Title: All Roads Lead to One Destination
Sequel to: Punishment
Characters: Castiel, Michael, Morgan (OFC)
Series: Supernatural
Rating: G
Warnings: Possible OOC-ness (no beta so I'm working get everyone in character), Stays Canon up to 5.10, Future Fic, Daddy!Castiel, Original Characters
Author: Phalon/Pathsforme
Beta: casiedearestfic
Prompt: #2- Memory
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke, Morgan Faith belongs to me, and the Consort series concept totally belongs to shadowglove88 .
Summary: Castiel meets Michael again after 150 years only to find that the world is different for him.

It had been 150 years since Lucifer and Michael's battle, and Lucifer was sealed back into Hell. The world had never really recovered, it hadn't gotten worse but it had not gotten better either. There were still demons around, but there were also Hunters. People had come to embrace the Winchester Gospels, and after that, more Hunters had appeared. With only 100,000 people left in the world, more than half were Hunters.

As Castiel watched the world unfold, it felt like he was trapped in a memory. There were good Hunters that would have made Dean and Sam very proud, but like all people, there were some that were rotten to the core, and it sickened him. Castiel hunted alone. It was not something that made him happy, and while he was glad to do the work of his father, there were times he missed the companionship of the Hunters that had not been able to escape death.

Castiel had slowly developed a way for Jimmy, who was his acting vessel, to interact with others. It was more freedom than the others were allowed before. He had let Jimmy eat, as the vessel's body needed nourishment. He licked his lips when he felt a brush of his senses.

"Hello, Michael." Castiel greeted, as he stood up from the wooden chair he had been sitting on. Castiel looked like he had in the past that would never be. He was scruffy, a beard trying to come through, and his hair was flat.

"It is good to see you again, brother." Michael said with a smile. He was holding a wrapped bundle.

Castiel immediately took notice of what the archangel was holding. It was a child, an infant girl in Michael's arms, but there was something wrong with her. Bewilderment crossed Castiel's features when he realized the girl had demon's blood in her, just as Sam Winchester had. "Michael, what is this?" He demanded.

"This is Morgan Faith. She had demon blood forced into her three months ago." Michael told him. "Father took her away after her mother had been killed."

"Why?" Castiel asked, wishing to know which demon thought to start this again. He would not allow another to go through what Sam Winchester had been forced to experience.
"Little Morgan is special, she deserves the benefit of a loving father and how to protect herself. When the time comes, father will call on her to do his will." Michael said.

Castiel was speechless. Did Michael honestly believe he could be a father? Despite everything, Castiel knew his duty. This child would grow up to be a Hunter, and she would be the one that would have to make the difference in a cosmic way. "I understand." He said.

"Do not worry Castiel. As a father, your vessel will likely be able to do the work that is needed." Michael said, placing the bundle in Castiel's arms.

The child awoke immediately and stared at the angel with a pair of the darkest brown eyes one ever did see. It was a stark contrast to Jimmy's blues, and so the girl immediately started to wiggle around. One could have sworn she tilted her head as did Castiel. Then the girl laughed happily.

All that was left of Michael was the sound of his laughter.