To See Your Face 5

"Anyone ever told you that you look a lot like the porn star Subeta Togetogeshii?" Naruto blurted out, grinning nervously.

Sasuke looked at him with his mouth set in a disbelieving scowl. He shook his head once, more in a manner of disbelief rather than denying the question, before leaning down to look at the stack of DVDs.

"You have my entire collection," Sasuke murmured, clearly not believing Naruto's lame excuse. Sasuke picked up the DVD box on top, shaking it. Naruto was half tempted to tell him not to do that, but he really had no idea what to do. "Empty," Sasuke noted in surprise. To add further to Naruto's growing humiliation Sasuke reached out and pushed the open/close setting on Naruto's DVD player. The holder popped out, proudly displaying the disc in it as the one that belonged in the empty DVD case. Sasuke gently picked up the DVD and put it back in its case, his face thoughtful and serious the entire time.

"You've been studying my moves! Why can't I study yours?" As soon as he said it, Naruto wished he had a backspace key for the words that he'd just blurted out of his mouth.

"You knew," Sasuke said simply, as his eyes finally averted from the collection of porn movies. He put the DVD back on top of the pile and ran his fingers through his hair. "It's a lot easier than trying to explain to you what I used to do for a living, but you could have mentioned it sooner. You're more than welcome to study my moves in person."

"Uh," Naruto said, rather dumbfounded. He wondered why Sasuke was focusing more on the fact that Naruto had known and hadn't told him rather than the fact that Naruto had clearly watched Sasuke having sex with a ton of different people. If it were him, he'd feel awkward knowing Sasuke had watched him and Sakura having sex. And had Sasuke just added an innuendo to his comment?

"Then again, I'm sure it was a bit awkward for you to try and figure out how to bring it up. Saying, 'so I see you're a porn star,' doesn't usually come up in every day conversation," Sasuke said. His demeanor was off, and he was making jokes. It made Naruto on edge to see Sasuke trying to laugh it off. Sasuke wasn't the type of guy who struck Naruto as the kind to laugh things off. Apparently Sasuke was embarrassed about it.

"Not really, no," Naruto admitted, not knowing what else to say.

Sasuke's eyes darted up to look at Naruto, and Naruto took a step back. There was such an emotional intensity in his dark gaze that it took Naruto's breath away. Sasuke looked at him like he was going to devour him.

"Asoka said something interesting to me just now. Mentioned what you said to her," Sasuke said as he took a step forward. Naruto swallowed, feeling like a prey trapped by its predator. He was used to people giving him fake-out looks in sparring practice. But the look Sasuke was giving him now was different.

All of that psych-out nonsense was just that – nonsense. Except Naruto's mind was still trying to coincide with his desires. Obviously thinking clearly wasn't coming easily around Sasuke.

"Y-yeah? What did she say?" Naruto asked, taking a deep breath. He stood straight, refusing to take another step backward even as Sasuke stepped closer so his mouth was almost touching Naruto's cheek. He could feel his heart hammering in his chest. Getting irritated at how nervous he was, he steeled his resolve and stepped forward, getting in Sasuke's personal space. Sasuke raised his eyebrow at the unspoken challenge.

Naruto again wondered if what Asoka had said about Sasuke was true.

"It's true? You really don't like girls?" Sasuke asked the same question Naruto wanted to ask him. His voice was deep and seductive. Naruto's eyes fluttered shut at the sound, and the whisper of Sasuke's voice so close to his lips made his groin tighten in excitement.

"No, not anymore. She said you said the same thing," Naruto murmured back, his lips moving to brush against Sasuke's.

"Hn." Sasuke's mouth felt moist and warm as he pressed his lips gently against Naruto's. Naruto let his shoulders relax as he tilted his face forward, moving his mouth slightly.

When Sasuke pulled away gently, his eyes were lidded as he looked at Naruto. He put his hands on Naruto's face in an intimate display of affection.

"Sasuke," Naruto muttered, huskily. He felt dazed.

"I've wanted to do that since you walked into my apartment," Sasuke confessed.

