Repairing a Broken Soul

Chapter 1: Meeting the Gang

"...I'd seen many unhealthy and healthy souls since i first found out about my power..."

"...but his..."

"Maka Albarn is my name!"


I glared at myself in the mirror.

"Hello," I then greeted, "My name is Maka Albarn"


Why couldn't I get it right?

"Hi there, I'm Maka. Maka Albarn" My eyes shut and I felt my fist slam down on my bathroom counter.

That was what I hated about moving and going to new schools. I had to meet new people, and I could never get my greetings right. My Papa took a new job as Secretary at a high school called Shibusen. And since it was so far away, we had to move. I hated my Papa by the way, so I don't live with him. Though, as protective as he is, he was fine with me living on my own as long as he was in walking distance and could easily come to my 'rescue' if I was ever in any danger. Ugh...that stupid, cheating pervert...

I was happy that I didn't inherit any of his traits. His hair was blood red and his eyes were a dark bluish green color. Me though...I had inherited my Mom's traits. The sandy blond hair and the large forest green eyes. I used to always wear my hair up in two pigtails on each side of my head. But since I've moved to this new, very large and fancy school, I decided to wear it down from that day forward.

My dark blue cat jumped up onto the counter and looked at me with curious yellow eyes. I couldn't help but smile at her. "See you later Blair" I then said as I grabbed a small hat of the towel rack. "I'm heading off to school now" I set the witch like hat on her small furry head and stepped out of the bathroom. Then after a quick glance around the apartment I nodded in approval to its cleanliness. My living room, dining room and kitchen were all just one big room. And my bedroom door was near the table on the left side of the apartment, next to the bathroom. Across the way and passed the couch there was the door to the extra room.

I frowned.

My Papa insisted that I get an apartment with only one room. But I told him that I could one day get so much stuff that I'd have to put it all in that extra room. Then I went ahead and gave him my infamous "Maka-CHOP!" That's when I take my favorite book- despite where ever I am - and slam it down hard on your cranium. Don't ever ask where the book comes from. I won't tell you.

Behind me, Blair meowed in a way of telling me goodbye before I made my way over to the coat rack. I took my sleeveless white and pink jacket that I loved so much off and then put it on. It was my favorite so if it ever got torn, I'd always fix it back up myself. I waved over my shoulder, saying goodbye to Blair, and then stepped out of the apartment with a smile plastered on my cream colored face. I could see the large school that rested in the middle of Death City and that only made the smile grow even more. "Shibusen!" I called with my fist in the air. "Here I come for Junior Year!"

I swore that I could feel my right eye twitching as I stood in the classroom doorway. For a beautiful and fancy rich kid school, the classroom was full of hyped and whacked up kids. In the middle there were two girls who seemed to be wearing the same outfit: A short beige coat with a red shirt underneath and blue jeans and shorts with black boots. The older looking one was wearing the pants while the other was wearing shorts. And what they were doing...well the older one was painting her nails while the other was frantically coloring all over a piece of paper on her desk. In fact they all had paper on their desk. They were supposed to be writing something on the board but I guessed that since the teacher wasn't in yet, that they all weren't following orders.

To the left of the two girls, there was a boy in a nice black and white suit. His hair was just as dark as the fabric but oddly...there were three thick white stripes on the left side of his head. 'Did...he dye his hair to be like that...' I thought as my eyes traveled across the room a little. Everyone else was just being really loud and throwing things around. Every once in awhile there was a paper thrown towards me, but I didn't really care. My eyes drifted back to the front of the classroom and I spotted a blue haired kid pointing at the class and yelling about something that involves "Black*Star" and "Surpassing God and all his knowledge" or something...

WAIT! Black*Star?

"BLACK*STAR!" I called over the roar of the class as I shut the door behind me. He immediately stopped all his yelling and looked my way as I approached from his left. As soon as he saw me, his eyes widened. That definitely meant he recognized me too. "Black*Star! It's been so long!" I then said as I stopped in front of him. He hadn't grown. He still had to look up slightly to look me in the eye.

