phase. Surely it would pass and he would come to feel the same for Sakura as he had when they had first started dating, right?

But no.

Naruto sighed. He reached over slowly and carefully to find the controller on the other side of the bed to turn off the movie.

By the end of the week, he would break up with her. It wasn't fair for her not to have someone who wanted to be with her fully.

Idly Naruto wondered how insulted she would be if he told her she'd turned him gay.

"Is this where you give me some bullshit line like it's not you; it's me?" Sakura asked, her eyes red and puffy from the crying she had been doing. Naruto swallowed, wondering if he would stop feeling like a jerk any time soon.

"Uh, what about it's you and it's me?" Naruto supplied, with an awkward attempt at humor.

Sakura's glare clearly let him know she didn't appreciate the attempt.

"But, just our last time was so amazing...was that like, good-bye sex?" Sakura asked, her arms crossed defensively across her chest as tears continued to streak down her face.

It truly hurt Naruto's heart to see her crying so much, yet he didn't know what to say to her to make her stop crying. For once, he kept his mouth shut. Instead, Sakura kept probing.

"How could you have been so – so awesome, and now today you don't want me? I mean, that was like one of our best times..." Sakura said, wiping her hands across her cheeks to swipe away the tears.

Again, Naruto kept quiet. His favorite time between them had actually been when she'd shoved the strap on in him for a long time, but he decided not to say that.

"I...it's just..." Naruto said, wishing he did know what to say. Green eyes narrowed angrily at him.

"There's someone else, isn't there?" Sakura demanded. Her tears had stopped, replaced by indignant rage. Naruto put his hands up defensively.

"Well, sorta but – whoa – hey – wait – OW!"

Naruto began to duck as Sakura took wide swings at his head.

"Stop! Stop!" Naruto pleaded as he ran around her living room, putting the chair in between them.

"WHO IS SHE? I'LL BASH HER FACE IN!" Sakura screamed as she charged at Naruto who ran frantically around the chair.

"It's not a she!" Naruto managed to yell.

That got her attention. She stopped dead and pointed her finger at him. If Naruto didn't fear for his life, he would have found her look extremely comical. As it was, he decided it was not a good time to burst out randomly in case she attacked him again.

"You're seeing a guy?" Sakura asked incredulous.

"Uh, no. No. I mean...it's just...I realized I liked guys. I've never cheated on you, I swear. I'm not that kind of person. But, I just didn't want to lead you on anymore once I got my own thoughts together," Naruto said. Sakura walked over to the chair they had just been playing run around and slumped down into it.

"You're serious too, aren't you? You're not just saying this to make me feel better that it's just because you like guys?"

"Considering how complicated I think my life is going to get admitting that I'm gay, yeah, I'm definitely serious."

"It was the strap-on, wasn't it? I can't believe this. I knew you would like it. I just didn't realize how much. I turned you gay," Sakura said miserably, putting her face in her hands as she began to cry again. Naruto tentatively walked over to her and put his hand on her back, rubbing soothing circles along her shoulders. He was pretty sure telling her that she was right about turning him gay wouldn't be so comforting. Instead, he wisely kept his mouth shut.

He sat on the arm of the sofa chair and continued to calm her.

"I'm sorry," Naruto murmured truthfully. Sakura sobbed for a few more moments before drying her tears. She took in a few shuddering gulps of air before turning to look at Naruto. She shook her head.

"No, no. You shouldn't be sorry for...for what you feel. Not for something like that," Sakura said nobly.

"I'm sorry for hurting you though," Naruto said as he looked down sadly.

"Oh Naruto. You're such a sweet person," Sakura said as she threw her arms around him, pushing him off the sofa chair.

He landed on his back, grunting as the carpeted floor didn't seem as soft as it should. Sakura giggled at him a little as she looked over the sofa arm at him. She smiled at him with watery eyes.

"So this means that we can do girl stuff together now?" Sakura asked lightly, with a smile.

"Uh, I'm still a guy. I haven't gone all girly," Naruto clarified.

"It means I can paint your nails bright pink, right?" Sakura asked, ignoring his statement.

"Sakura, I still -"

"I can paint your nails bright pink, right?" Sakura said, her teeth gritted with an evil glint in her eyes. Naruto gulped worriedly.


"Good!" Sakura grabbed his wrist and yanked him off the ground and dragged him to her bathroom. Naruto feared this new green-eyed-monster-of-revenge.

When Naruto left an hour later, he waved his hands around, watching as the bright orange (Sakura had been a bit lenient with her revenge for him breaking up with her and let him have orange instead of pink) was still a bit sticky. He waved them around more, wondering if and when they would feel dry. Why did girls like this stuff?

He supposed it could have been worse. Painted nails were better than getting beaten to a pulp. However he would have to ponder over what she meant when she asked if she could be his fag hag: whatever that was.

Just as a side note: I really did paint my ex's nails when he broke up with me. And for the record, there was another girl that he was seeing, the cheater.

Anyway, something a bit different. Hope you like it nonetheless! ~ Jelp