500 Days of Genesis

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A/N: This is inspired by Our World is Grey by XxXChiharu-Chan-1000-SpringsXx. She wrote 100 themes about Genesis and her own OC. 500 days of Genesis is kind of like that except it's more like 500 diary entries. That said, please review. It helps to know what you guys think.

Day 1-

Today I met my new boss. His name is Genesis Rhapsodos. I called him a moron.

Day 2-

Today was my first day as Genesis' secretary. It was boring and I ended up folding a bunch of paper. I also made friends with Angeal Hewley. I wish I was Angeal's secretary instead of Genesis'. At least he doesn't spend the entire day quoting a stupid play.

Day 3-

I hate stupid Genesis Rhapsodos! Because of him I was attacked by a bunch of fan girls. I told them how boring he is and how he spends his entire day quoting a play that's not even finished. They didn't listen. Really makes me doubt their sanity.

Day 4-

Genesis asked me what I thought about Loveless. I told him I thought it was stupid. The look on his face was priceless though; he looked like I had punched him. He then proceeded to tell me I had no taste in literature. It took all of my self restraint to not throw the goddamn book at him.

Day 5-

Angeal stopped by today. I told him about the argument I had with Genesis yesterday and guess what he did. He laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed and told me that I was lucky Genesis hadn't fired me. I told him that that was what I had been hoping for.

Day 6-

I met Sepheroth. I wonder what kind of shampoo he uses. I asked my dear boss Genesis and he responded by saying, doesn't everyone want to know.

Day 7-

I had fun at work today. Genesis got abducted by his fan club. I took the day off and went shopping. Have I mentioned I love those little fan girls?

Day 8-

Genesis came back. He shut himself up in his office and sulked. I asked him why he was so moody and he told me to shut up. I threatened to let his fan club into his office. Guess who won that argument.

Day 9-

Today Genesis decided to quote Loveless just to bug me. I resisted the urge to strangle him. I am very proud of myself for not killing him.

Day 10-

The greatest thing ever happened today! Genesis got sent on some mission and won't be around for a couple of days. No more Loveless quoting freak!

Day 12-

Today I heard absolutely no Loveless, good thing too because I had almost memorized the goddamned play.

Day 13-

I read a book today. It was about the fine line between love and hate. That's stupid. You can't love someone you hate. That would be like me falling in love with Mr. Loveless. It simply does not happen. Besides its pretty stupid to actually believe that, love and hate are opposites.

Now I'm thinking about how opposites attract opposites. Stupid book.

Day 14-

I found my copy of Loveless under my bed and I decided to read it. Needless to say it was as enjoyable as when Genesis quotes it. I threw the book in the trash.

Day 15-

Today I went shopping and I saw a red and black dress. Then I immediately thought about Genesis. Now here I am asking myself, why the fuck am I thinking about Genesis.

Day 16-

Mr. Loveless came back today. Never thought I'd say this but I had actually found myself missing him.

Day 17-

I read what I had written yesterday. I am beginning to doubt my sanity. If I ever say that I miss Genesis again, please send me to the loony bin.

Day 18-

Today I tested my aim on Genesis. I am proud to say I have perfect aim and have managed to successfully get Jell-O into a SOLDIER's hair. The look on his face was priceless, which is why I took pictures.

Day 19-

I told Angeal it was me who put Jell-O in Genesis hair. He said I had become his new heroine. Apparently no one has messed with Genesis' hair and lived.

Day 20-

Today Genesis got back at me. I got a pie in the face by one of his crazy little fan girls.


Me: 1

Genesis: 1

Day 21-

I decided to not give up and now Genesis is in for a surprise. His fan girls are at the office decorating it. To think it only cost me his phone number.

Day 22-

Wow. The fan girls did an awesome job. My personal favorite was the wall dedicated to Genesis. It had some pretty embarrassing pictures.


Me: 3- the look on Genesis face counts as two points

Genesis- 1

Day 23-

Genesis didn't come to work today. He-he, I guess that means I win!

Day 24-

Genesis came to work and every 3 minutes or so his phone would ring. Those fan girls are my new best friends.

Day 25-

Angeal asked me out to breakfast and I told him all about my little war with Genesis. He said that he was glad his friend had finally had a secretary that didn't fall head over heels for him. I started laughing. What could anyone possibly see in Genesis?

Day 26-

Angeal stopped by today to tell me that genesis would be hiding iin his office todsy since he was afaid that he was going to be bugged again. So I spent the entire dasy taking messages and reading a magazine. I learned something very interesting. Appartantly if you wanted a man out of your life you just had to say one of three things 1- I'm pregnant, 2- I want to marry you or 3- I'm in love with you. I laughed at the stupidity of that and then I threw it away.

Day 27-

Genesis called me to his office today. He asked me if I had anything to do with the fan girls finding out his phone number.

I lied like a pro.

Day 28-

Today Genesis won the war by a landslide, the dirty little cheater.

