Yuki was sure she was going to snap soon.

She had no idea how she had let Mai talk her into this. Sure the little devils were skilled at their jobs, but they were still devils! And every single one of them had a different job. They'd all agreed to set up the mansion first, but now each one wanted their own personal workspace. And while they were making serious amounts of money, there was no way they could buy everything each devil needed all at once, much less actually get poor Ferra to construct it all in a day.

Currently she was sitting in the makeshift main office pouring over the accounts one more time, trying to maximize profits so they could keep expanding faster. Elle was running back and forth scribbling out copies (and complaining about not having a machine to do it for her) while the accountant devil, Cassia, sketched out profit loss plans. "We'll have time for more research," Yuki muttered in a sing song voice as she compared the two latest charts. "Dammit Mai! I can't believe you suckered me into this. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Three months of nothing but numbers!"

The door slammed open revealing Marie. "Yuki-sama! You can't cut funding! You'll regret this! Without the full hospital room functioning I can't treat anything past basic first aid and simple diseases!"

Yuki slammed the pen into the table. "Your full hospital would take more money then we have and then some! And it produces almost no income. We need the brewery set up next so we can finance the rest of the expansions!"

"Yuki-sama," Ferra stormed past the annoyed nurse waving some documents. "I need more money then this to get the proper tools to continue work! Without the smithy running there's no way I can get the quality metals for these projects!"

Yuki burried her face in her hands. "IT'S JUST A BAR! It doesn't need fancy metalwork, and if it does we can buy it! I need a good reason before I just hand out funds!"

Mai sighed as she heard Yuki continue shouting through the door, "And unbuttoning your blouse is not a good reason!" The magicians wings lightly twitched, then relaxed again.

"Yuki really needs to calm down," she said lazily to the devil girl who was kneading her shoulders. "Maybe you should visit her after she's done. This really helps get the tension out."

The devil smiled. "I'm glad I could help Mai-sama. I'll offer my services to Yuki-sama later if you desire it."

"Yeah, good idea." Mai yawned. "I'll have to make sure to name you first though. I'm not going to let Yuki steal away someone as skilled as you."


Mai's mind wandered a bit. "Hey, how did masseuse become a separate bit from doctor anyway?"

"I heard it had something to do with medical practices in the outside world. Something about Chiropractic work not being covered...."

Mai yawned as she heard a blast of fire go off in the room next door. "Oh, you probably shouldn't offer Yuki any special service. I don't think she'd take it well."

The devil laughed nervously. "Yeah..."


(And thus the shopping trip ends. A thanks to all my readers and reviewers, and I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of this story.)