DISCLAIMER: Leon and Count D. are property of their rightful owners. But I think D's loyalties could be changed with some sugar. ^_^

"Hmm? Oh! Hello, detective!"

"Don't even TRY to weasel out of this one, D! You're coming with me!"

"Hmm? Why would I go somewhere with you? It's business hours, I have a shop to run-"

"-One of your items just killed a family, scum!"

"Oh dear, not the Fusts, I hope."

"It Iwas/I the Fusts, how accurately you guess."

"I can't imagine how this could've happened."

"Gee, I wonder. The pack of wolverines you sold them tore them to bits! That in itself is a crime, wolverines are wild animals, to sell them as pets is illegal!"

"But I didn't sell them wolverines. I sold them Poodle puppies."

"LIKE HELL! They were definitely wolverines!"

"No I sold them Poodle puppies. They must have breached their contract to have wolverines."

"Look, I don't care if they started out Poodle puppies or not-they're now wolverines and you have to answer to the law for their distribution!"

"Detective, I assure you, I certainly didn't intentionally sell them such vicious creatures."

"Too bad for you, then, 'cause I'm taking you to the station for more intense questioning!"

"Oh my."

"Now come on-"

'Hang on a moment, detective! I have a fresh pot of tea resting on the table over there! Could I please at least have one cup while it's still warm before you bring me with you?"

"No, why would I give you-"

"PLEASE, detective, I would drink it fast."

". . .fine, but you better chug it."

"I shall try."

"I'm watching you though. Don't even THINK to try and run."

"Of course not, what have I to run from? I am innocent. Here you go."

"Huh? I didn't ask you for any tea."

"I'm being polite, detective."

"Well, I guess since you poured it for me I shouldn't let it go to waste. . ."

"I knew you'd take it."

"Hmm? Did I catch a hint of evil in your tone of voice, D?"

"Evil? I don't think so."

"Oh well, whatever. . .hey, this tea tastes kinda funny!"

"What do you mean, detective? It seems fine to me."

"Really? To me it tastes like. . .almonds."

"Hmm. . .I don't know, detective. Your tastes must be incorrect."

"I guess. I must be getting a cold."

"Well, then maybe you should have another glass. Tea is good for your health."

"No, it's alright."

"You're right. One glass is more than enough."


"What, detective? I haven't said anything."