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Authors Note: Here it is- the multi-chapter Resident Evil fanfiction a few people have been asking me for! I realized that almost all of my RE fics were simply oneshots, and that I was having a lot of idea's that could work as oneshots... or as you can see, placed together to make a multi-chapter story! Basically this is the story of everyones favorite hero, Chris Redfield. I plan on writing about his life from being discharged from the Air Force all the way up to Africa- so a period of 11 years. This is a way for me to fill in the blanks of the story that aren't in the games, as well as cover the games themselves in my own creative manner. I am trying to stay as close to canon as possible... but with a few... creative liberties.

For instance, the MAIN pairing will be WeskerxChris. Yes, that means homosexuality. But I will also spend a great deal of time developing Chris' relationship with those who also effected him, like Jill, Claire, Barry, etc. in a manner that I believe is befitting of how they all interact in the games. If you've read my story 'Hurt the Ones You Love' you may get an idea of what this story will be like.

One thing I must stress is that you better be in it for the long haul, because this story is going to be looooong. This is something that a lot of you (hopefully) don't have a problem with!

Without further ado I present to you all chapter 1!

Chapter 1- Failure

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default. ~JK Rowling~

Chris sat on the cool metal chair, stance rigid and straight as he stared dead ahead, trying to think of absolutely nothing. The collar around his shirt was too tight, the lacing on his boots too snug, and the atmosphere surrounding him was far too stuffy.

The sound of keys clacking on a keyboard resonated around the room as the secretary copied down information from certain profiles, giving Chris a headache as the usually miniscule sound thundered around his head.

He hated to admit it but he would take comfort from anyone at the moment, and just so much as a smile from the secretary might be able to calm his nerves. But the secretary didn't even cast him a look as she changed papers, eyes firmly glued on her work as if Chris would taint her with his 'unruly attitude' if she so much as even spared him a glance.

He felt like he had been sitting in the same location, on that same chair, in that same pose, for hours and hours- the minutes ticking by as slowly as molasses. Really, he had only be waiting for five minutes, but the tense situation surrounding why exactly he was sitting there was getting to his sense of time and sanity.

A few more minutes passed with Chris tugging at his collar when he thought no one was looking, while casting quick glances at the mahogany door that sat closed a few feet away from him, until the door finally opened revealing his General, a grim look on his face.

Standing up quickly, Chris snapped into position and saluted his superior, showing little of the emotions that were currently trying to break him down.

"At ease, Redfield." his General commanded, making Chris relax just a fraction. Signalling for him to come into the office, Chris followed slowly, palms sweating and breathing shaky.

Taking a seat when told to, Chris sat at the edge of the chair betraying just how nervous he was despite his best efforts. Sitting down across the desk from him, his General fiddled with a sheet of paper, eyes downcast before looking at Chris- meeting his gaze head on.

"I'm sorry, Redfield. I wish this could have gone differently, but reviewing the case and speaking with other officials… well…" Handing Chris a sheet of paper slowly, his General let out a soft sigh.

Taking the sheet, Chris glanced from the paper to his General before back down at the sheet to read the top of it, already knowing what it was going to say.

'Defence Department Form 214'

Taking a few steadying breaths, Chris tried to stop his vision from swimming before looking up at his General.

"Officially discharged…" he mumbled, looking away again. He couldn't stand the stern look he was receiving from his General- or now his Ex-General.

"Yes… I'm sorry, but you only brought this upon yourself. What you did was incredibly reckless and-"

"Yeah, maybe in your eyes, but the way I see it is that if I hadn't done what I did, you and a hell of a lot of others would be in the hospital right now," Chris fired out, anger overcoming him as he looked at his General- no longer shying from his gaze.

"You refused to listen to orders, Redfield- not to mention you continually responded in a negative manner to any and all authority. How can we trust a man such as you in the line of duty?" the older man shot back, eyes narrowing as he stared down his ex-subordinate. "You showed us your true colours when you pulled that reckless stunt in Operation Southern Watch and we can't possibly keep you on board with the American Air Force. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to accept this."

"This isn't right, though!" Chris said as anger soon turned to desperation. This was his life- his very existence. He joined the military to serve his country, get a sense of balance, and be a better brother to his sister.

After the death of his parents, Chris realized he had to grow up fast and enlisted in the United States Air Force as soon as he could, desperately trying to find a purpose in his life and a meaning as to why his parents just left him and Claire. He hadn't planned on serving his entire life in the army- but he expected to spend more than a few years in service with little actual experience under his belt. Yes, he was an expert sharpshooter, and yes, he knew damn well how to fly a jet, but that mean jack shit when it came to the world outside the military. The military had become his life…

And he had fucked it all up because he 'refused to listen to orders'.

"Can't I… can't you do something about this? Can't I get another trial?" he asked, desperation leaking into his voice as he looked at the calm and collected man before him.

"I'm sorry, Christopher… I can't do that. Judgement has already been passed."

Chris grimaced when his real name was used as his hands clenched down on the slip of paper that held so much meaning. "This is just… this… I-I'm sorry but I have to leave." Standing up, Chris shook his head and proceeded to the door, body shaking with pent up emotions.