"MAKA?" He gasped. "You're going to this school now?" I could tell he was very excited to see me. But all I could do was nod since I knew my voice wouldn't over power the classes. "Maka! That's Awesome!" Black*Star then said to me with a thumbs up. He then reached over and grabbed my right hand to pull me over to the nearest desk that was occupied by a black haired girl who I recognized as the only person actually paying attention to his performance and was smiling as she clapped her hands for him earlier.

I had known Black*Star since we were in elementary school. He was always loud and obnoxious. Always saying that he'd become wiser than all the gods. But that dream was soon crushed when he failed one of our sixth grade tests. He was depressed for days, saying that Gods never failed their tests. But to the looks of him now, I was sure he was over it and his dream was back online. Once middle school came around it was time for Black*Star and I to say goodbye. And he moved away with his caretaker Sid - since he was an orphan and all - to another School. I guessed he went to a school around Death City since he's now going to Shibusen.

"Hey Tsubaki" Black*Star said to get the girl's attention. She looked up at me and smiled almost in an instant. I could tell she was a very kind person. Her hair was very long and up in a pony tail. I swore that earlier I could see the end of it peeking out from underneath her chair when I had first looked over. Her eyes were also a deep grayish blue color, possibly indigo. She was very pretty and I could feel myself a little jealous towards her. "Tsubaki, this is Maka." Black*Star then said with a large smile. I guessed that I wasn't the only one that would be introducing myself. Then Black*Star looked at me before pointing to Tsubaki. "Maka, this is Tsubaki." He then said to me. "We met during Freshman Year."

I nodded and took the girls hand to shake it. 'The scentless flower huh?' I thought as our hands parted. Another smile spread across my face as she mentioned it being a pleasure to meet me. I could tell just by looking at her. That even 'that' flower had a scent.

"Black*Star used to speak of you back during Freshman Year." Tsubaki then told me as said blue haired boy took a seat next to her. She glanced at him quickly before looking at me again; a small smile on her face. "He soon stopped, so it took a moment for me to recognize your name." She laughed slightly and shut her eyes. "I'm sorry…"

"It's OK" I said with my hand up. Man...We had just met and she was all ready apologizing to me. Strange... "I'll just go find myself a seat then..." I walked around their double desk and my eyes soon caught the two girls in the middle desk. I then could tell what was really going on.

"PRETTY GIRAFFE!" The coloring one yelled as she randomly marked her paper. "Isn't it Nee-Chan?" She then asked as she slid the paper over for the older looking one to see. The other girl didn't even look but she nodded with a small smile as she examined her nails. That, there, told me that they were sisters...

'Odd pair...' I thought.

Then my forest green eyes went to my right. The boy with the stripped head was staring at his paper. Wondering why, I stopped in my tracks and stared as well. The words "Period O" were printed nearly perfect on it but nothing else. I was sure he was trying to say "Period One" but why was it incomplete, I wondered…and...why was he just staring at it?

"I-I am useless..." I heard him mumble in complete frustration as his hands rubbed the desktop. I only blinked as my head began to tilt to the side slightly. Was that guy...ok? My movement must have caught his attention since he had looked up at me. "Uh. Hello" He then said before springing to his feet. He all of a sudden seemed to be in a good mood. "I presume that you are the new student?" He held out his hand and, taking the invitation, I shook it.

"Yes" I answered after. "My name is Maka Albarn" I then said. His hand parted from mine and he nodded.

"Death the Kid" He then told me, "But you may call me Kid for short" I nodded again. He had a strange name but so did Black*Star so there really was no room for me to make fun of him. At least I could call him Kid. "The only seat available Maka-San, is the seat next to me." Kid then told me as he took a step aside to reveal the seat beside his. I looked over to my left. In the middle row, one seat back from Kid's desk there was an empty seat. I pointed to it. "Oh, that seat is actually taken." Kid then told me as he looked over. I looked at him and blinked. "He's usually late, but he does sit there." He sighed and then out of nowhere he gave me a strange puppy dog like face. "Please, you have to sit next to me. The desk is so off balance without anyone on the other side!" He clapped his hands together and got onto his knees. "Pwease, Pwease!"