"Asoka had offered for a threesome…" Naruto said, not sure how to word his hurt at being rejected.

"I didn't want to share you. And I thought you were straight. I didn't want you giving your attention to her and not me."

"But then you-" Naruto started.

"Don't," Sasuke growled. Naruto swallowed. He wanted to press on. He wanted to ask why if Sasuke had wanted to kiss him, why he'd been able to screw Asoka so easily. How could Sasuke just throw his body to any girl so easily? Instead, he held his tongue, and swallowed his jealousy and hurt. After all, Sasuke was here now. Surely that meant something. Naruto's heart still hammered in his chest. His brain was in such a tizzy, he couldn't even remember what the kiss felt like – other than amazing.

"Would you like to go out with me tomorrow night? Dinner and a movie?" Sasuke asked, his words sweetly seductive.

"Yeah. That'd be great," Naruto said, elated at the thought.

"I'll meet you here after you're done your karate lessons. Wear something nice," Sasuke said as he took a deep breath, dropped his hands from Naruto's face, and headed toward the door.

Naruto's brain took way too long for him to catch up to realize Sasuke was already saying goodbye before he had realized Sasuke had actually left.

Sasuke had kissed him. Sasuke had asked him out. And then he'd left.

No, no, no! Naruto had a bed! He'd even cleared it just in case! Why was Sasuke leaving?

Before Naruto's brain had time to catch up with his libido, he was already running out the door.

"Sasuke, wait!" Naruto called. Sasuke turned and looked at Naruto quizzically. Now that Naruto's mind had caught up to him, he wasn't sure what to say. He wasn't usually the kind to just jump into bed with anyone. Yet whenever he had imagined Sasuke and him getting together, he had always assumed they'd just get right into it. Sasuke had seen that Naruto owned all of Sasuke's DVDs, so he was pretty sure Sasuke had figured out just where he stood in regards to wanting Sasuke. Sasuke was a porn star and had sex with random strangers every day. Wasn't he the kind to just jump right into sex?

But in all honesty, Naruto was grateful. If Sasuke wasn't just jumping into things, it meant he wanted it to be serious. Naruto was a relationship type of guy. Sasuke had just transitioned from being a porn star. Maybe he just wanted a normal relationship?

Yet didn't they already have a past? It wasn't as though Naruto and Sasuke didn't know each other. They had known each other for twelve years. Though they hadn't seen each other for five of them, those seven years had to count for something, right? Part of it was also that Naruto felt almost jaded. Sasuke had had sex with Asoka almost right away. Why not him?

Yet Naruto wasn't sure if he wanted their relationship to start of completely sexual either. Maybe Sasuke realized that? Maybe he was taking things slow for Naruto's benefit?

But damnit! Naruto was horny and he wanted sex. It'd been months since he'd last been laid! He missed the physical closeness like an ache, an almost physical pain that he felt could be filled with Sasuke in his bed.

Ah well. Whatever happened, he knew that if Sasuke wasn't going to be spending the night with him, Naruto would end up jerking off remembering the kiss he'd shared with Sasuke. He figured Sasuke ought to be doing the same.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke's face roughly and pressed his lips firmly over Sasuke's. He kissed him harshly, relentlessly, and Sasuke kissed him right back. Sasuke's hands wound around Naruto's back, and Naruto moved one hand to grip tightly onto Sasuke's shoulder as he forced Sasuke's lips open with his tongue. He coaxed Sasuke's tongue to come play with his before pressing his lips harder against Sasuke's, sucking Sasuke's tongue deeper in his mouth. Naruto used his lips to coax Sasuke's tongue in and out, clearly displaying what he could be doing to other parts of his anatomy. Humming with Sasuke's tongue in his mouth, Naruto almost smirked at the pleased and husky moan Sasuke let out in return.

When the kiss finally broke apart, both breathless and light headed, Naruto couldn't help but smirk at how disoriented Sasuke looked. Feeling quite smug, Naruto gave Sasuke a satisfied look. Sasuke answered it with a bold grope to Naruto's backside.

