Mucho Macho Make-over Make Out Mash Up

Chapter Two – Mash Up

Kurt lay on his back, stretched out , no longer sobbing. Tears still fell freely down his cheeks.

He took in a large shuttering breath. In times like this he hated loving boys. They thoughtlessly stomped all over your heart with their oversized shoes as they tore through your life. When would he learn to stop yearning for these guys.

The door bell down stairs started to ring. "Go away!" Kurt shouted fruitlessly. "Leave me alone!"

The door bell continued to ring insistently so after several minutes, Kurt finally lurched up and wondered downstairs to the door, not giving a damn what he looked like.

He opened the door and took a deep intake of breath. It was Puck.

"Sorry Kurt, um I forgot something." Puck mumbled as he strode into the house again after Kurt mutely opened the door wider.

Kurt closed the door and slumped against it looking the picture of abject misery. His nose and eyes were red and puffy and his cheeks were still wet from crying.

"Kurt, you just wasted all that mask conditioning, your face is a mess." What was meant as an icebreaking joke acted more like a slap across the face.

Kurt visibly flinched. "What did you forget Puckerman?" spat Kurt angrily.

Puck advanced quickly on the suffering teen and gathered him up in his arms. "This" he said as he planted a kiss on Kurt's lips. He gradually deepened the kiss as Kurt responded, moaning quietly. The passion flared up again and he pressed Kurt into the door. This time Kurt broke away from the kiss and moved a distance away towards the living room. He turned towards Puck lifted his arms only to let them flop to his sides.

"What do you want from me? You have me so confused."

"You're confused! I'm the one that's confused! At least you have had years to get used to the fact you're gay. I don't know what I am anymore! I'm a bio Dad but not a real father, an ex-best friend, and a football player who sings and dances." Puck paced the floor back and forth agitated." Now I'm supposed to add gay to that?

"You're not gay."

"How do you know? Did you not notice I just kissed you now and before that I was making out with you in bed?"

"Look Puck, it's nothing! The kiss just now is you, just feeling guilty. And what we did in the bedroom? Think of it as just two horny teens who were just wrestling on the bed and things got outta hand."

Puck shot a look at Kurt, "It means more to you than that, just look at your face."

"Of course it means more to me! It means everything to me!!" Kurt raged, "I'm a gay boy. It will always mean more to me. You straight, football playing guys with your athletic bodies and bulging biceps walk around oblivious to the emotions that well up in me" Kurt swallowed and continued. "You're different, you can go walk out of here and think of what happened as an accident and go on seeing all the girls you want. But me? I'll have to suck up all the hurt and unreturned feelings and still carry on. By next week you will have forgotten all about it."

"You're wrong Kurt. I can't forget this."

"You're obsessing about it too much. Don't worry, a little tussle with me on a bed does not mean you're gay."

"No? What if it was more than that? I've been lying to you most of this time."

"Lying about what? What are you talking about?"

"For the last four weeks, I haven't been doing well in Spanish on purpose so I can still see you. I did just well enough on the tests to pass but bad enough so that Mr. Schue would ask you to continue to tutor me." Puck walked over and threw himself on the couch and buried his head in his hands. Kurt followed him and sat on the couch, his yearning face staring intently at the boy beside him.


"At the beginning it was a nice distraction from the whole Finn/Quinn thing. Soon I was really enjoying our time together so much I didn't want it to end."

"I felt the same way" Kurt replied starting to brighten, "I couldn't believe how slow you were at picking up Spanish, but I was enjoying your company so much, I didn't care. You are probably just missing the friendship you had with Finn."

"True, but it doesn't explain the other stuff." Puck looked down at his shoes avoiding Kurt's gaze. "You've been on my mind a lot lately. I could hardly wait for our weekly lessons. And when you had to change our Thursday lesson for today, I blew off a hot date to come here and be with you."

"It actually does explain a lot. You were expecting something from this girl and had to come here instead today. As I told you it's just hormones."

"Kurt, I prepared myself for coming here with the same anticipation and concentration as I would going on a date. I had just taken a shower before I arrived here yet I took another one and let you put that ridiculous stuff on me so I could hang around in a bathrobe and underwear on your bed in your bedroom. When you went down to get the coke, I didn't fall asleep accidentally. I positioned myself the way you found me to look alluring to you. I also had a pretty good idea what was going to happen if I did that. I just happened to fall asleep for real."

"Oh!" Kurt looked surprised "But why on earth did you run away when it things did start to happen?"

Puck sighed, "The reason I took off on you, wasn't because I was freaked out about the fact we both had an erection and they touched. It was all of it, my emotions and feelings. It was all so intense. So much more intense than when I've been with a girl."

"Really?!!" Kurt managed to squeak out.

"When we touched, down there, swords raised ready for battle" Puck smiled briefly at his own allusion. "When we connected, a surge of warm power went through me like an electric current. It wasn't lust – it was love. I have never felt it that intensely before and it had me just a little freaked. So I ran away, as fast as I could. Puck paused, "I just drove around for twenty minutes or so, trying to decide what to do about it. Should I deny it ever happened and go on with my life as before or should I embrace it and go in a very new scary direction that I've never been before."

Kurt swallowed, "What have you decided?"

"I would like to see where it leads. I can't make any promises."

"That's okay. You have probably already guessed that I am hopelessly in love with you anyways. Everything else after that is pure gravy."

"Gravy? Puck laughed pulling Kurt over on top of him and kissing his lips. "I thought it would be oatmeal apricot facial moisturizing cream."

Kurt would have laughed but he was quickly getting down to the business of kissing and loving Noah Puckerman.