"Where are you going?" his Ex-General asked, concern lacing his voice for once, causing Chris to turn around.

"I… I really don't know."

Leaving the office, Chris rushed past the secretary, and burst out of the main doors to the outside world. Taking a few deep breaths of the autumn air, Chris practically staggered to the side of the building where he collapsed against it- body shaking as he began to feel suffocated by everything. Sliding down, Chris rested his head between his knees as he dry heaved a few times- as if his body was trying to rid itself of the sickness that seemed to be trailing through his entire being.

Tears began to slowly come forth, and Chris allowed himself a small moment of weakness, allowing the tears to continue to flow. Gripping the paper tightly between his hands, Chris re-read the top of the page, a sob escaping his lips before he crumbled the sheet up and awkwardly tossed it on the ground before sliding further down so he was sitting on the ground completely. He felt broken and useless… how was he ever going to go back to everyone?


The sound of an old screen door could be heard slamming against the wall with great force as a young teenage girl sprinted out of the house and down the sidewalk, feet bare except for the socks she was wearing.

"Chris, you're home!" Jumping forward the woman caught Chris into a strong hug, causing him to stumble backwards as he awkwardly caught her.

"Hey, Claire, how have you been?" Chris asked, steadying himself so he could properly hug Claire back. Claire moved away from the hug to kiss his cheek quickly before looking him over.

"Great now that you're home! Did you receive leave from the army to come and visit for Thanksgiving?" Claire asked, a bright grin gracing her young features.

"Uh yeah… they let me leave to come and visit." Chris nodded, easily falling into the lie.

"Claire, get back inside! You're not wearing any shoes!" Looking up, Chris noticed his Aunt standing at the doorway, a disapproving frown on her face that quickly turned into a smile.

"Hey, Aunt Lily." Chris waved slightly before following Claire back to the house, awkwardly adjusting the backpack that was hanging off of his shoulder- all of his personal belongings stuffed into a simple green army bag.

Walking up the steps, Chris was pulled into a hug with another kiss planted on his cheek. "It's good to see you again, dear. Did you get time off because of Thanksgiving?"

"Yeah, that's exactly why… hope you don't mind me dropping in uninvited." Stepping back, Chris let his Aunt examine him, admiration in her eyes as she gazed upon her sister-in-law's son.

"No, of course not, this just makes things even better. Now you two get inside, it's chilly outside." Following her orders, Claire and Chris entered the house with Claire grinning brightly despite shivering from the cold outside.

"So how long are you staying for?" Claire asked as the two sat down on the couch in the living room as their Aunt went into the kitchen to finish supper. Curling up around a pillow, Claire was practically beaming at her older brother. She hadn't seen Chris for close to a year, and although she received letters from him sometimes, it was nice to actually hear him speak. She always felt protected when she was with him…

"Uh, I don't know… few days." Chris replied, scratching the back of his head as he sat on the couch- his stance a little guarded despite the warm atmosphere. Footsteps from the basement stairs could be heard before the door opened up behind the two siblings.

"Hey, I thought I heard a familiar voice!"

Standing up and turning around, Chris smiled and moved to shake his Uncle Sam's hand, nodding. "Yeah, I guess you did…"

"Back for the holidays?" Sam asked, stuffing a rag in his dirty jeans back pocket.

"Yeah you know Thanksgiving and all. They figured seeing as how we've been training so hard they'd let us have some time off," Chris recited, a little relieved that he didn't have to admit that he was kicked out of the Air Force just yet- there was always time for that later.

His Uncle nodded, although something about his expression tipped Chris off to the fact that he didn't completely believe him. But despite that slight mistrust, his Uncle didn't say anything and just shrugged.

"Well it's good to have you back, Chris," Turning to Claire, Sam smiled and ruffled her hair, causing the young woman to squeal and jump away from him and off the couch. "How about you show Chris some of your school projects before we eat supper, huh?"

"Sure!" Claire said as she desperately tried to pat down her hair. She was trying to grow it out so she could tie it back into a ponytail, but it was still too short for that.

Grabbing Chris' arm, Claire lead him up the stairs and down a familiar hallway before going into her bedroom. It had remained pretty much the same since Chris had last seen it, only there seemed to be a few more motorcycle magazines littering the floor and new boy band posters on the walls.

"Motorcycles?" Chris asked as he picked up one of the magazines, an eyebrow raised. "Didn't figure you the type, Claire."

"Yeah, well I like them a lot," Claire said, snatching the magazine out of his grasp. "I hope on getting one once I graduate- it'll be nice to have some transportation when I'm at college."

God, Claire was already talking about College. Letting out a heavy sigh, Chris nodded and scanned the papers sitting on the desk- book reports, science assignments, pictures of her friends and…

"Is that a boy?!" Chris exclaimed, grabbing one of the framed pictures that showed her sitting close with a young guy.

"No Chris, it's actually a very masculine female- no of course it's a boy!" Claire grabbed the frame out of Chris' hands and scowled.

"Well is he your boyfriend?!"