"Sweet dreams," Sasuke murmured before giving Naruto a light kiss on his lips. Naruto grinned wolfishly and headed back to his apartment. He couldn't help but feel utterly elated as he stared dazed around his living room.

His elation soared at the sound of his door opening almost as soon as it had closed. Looking like the seductive porn star he was, Sasuke entered and shut the door behind him.

"On second thought..." Sasuke murmured huskily. Naruto had his body pinning Sasuke to the door before the porn star could get another word out, his mouth covering Sasuke's in a rush. Sasuke's hands came to thread through Naruto's hair, his hips pressing harshly into Naruto's. It felt slightly strange to have his body flush against Sasuke's. His body was hard and firm, unyielding under his touch, and somehow more powerful. Yet there was a softness to it that Naruto relished in, hastily pushing away Sasuke's coat and shirt to get underneath to touch the silky smoothness against the firmer contours of Sasuke's body.

Naruto broke away to pull off his shirt, unsurprised though awed at how quickly Sasuke had discarded everything onto his floor in the time it had taken him to pull off his shirt and unbutton his pants. Apparently it was too slow for Sasuke. Sasuke batted away Naruto's hands and rid Naruto of his pants and boxers in record time.

His chest was heaving even as Sasuke pushed him to the ground, landing on his thinly carpeted floor.

"The bed-" Naruto tried to say, but Sasuke seemed in too much of a hurry. The fast paced lust was hazily clouding his judgment. Sasuke's hands were seemingly everywhere on him. Naruto's eyelids lowered, but he refused to close them, intent on watching Sasuke's face. Ever since he'd watched his first video, he'd wanted to see Sasuke's face when he came. He had wanted to see it for so long. But damn was it hard to stay focused.

Naruto arched into Sasuke's touch as the expert played off his body, touching and enticing him in ways he didn't know were possible. The touches slowed down suddenly. Naruto's head darted up to look at Sasuke. Dark eyes locked onto his, lust clouding everything he saw. With his eyes still looking into Naruto's, Sasuke slowly and deliberately wrapped his fingers one by one around Naruto's arousal. Naruto's mouth opened, his hips shuddering as he refused to look away.

Slowly, Sasuke gave a firm but soft thrust making Naruto's hips buck up into the touch. His breath came short and hurried. From the fast and erratic touches to this slow concentrated touch was blissful torture. His entire body had been stimulated and then left cold, leaving him to feel such intensity at his most sensitive point of pleasure. Sasuke gave several short and slow thrusts before changing it up with long and hard, fast and loose strokes.

"Fuck," Naruto murmured as he pressed his lips forward and wrapped his hands around Sasuke's neck, massaging Sasuke's shoulders. He pressed his lips against Sasuke's, lightly sucking on his lips and tongue, kissing him greedily.

"No," Sasuke growled as he pushed Naruto back down on the floor. His hand stopped moving as he gripped both of Naruto's hands and pinned them over his head. Naruto's body twisted. It was an easy maneuver for him to throw off his opponent, but Sasuke's snarl startled him even as Naruto tried to kiss him again. "I said no."

It bothered Naruto that Sasuke seemed to reject his kiss. He understood that some people didn't like to kiss during sex as it could distract from other things, but Naruto enjoyed it. And not only was Sasuke the best kisser he'd ever kissed, it was Sasuke. Naruto didn't remember Sasuke kissing the girls he fucked for porn, but this was different. This was supposed to mean something. He wanted it to mean something to Sasuke. He needed it to mean something to Sasuke.

Naruto glared angrily at Sasuke, rolling his lover over, switching their positions. He pinned Sasuke's hands above his head as he grinned cockily down at him. It had been a blow to his ego that Sasuke had caught him off guard in his own dojo and then just a few minutes ago in his own home. There was no way he would let the bastard get the best of him in his own home twice.

"Yes," Naruto said as he slowly bent his head down to kiss Sasuke. He moved his lips softly over moist lips as he brushed his arousal against Sasuke's. The soft velvety skin of both of their cocks touching was heaven to Naruto as he straddled alongside of Sasuke.

