Forgive me if my story is terrible. I am not a good writer, even though I wish to be one. Enjoy and happy writing.

There is fear in the wind. It howls it's terror through the trees, making them whisper the secrets of the land to each other. The trees shiver from the darkness that gathers, unknown to the inhabitants of the land. They laugh, they sing, they dance their happiness and peace, oblivious to the rising evil. The animals know of it, though. They speak the language of the trees and the wind. They know the fate of what is to happen.

It was when the Hyrulean Civil War ended that the evil that gripped his heart began to change his thoughts, his actions, his plan. The very thought of power that he could obtain through the sacred Triforce made him hunger for the blood of the Hylian King and the Royal Family. No one suspected him. No one thought that the very man who saved Hyrule from the doom of eternal twilight could ever begin a plan of his own to control the world. So from the inside of the very military forces of Hyrule, he began his attack from the core of his enemy.

His attack burned the city with flames from the underworld that devoured everything without mercy. His army, with their urge for blood to spill onto the streets, left no one in their path alive. The Hylain Knights bravely fought back. With the gods on their sides, they were able to defeat their enemies.

Perhaps it is my fault the next turn of events occurred. Perhaps my actions to save the life that I had created was the very actions that took so many lives. I still wonder, to this day, that perhaps, I had made a very grave mistake. If I hadn't blessed the child of Hylian blood with my power, perhaps the Triforce of Power would not belong in the wrong hands, perhaps the events that caused grief and misery to the creatures of the land wouldn't have happened.

The moon shines a silver light onto the land. It shines through the darkness of night, producing enough light for a traveler to safely make his way to his destination. When the moon wanes, the darkness gets stronger, and the traveler is lost. But, the moon always waxes in the sky again, bring light to that traveler, bringing him safely home. Darkness cannot exist without light. Light will always return.

I could have never stopped the darkness from coming, even if I had never blessed that child. Without him, Hyrule would be lost. I had allowed a chance for the moon to wax again.

I am getting ahead of myself. Why should I tell you the ending of the story? It is only natural for a human such as yourself to be wondering where I am getting at, and it is natural for me to want to tell you. I suppose that I should began the tale with a name. The Legend of Zelda.