The stupid asshole called me to his office and then he started talking to me and saying all these things I didn't pay attention to. Then I noticed how close we were. The stupid bastard then goes and says, "Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?" He was so close to me that I could see that up close his blue eyes had tiny little hints of green. Then he started leaning towards me like he was going to kiss me. You would think I would have enough sense to pull away but let's not forget I was staring into his perfect eyes which were just plain hypnotic. Before I could do anything he kissed me. After that I just stood there like a complete idiot. I heard his voice. "I think that means I win." I nodded dumbly and by the time I had realized what had happened he had already left his office.

Stupid, stupid Genesis. Stupid little cheater!

Day 29-

Genesis is an evil little scum bag. I shall say no more. I'm still furious about yesterday. It's not fair what he did. I told asked Angeal if he could beat up Genesis for me, seeing as they share an apartment and all but Angeal laughed and told me that Genesis really mean what he said. Yeah right. He also told me that I should be glad that Genesis likes me.

I told him to tell it to someone who cares and that if he wasn't going to beat him up for me then I'd just have to do it myself.

Day 30-

Today Genesis saved me life. You would think that he wouldn't rub it in but he's a stupid SOLDIER with an ego the size of Gaia. Now I owe him big time. I'm actually wishing I had gotten run over by the stupid truck.

Damn it! Now that means I can't beat him up! Fuck my life! Fuck Genesis!

Day 31-

Today was pretty darn interesting. I got asked out on a date…by Nate. He's a third class soldier I met a couple days ago. I said yes.

Day 32-

Someone was in a bad mood today. Hint- Reddish hair, blue eyes and possibly the most boring boss in the world. Yup, you guessed right, Genesis was not a happy camper today. When I asked him why he gave me one of those cryptic answers. Stupid, Mr. Loveless.

Day 33-

I went out with Nate. He was boring.

Day 34-

Angeal came by and asked me about my date. Strange, I didn't remember telling him.

I told him it sucked. I also asked him why Mr. Loveless was so moody since for the third day in a row he was pissed off at the world. Angeal didn't respond.

Day 35-

Never thought I'd say this but for once I felt glad to hear Genesis quote Loveless. He finally seems to be back to the annoying Loveless obsessed boss I have to put up with.

Day 36-

Angeal and I had breakfast today. I'm surprised to know that he eats a lot of sugar, even more than me and that's saying something. Then he asked if I liked Genesis. I almost choked on my coffee. He smirked.

Day 37-

Angeal asked me when I would tell Genesis I liked him. I told him to shut up. He laughed.

Day 38-

I thought Angeal had left me alone but then I found a note on my desk. Here's what it said: So when are you going to declare your love to Genesis?

Guess who wrote it.

Day 39-

Today I met Reno. He's probably the biggest womanizer I have ever met.

Day 40-

Reno came by again. He spent the entire time telling me how hot I looked. I'm surprised that he's still alive.

Day 41-

Reno came by again and kept asking me out. He had already been bugging me for a good half hour when Mr. Loveless came out and told Reno to quit bugging me or else…

Reno left and I was actually thankful for Genesis.

Day 42-

Sephy and Angeal came by today. I almost asked Sephy if he was afraid of cutting his hair.

Then I saw his sword and I saw my life flash before my eyes. On second thought I don't think I want to ask Sephy anything

Day 43-

Today was boring. Genesis wasn't here. I found myself almost wishing he was…….

Holy Shit! I'm starting to miss Genesis! What's wrong with me?!

Day 44-

Reno came by again. I threw a cup of coffee in his face.

Day 45-

I'm the world's biggest and stupidest moron. I did the absolute worst thing I have ever done. I kissed Genesis. Yup, my lips touched Mr. Loveless' lips. I guess this all started when Genesis sent me to go get some papers and stupid clumsy me decided to trip. If Genesis hadn't decided to catch me then this could have all been avoided but no. He just had to catch me and then we ended up just centimeters apart. I guess it's my fault really but really, who can resist those cerulean blue eyes, those soft and perfect lips and…..

I need a gun to shoot myself.

Hey! I guess that makes it even for that one time HE kissed ME.

Day 46-

I want to crawl into a hole and die! Now I can't even LOOK Genesis without feeling embarrassed. Someone kill me now.

Day 47-

Angeal knows, he laughed and told me that it'll all go away. Eventually. Who knows when that'll come, and besides it's not like Genesis will stop reminding me that I kissed him.

Day 48-

Genesis decided to remind me of what I did. I almost punched him in his perfect face. Then he asked me how I thought he kissed. Oh goddess, please give me the strength to not kill him.

Day 49-

Finally! Finally! I'm free from Mr. Loveless for four days! There's also going to be HUGE Christmas party. The only bad thing is that Mr. Loveless is going to be there. He still doesn't let go of that ONE time I accidentally kissed him. Besides it wasn't THAT good……

Okay, it was but he doesn't have to rub it in.

Day 50-

I got so wasted at the stupid Christmas party. I'm not sure what happened but when I woke up I was at Genesis' apartment. No! It's not what you think! I woke up to find him in the kitchen and when he saw me he laughed. He told me I had a wonderful singing voice and that I said interesting things when I was drunk. I asked him what I said and he refused to tell me. Besides how bad can it be? It's like I have anything to hide. Unless it's…….

Oh shit.

So what did you guys think? I don't care if it's just to flame me or tell me it's stupid but please review. Besides if you're reading this then you might as well review.