Sasuke had said no, but how his lips were reacting told a different story. Naruto could feel their warmth and strength, moving and melding against his own. Sasuke fervently latched himself to Naruto's mouth, greedily taking everything Naruto gave him as he slid his cock up and down Naruto's.

The increase in the way Sasuke pressed into him made Naruto groan in pleasure. Sasuke's hips jerked upward harshly, and Naruto graciously let Sasuke switch their positions. Lifting his hands from pinning Naruto, Sasuke began groping and massaging any part of his body he could get his frenzied grip on. His hips continued to thrust downward against Naruto, their lips still locked together.

"Naruto!" Sasuke gasped, his lips finally leaving Naruto's. He threw his head back in a silent scream; his hips jerked erratically forward as he orgasmed, his cock pressing harshly against Naruto's. Naruto gaped in utter fascination as he watched Sasuke cum.

He'd never seen Sasuke look so amazing.

Naruto didn't orgasm, but he could feel a jet of precum leak from his weeping cock just from the look on Sasuke's face.

Sasuke's body shook in the afterglow of his climax. The groping had turned into a vice like grip when he had been pushed over the edge. Shakily, he unlatched his fingers from Naruto's biceps. He pushed himself up, straddling Naruto with his hips. Sasuke looked down at Naruto as though to survey his prey. Pale fingers brushed against the red marks where they had been digging into tan skin a moment before. It was pretty obvious there would be bruises tomorrow.

Naruto would be lying if he didn't say how smug he felt that he'd made Sasuke orgasm so hard and so fast from just grinding and kissing.

Lightly, Sasuke licked his lips as he put his hands on either side of Naruto and began to crawl slowly up Naruto's body, kissing him tenderly. His lips trailed kisses along his stomach, chest, and neck, working his way back up to Naruto's mouth.

"Damnit. I didn't want to cum before you did. Kissing you was just too much," Sasuke husked between kisses to Naruto's jaw. His voice was deeply sated and went straight to Naruto's twitching cock. He was sure Sasuke's voice alone had just made him precum a bit more. Not to mention there was a dangerous tone to Sasuke's words that promised much sin-filled pleasure. Sasuke continued, "I have waited for too long to cum inside you, and you deny me by being your usual, fuckable self, making me cum on you the first time."

The haze in Naruto's mind cleared. Too long? It had just been a few weeks since they met. How could that be too long?

"What?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke had disappeared from on top of him in an instant, standing over him. He held his hand out to help Naruto up. When Naruto didn't move for a moment, Sasuke reached down and tugged Naruto upward. His balance was immaculate, and he repositioned himself immediately despite the harsh handling.

"Where's your shower?" Sasuke asked.

"In the bathroom," Naruto responded without thinking. Sasuke raised an eyebrow as if to say, 'No duh, really?' before Naruto idly pointed in the direction of his bathroom. Sasuke began his trek across the middle of Naruto's living room, unabashed in his nudity. It was obvious by the way he held himself that not only was he used to people looking at him nude, he was powerfully certain of his own sensuality. His movements were fluid and unhurried, each movement calculated to not waste energy like a true kung-fu martial artist.

"I don't intend for this to be a solo wash," Sasuke called over his shoulder. It startled Naruto. He'd been so fascinated at merely watching Sasuke that he had forgotten Sasuke was offering him far more than eye candy. Naruto followed behind, his movements as quick as he could make them. His cock throbbed happily at the thought of Sasuke finishing him off.

Naruto quickly caught up to him, running a hand through his hair. He gasped when he felt Sasuke grasp his dick firmly, tugging gently.

"Good boy," Sasuke purred, tugging on Naruto's cock like a leash. Grinning sheepishly, Naruto couldn't help but feel slightly like a lovesick puppy, a feeling of happy giddiness gripping his chest as they headed for more fun in the shower.

Not over yet…plus some more secrets to reveal. XD Hope you like it so far! ~ Jelp