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A New Year's Eve to Remember

Chapter 1

"You have got to be kidding me." Jason Walsh looked in disbelief at the schedule that Sergeant Brown had just posted for the New Year's Eve shifts. "This has to be a mistake."

"What?" Casey Shraeger replied as she looked over her partner's shoulder to see what he was looking at. "What shift did we get stuck with this year?"

"None. We are off. Did you do this?" Walsh turned accusingly towards Shraeger and shoved the piece of paper into her hands.

Casey looked over the paper in disbelief, "But it's New Year's Eve. No one ever gets New Year's Eve off. That's the biggest night of the year. Over 4000 uniforms are supposed to be in Time Square alone. It has to be a mistake. And what do you mean by did I do this?"

"I figured maybe you had some fancy New Year's party that you had to attend to you got the Sergeant to give us the day off. But I don't want the day off so if you want the day off then take it; I'm going to see if I can pick up a double or something."

"I don't want the day off either and I sure as hell didn't request it." Truth be told, Casey wanted to work as much as possible, especially over the holidays. She and Davis had broken up two months before. Prior to breaking up, Davis had asked her about the holidays and what she was going to do. Normally she would go to her parent's house for all of 30 minutes to say hello and socialize. She had to pretend to be in her father's social class for a few minutes but she would always find some way to get out of it. Normally she would get an emergency call from work and have to leave.

New Years Eve was the one holiday when she got out of going by her parent's fancy party because that was the one night of the year that no cops ever got off of work. You had to request a New Years off on the previous New Years if you even wanted a chance to get off and only a handful across the city actually got it.

Davis had wanted to make a tradition out of New Years Eve by leaving the city and going to a little cabin he had recently bought upstate. Casey had never been there and was really looking forward to getting away from everything.

That was until they broke up. It was her fault of course, always running out on him to go into work. Her work was everything and he just didn't get it. It's not like she was in love with the guy. It was more the idea of a warm body to go home to. That and the fact that Davis was now seeing some blonde bimbo with huge boobs and was probably taking her to his cabin for New Years.

"Are you coming?" Walsh's rough voice interrupted her thoughts as he brushed past her into Sergeant Brown's office.

Casey turned and followed close behind her partner as he barged straight into the boss's office.

"What is this?" Walsh grabbed the paper back out of Casey's hand and slammed it on Brown's desk, knocking over a bobble-head and sending a cup of pens flying across through the room.

Sergeant Brown did not look happy as he turned in his chair and glanced at the paper that was just thrust at him.

"I believe that would be the schedule I sent out Walsh." Brown's angry voice echoing in the small space as he stood up to tower over Walsh.

"And why are we off sir?" Walsh lowered his voice to a more normal level at seeing the death glare on the boss's face. "It's New Year's Eve, we can't be off."

"You can be off and you will be off or you won't have a job to come back to. You should be thanking me; everyone else would kill for that night off. Do you have a problem with it Walsh?" He glanced over at Casey who was silent and staring at him with wide eyes. She had never seen Brown get that angry over something so simple. Walsh should have approached this in a different manor.

"No sir." Walsh swallowed.

"Now, what you chose to do with your night off is up to you. Spend it together or spend it alone, I don't care! Either way, you are taking the night off; and no, you cannot trade shifts with anyone out there. Do you understand? Both of you?"

"Yes sir." Walsh shook his head. Casey simply nodded and turned to leave the room, her partner on her heals.

Brown watched the retreating couple and shook his head. They have been working too hard and are both so damn clueless about what's going on. If they would just spend some time together they would see what everyone else in the department noticed long ago. They need a break and what better night to force them together than New Years! Brown smiled to himself, I have no idea when I became a match maker but if those two don't do it finally it is going to drive the entire department crazy.

"What the hell was that about?" she whispered as they headed back towards their desks.

Walsh shrugged, "no idea, guess he wants us out of here. This is really going to be a great New Year's Eve." Sarcasm dripped from his words.

That was an understatement. Walsh had been taking shift after shift lately. He had Casey had been taking on every case they could and burying themselves in their work. Walsh was too caught up in his own issues to notice that Casey had been right there beside him, working every waking hour possible.

Allison Beaumont had dumped him. It had been about six weeks ago and he was really clueless as to why. He had thought that everything had been going great. Her breaking up with him had really blindsided him and no matter how much he asked her or tried figure it out on his own he came up with nothing.

She would give him this look like he was missing something that was right in front of his face and then just walk away, giving him no more insight into what happened than he had had before.

"So what are you doing tomorrow night? Do you have any plans?" Casey asked, not wanting to be alone or have to face her parents.

"Well, seeing as I had planned on working but now can't, nope, nothing. You?"

Casey shook her head, "nope, I was looking forward to working too."

"You can come by the diner if you want. I have nothing better to do. We can ring in the New Year with pizza and beer?" Walsh asked, hoping Casey could at least be a little bit of a distraction.

"Gee thanks! Don't do me any favors or anything." Casey rolled her eyes at his enthusiasm to spend the evening with her even though she really wanted to hang out with him if she couldn't work, maybe he would help her not think about Davis and his bimbo.

"You know what I meant. I would love for you to come over and hang out with me on New Year's." Walsh conceited.

"I guess." Casey laughed, already feeling a little bit better about her night.

"Good. It's a date." Walsh paused after it came out of his mouth. He hadn't meant to say that had he? "I didn't mean a date date." He tried to backtrack and explain his words. "You know what? I gotta go." Walsh glanced at his watch, seeing that his second shift had ended about twenty minutes before. "I'll see ya tomorrow."

"Tomorrow." Casey nodded and smiled at the back of her partner's retreating head.

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