I am trying something new, so my story may seem a little different. If it sucks, I'm sorry. I'll do my best, and please enjoy. I swear, my chapters keep getting worse and worse.

Link. The grass whispered his name. Though he did not know of is destiny, it did. Every time he walked by, the grass would wave back and forth, even though the wind wasn't blowing. When he turned his head at the sound of swaying grass to see if something lurked in the bushes, the grass quieted. It was hushed and in awe at the presence of their hero.

He was making his way through the vast Hyrule Field, seeking a conference with the Princess Zelda, who lived in the castle that resided in the center of Hyrule. It was his first time to set foot outside of the forest, and when he took his first look at Hyrule field, he stopped in awe. He wasn't use to large and open areas, and seeing Hyrule Field shocked him. Even I, every time I lay eyes on that field, suck in my breath in wonder.

It had rolling hills of soft green grass and laughing flowers that danced when dawn broke through the darkness of night. The river flowed with sapphire-blue water; it sparkled and shimmered in the sun's golden light. Off in the distance, the outline of tall, majestic mountains could be seen, coloring the horizon with its dark, but beautiful colors. Even at night, when all of this beauty hide in the darkness, the moon painted the earth with a silver light.

Yet the field, which was usually filled with the sound of singing birds, was silent. Only the grass, when it danced it's soft movements, made a sound that only a few can hear. The silence was eerie. Silence can make a louder sound than anything else in the world. It suppressed my ears, hurting them, and the sound entered my heart, making it beat harder. It was the sound that you hear before a battle. It was the sound of death, and it was the sound of the world holding its breath, waiting to see what will happen next.

I am not young in human years. But I was naïve. I acted too quickly, thinking of nothing of the consequences, and my punishment was watching many of the people I love die. I made a very big mistake. In desperation to help Hyrule, I spoke to Princess Zelda in her dreams in the form of images. I spoke of an upcoming darkness and an evil beyond compare that will wipe out Hyrule. I told her of a hero who will come, who possessed the Kokiri Emerald. And that he would save Hyrule. This was my mistake. Princess Zelda took action like I wanted her to. But it was how everything turned out that wasn't what I expected.

My actions destroyed Hyrule.

When the moon is full, you only see a perfect circle that illuminates an ivory-colored light. But when it wanes, you can see the dark side of the moon. The moon will continue to wane until it was completely engulfed in shadow. Hyrule began to darken. The moon always waxes again, but this time, I feared that it would not.

I was foolish to try to take matters into my own hands. How I wish I could go back and change time! How I wish I could turn back the sun so I could watch Hyrule prosper rather than watch it fall to ruins.

Link. He was Hyrule's only hope, and he was too young. He was not ready to save Hyrule. And as I watched him speak with Princess Zelda, I decided help to help him. I decided to step in, and take action. I watched as Zelda and Link smiled at each other, and my heart ached with happiness. I reached out, and even though I had no physical form, tried to touch him. My hand went through his solid body. I pulled my hand back, and watched as he and Zelda parted ways, not realizing that this would be the last time they would speak to each other for a long time.

The wind is speaking to me. It knows of the rising terror that rises from the darkest places, where no life dares to go. It knows of the evil that festers in the hearts of man. It knows secrets that only a few know. I knew this, too, but I knew he could do it. I will be there to help him.

My Link. My hero.

From now on, chapters will be longer. This one is short, I know, but future chapters will much longer!