Title: Punishment
Characters: Castiel, Dean, Sam, Michael
Series: Supernatural
Rating: G
Warnings: Possible OOC-ness (no beta so I'm working get everyone in character), Stays Canon up to 5.10
Author: Phalon/Pathsforme
Beta: casiedearestfic
Prompt: #1 – Hunter
Summary: Castiel faces Michael and receives his punishment for rebelling.
Disclaimer: Supernatural is owned by Kripke, I am merely borrowing them here. I make no profit from this story.

In the end, it had been the choices of two brothers that ended the war. The world did not end, but much of the world paid for it. Not even one tenth of the planet's vegetation would survive. Less then one twentieth of the humans lived, leaving only a little more than a hundred thousand. Those included Castiel in Jimmy Novak, Bobby Singer, and Sam and Dean Winchester.

It was at the end that the group came face to face with Michael, at least in the form of a vessel.

"Castiel, Castiel, Castiel." The voice said to the group.

Dean, Sam, and Castiel had known that something was coming. After all, it was unlikely they could outrun archangels. So they had planned one last show down with the archangels.

"Michael," Castiel said without flinching, Dean and Sam standing side by side with the man who they had come to see as family.

"So it is time," the archangel said, finding amusement in the situation before him. The true vessels of he and Lucifer ready to face anything with Castiel who had surprised all others and had been restored to life by their heavenly father.

"Time, time for what?" Dean demanded. He received no answer from either Cas or Michael.
"Cas, what is he talking about?" Dean demanded.

"My punishment." Castiel finally said, his eyes not leaving the archangel before him.

"Indeed, for your sin of rebellion you are henceforth charged with the duty to eradicate the demons on our father's creation, until your punishment has been lifted." Michael informed Castiel.

"Wait, that's it?" Sam asked, bewildered. He wasn't sure what he had been expecting.

Castiel looked bewildered, like Sam and Dean, this was not what he had been expecting.

"Oh, one more thing," Michael said as if he just remembered something, approaching Castiel. The angel didn't flinch when he approached the man before him, his pointer and middle finger to the vessel's forehead.

There was a burst of blinding light, and when the brightness faded, only Castiel and the Winchesters were left behind.

"Cas, what just happened?" Dean demanded.

Castiel turned to face them with a smile on his lips, he told them, "My grace was restored to me."

"So you're like an angelic hunter now?" Dean inquired.

"It appears so," Castiel said to the brothers before him.

"That's great!" Sam said. "It did seem like you were getting off easy, didn't it?"

"I suppose it does," Castiel said, not willing to tell them what he had seen he would be needed for. This wasn't a punishment at all, his heavenly father always had a plan.