"Well what's his name?! And how come I've never heard about him before?!" Chris asked, shock marring his features.

""His name is Travis and… well I never told him about you because I never really get to talk to you," Claire said, suddenly becoming awkward. Chris was about to say something before his voice caught in his throat, making him at a loss for what to do.

It was true; they never did get to talk anymore.

"Uh, hey, look at this report I did- I was inspired by your job," Claire said, quickly changing the subject. She passed Chris a report, excitement in her voice overtaking the gloomy tone from before.

Taking the report with slight suspicion, Chris asked if it was going to bite before opening it as Claire glared at him.

'Every Day Heros- The Men Serving the American Air Force'

"We were asked to write a report on 'Every Day Hero's' in my English class, so I thought I would write about you guys! The report was pretty lame, mostly because it seems like something we would write in grade three… but still…" Shrugging, Claire watched as Chris slowly flipped through the report, a thin line slowly appearing between his eyebrows.

Now Chris really felt like shit.

"Do you not… like it?" Claire asked as worry making its way into her voice.

Snapping back to reality, Chris shook his head and tried to smile- although it was a weak one. "No, no it's great, Claire. I'm just a little… just a little tired. It was a long bus ride here."

Nodding slowly, Claire took the report back and set it on her desk before putting her hands on her hips. "Well, I guess you'll just have to eat and then take a nap, I'll ask Aunt Lily to help me set up the guest room later on."

"Thanks, Claire." Chris let out a soft sigh and moved to wrap his arms around Claire, hugging her close as if her presence and their family bond would help correct everything.


"If you continue to sit outside without a jacket you'll catch a cold…"

Looking over at his Uncle, Chris smiled and moved over on the porch swing so he could sit. Taking another drag of his cigarette Chris silently offered one of the sticks to him but he declined with a wave of his hand.

"I thought you would have kicked the habit in the military." Sam stated, a wry smile on his lips. Chris shook his head and laughed softly.

"Are you kidding? Smoking is used to ease the stress, and you need that stress reliever even more when you're in the military. If anything, it's just made the habit worse."

Laughing, Sam rubbed the bridge of his nose before sighing softly. The two men sat in silence after that, both staring up at the stars for a while and simply enjoying the beautiful evening before Sam spoke up.

"You got discharged… didn't you?"

Chris didn't say anything for a while, and took a long drag of his smoke before nodding. "Yeah, I did."


"Too reckless… didn't listen to orders all the time. Apparently I have an issue with authority which if you ask me is complete bull shit. I only have issues with authority when they're going to get us killed with their stupid orders," Chris said, not hiding the anger he had for the entire situation.

His Uncle didn't say anything for a while and just continued to sit beside, deep in thought before he spoke again. "You always were like your mother, Chris. She would always come back from school, complaining about one of her teachers and how they were being completely unjust and yet she couldn't do anything about it, or writing petitions when she didn't agree with something- even when she was only in grade five…"

Letting out a sigh, Chris butted out his smoke on a potted plant dish and closed his eyes, hating the subject of his mother because it brought forth missed memories, but longing at the same time to hear more about her…

"I… I don't know what I'm going to do." Chris said finally, opening his eyes to look at his Uncle- letting the worry show in his face.

"Well you can stay with us for as long as you need, I'm sure you can find a job soon enough that'll get you some cash while you figure out what you want to do." Sam offered as he tried to keep calm for Chris' sake.

"But… no, I mean I appreciate the offer, but I need to go do something- you know? I want… I want to make it on my own." Chris said, running a hand over his face before leaning forward on the bench. "I just wish I had some direction as to what I'm going to do to make it on my own."

"Police work."

Looking over at his Uncle, Chris raised an eyebrow slowly. "Police work?"

"Yes, I think law enforcement would be good for you. You already have experience with guns and the physical side of things, and I know you have the heart for it. You'd be doing a lot of good if you tried out… hey, do you remember Barry Burton?"

Sitting up straighter and listening to what his Uncle was saying, Chris let the words sink in before answering. "Yeah, I remember Barry. He was the younger brother of my Dad's best friend…"

"Yeah, well last I heard was he's moved to Racoon City and joined the Police Department there. Looks like things are going really well for him- he's settled down nicely with his family."

"Racoon City… you mean Umbrella's pet city?" Chris asked, highly intrigued by the way this conversation was going.

"Yeah, that's the one," Sam smiled slightly, seeing the slight hope creep upon his nephew's face. "It's a really good city- a lot of opportunity I hear, and it's not that far from this house either… so you'll always have a safety net."

Nodding slowly, Chris contemplated the situation, finding it hard to disagree with what his Uncle was saying. Police work did sound like a good fit for him- like something he'd be really good at… that was if he could hold his tongue and not 'speak out against authority'.

"You think I should do it?" Chris asked after a few minutes of mulling it over.

"I don't know- it's all up to you. But at the moment, I can't see anything desperately wrong with it. If you want I can try and contact Barry and see if he can help set you up- at least you'll know one person there."

"Yeah… yeah, I think that would be nice." Chris said as a genuine smile came to his lips.

Racoon City- it sounded like a good enough place to him.

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