I blinked again. "Um...OK"

"YES!" Kid cheered with his fists in the air. He moved aside and let me take a seat next to him near the window. Then the both of us sat down and I decided to watch him get back to his paper. "Now let's see..." He grabbed his pencil and with a gulp he began to continue on the word "one" but as soon as he got half of the "n" down he slapped his forehead and snatched up the eraser to take it off the paper. I felt my eyebrow rise.

"He has OCD"

Kid and I both looked up to see the girl who was fixing her nails from the middle desk. She had her right hand down on the desk to lean on it and was looking at me. "The poor guy would freak if anything wasn't symmetrical." She then said to me before looking at Kid. He gave her a sad look and she laughed before looking at me again. Then she reached over with her left hand. "Hey there. Hear your name's Maka. My name's Liz." She then told me as I reached over to shake it. "And that little one back there is my little sister Patty." Liz then said as she took the hand back to jerk her thumb over her shoulder. "Not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but she's very nice" Liz then gave me a thumbs up and a wink before going back to her seat. "Talk to you later new girl."

After a moment I looked at Kid and saw that he was concentrating on his paper again. Then I looked up and saw his hair. "So um...Kid" I muttered as I tapped his shoulder. He set his pencil down on the desk top and looked over with astonishing yellow eyes. "If you're all whacked up about Symmetry and such..." I began as my forest green eyes lied upon his hair again. "Then why are there three stripes on one side and none on the other?" I must have said something wrong since he immediately slammed his head on the table and began making whiny and upset sounds as his fist lightly hit the desktop.

"Your right! I'm just asymmetrical trash! Hopeless, filthy-"

"No no!" I gasped as I set a hand on his shoulder. I looked over to Liz who was watching the whole scene. Her sister, Patty was laughing up a storm next to her. Neither helped me though so I looked at him again. "'re not trash" I told him with a nervous smile. "I mean...if you were trash then you'd stink. And-" I paused myself to get a good whiff of his odor. It didn't stink at all. In fact he smelt like a rich kid. Of course. "-you definitely don't stink!" His crying and fist stopped and he looked up at me.

"Really?" He then asked me. I nodded and before I knew it, he was holding his pencil again trying to work on his paper. I sighed and looked out the window. I had a feeling that sitting next to him for the rest of the year was going to be a bother. But I was sure that I'd eventually get used to it.

The classroom door opened finally and a woman with golden blond hair stepped in. She wore a yellow and black outfit and on her left eye, she wore an eye patch. For a moment I wondered why but I soon got my answer after she tripped over her own foot. She was a clumsy one. Probably poked her eye out on her own accord. "H-Hello class!" The teacher exclaimed after standing up to wave. "I'm terribly sorry I'm late, but I got lost again..." She let out a sigh and Black*Star raised his hand. "Y-Yes Black*Star?"

"Marie-Sensei!" Black*Star yelped as soon as his name was sounded. Everyone in the class looked his way. "We have a new student today!" As soon as these words left his lips, his finger was pointed at me. Everyone in the classroom looked and I could feel myself blush in embarrassment. They were 'all' looking at me...

"Oh yes" Marie-Sensei said as she made her way over to her desk at the front of the classroom. "You must be Maka Albarn, no?" She then said before glancing my way. I gave her a simple nod instead of a vocalized answer and she smiled. "Well then Maka-Chan, welcome to my class" She then said. I smiled back. She seemed like a nice teacher, even if she had one eye and a clumsy way of life. "Alright then, let's begin our lesson," Marie-Sensei then said before picking up a pointing stick for the board. But before she could continue, the door opened and someone walked inside.

That was the first time I ever saw him: The lazy eyes and the crooked grin, the snow white hair that was partially evened out by a small black headband. He was the schools "cool guy"...

He was known by all the students as, Soul Eater.