Repairing a Broken Soul

Chapter 36: Epilogue: Hot Chocolate

"My Mom's Hot Chocolate is supposed to warm the soul…"

"And I can definitely see that it's working on yours!"

"Good Morning Mr. Evans~!" I called as I slowly opened the door to Soul's bedroom. Nearly embarrassed of my wardrobe that morning I slipped inside with a plate in hand. Using my free hand I snapped the lights on and made my way over to the bed where my boyfriend decided to pull the covers over his face. "I made breakfast for you~" My eye twitched but I kept my smile on since this 'was' my decision anyway. I bent over and brought my face near his and smiled a little more. "I hope you enjoy it~"

Soul pulled the covers away from his face only enough for me to see his eyes. Then his brow rose and he eyed my outfit carefully and slowly. "What…are you wearing?" He then asked me; showing the obvious fatigue in his voice. I smiled at him and used my free hand to brush some of his bangs away from his tired face.

"Just a maid's dress…" I told him as his eyes widened slightly. "Nothing too fancy." I then said before narrowing my eyes and smiling. "Remember that dare about the maid's dress…?" I stood up straight and set down his plate of food on the nightstand near his bed. "I decided to do it for the next three weeks, since its Christmas week and all…kinda like an anniversary to the dare..."

"You're actually going through with it?" Soul gasped as he sat up quickly. "But that was like a year ago!"

Quickly, I leaned over and kissed him on the lips, before turning to leave his room. "So what, I'm still doing it." I then shouted back before I shut the door behind me. I walked back into the kitchen and began cleaning up the mess I made when I was cooking. I wiped the counters off with a wet wash cloth and began doing the dishes. I had my breakfast before I made his so I wouldn't get the maid's dress all dirty later. So I didn't need to make anything else, I put any leftovers on a plate, set them in the fridge and went back to the dishes just as Soul's bedroom door creaked open.

"It's the weekend…" I heard him mumble; causing me to stop and look over my shoulder. He was rubbing his left eye as he lazily stared at me; a small scowl on his face. "Why did you wake me up so early?" He then asked me with a yawn. I glanced over to the clock and saw exactly how early I had woken him. "It's like six in the morning…on a Saturday. Not cool, Maka…"

I grinned and looked at him again as he tiredly blinked. "I wanted to do something with you today." I then told him; causing him to lift a brow. "Maybe go see a movie or something…"

"At six o'clock in the morning?" Soul asked me; causing me to smile and nod. But then I realized that the theater didn't open until after eleven. "I have an idea of what we can do together," I looked at him as he raised his right hand to point into his bedroom. "Let's go back to sleep…in the same bed. Come on." He turned at the heel and began walking into his room as I stood there and stared. "I don't bite! …much…"

Without a word I walked over to his room and opened it a little so I could look inside. "Soul! I want to go out on a date." I then wined; causing him to stop near his bed and look over his shoulder. "I want to go dancing! Or maybe go out to lunch." He stared at me as my smile widened. "Or we could go visit the library together. Or we could go to a museum! Or that little carnival in the next town over! What about a walk through the park?" He only blinked; causing me to stick out a lip in a pout. "We haven't gone on an actual "Date" since we got together Soul! I wanna go today!" He let out a sigh and nearly smacked himself in the forehead.



"Later though…like after twelve…"

"Sounds good to me~"

"It's freezing out here!"

"Oh Soul, get over it." I said with a roll of my eyes as Soul and I walked through the park. For the first time in a very long time, I had seen snow. Remember when Soul said that Death City's weather was random and had its "Mood Swings"? Well…now we have snow for the first time in Death City for twenty years! It was amazing…and the park looked beautiful with the fresh sheet of new snow on top of the tree covered hills. Every once in awhile, as Soul shivered like crazy, couples would walk by with cute little red noses, holding hands and walking so close to each other that they weren't even shaking at all…they were just 'that' warm…

My eyes narrowed slightly and I glanced over to my boyfriend as he breathed into his hands to keep them warm. We were at least two feet away from each other…and he seemed to be one of the coldest people on the planet! He was in a winter coat, pants and snow boots—just like me—and he was still freezing to death while I wasn't at all… I sighed and looked down to the basket I was holding. Even though we had been together for almost a whole year now…we still acted awkward around each other. We never walked and cuddled at the same time, we didn't sleep in the same bed, and he rarely held my hand…the only things that have happened really was that we kissed probably about three to four times a day, and sometimes we'd cuddle on the couch when watching T.V…or I guess when 'he's' watching T.V and I just read…

"Can we do what they're doing?"

Soul stopped trying to warming his hands and looked at me in curiosity as I used one hand to point at another couple who had just walked by. "Hold hands?" He then asked me; causing me to give him a nod in response. "Sure, I guess…" He reached over with his left hand and took my right one before rubbing his arm with his other hand from the cold weather. I giggled as his sharp teeth chattered and I came closer to him for warmth.

He seemed to flinch causing me to giggle again. "Silly Soul…" I then breathed as Soul looked at me again. Letting go of his hand, I snaked my arm around his back and set my head on his shoulder; shutting my eyes, while the other hand kept a hold on the basket. He seemed to get the gist of what I wanted and, with a small sigh, lifted his left arm to throw it over my shoulder. 'Now' we were walking like a couple…

"How about here…?" Soul asked after another five minutes of making our way down the park walkway. I opened my eyes and glanced over to where he was pointing and saw a tree that stood above untouched snow. Some people may not want to do it…but one of the things I had on my "do with my future boyfriend list" was to have a hot chocolate picnic under a tree in the snow. I thought it would be a nice way to cuddle too since it was cold outside and all…

"Looks perfect!" I told him aloud as I trotted over to the tree; learning that the snow wasn't even an inch thick. I set the basket down and opened it before pulling out a blanket that neither of us minded getting covered in snow, and then I spread it out in an imperfect and ruffled square…you could never spread a blanket out perfectly unless you were Kid… "Sit down and I'll start the hot coco!" I cheered happily with a big grin as he made his way over; hands deep in his pockets. As I knelt down he lazily made his way over to the blanket, sat and leaned on the tree to shut his eyes.


"Got 'em" I said to him before pulling out a small bag of the small fluffy treats. He smiled slightly as I set the bag down on the blanket and pulled out a portable water heater and its pot. "My Mom always had a special recipe for her hot coco…" I mumbled out as I poured some milk in the pot. He opened an eye to watch me as I then took out two mugs and a small bag of chocolate mix—courtesy of my wonderful Mother who sent the mixture herself—before setting them down near the bag of marshmallows. "She made it herself…She used to give it a little extra something when it was done..."

"And that was…?"

I looked up at him as I began the burner and winked with a smile. "Not telling 'till it's done." I then said to him; causing him to sigh and shut his eye again. I smiled a little more with a giggle and pored some of the chocolate mix into the heated milk within the pot. Then with a spoon from the basket, I stirred it gently; letting the coco blend within the milk's pale white color. The steam that rose from the pot was keeping me warm…but how was Soul doing, I wondered? I glanced up and saw him crossing his arms now; shivering slightly with a small scowl on his face as he kept his eyes shut. "It's almost done, Soul…I promise it will warm you up."

"I'm not cold…"

I laughed lightly and tossed a bit of snow at him. "Yeah you are! You're shaking!" I then said to him as he brushed the thick powder off of his leg. He huffed out an "uncool" and shut his eyes again to go back in his former position, so I sighed and turned down the heat. Then I grabbed the first mug with one hand and took the pot with the other. "I'll pour yours first…" I breathed as I poured the hot coco into the mug. I blew off a little of its steam and set it down on the blanket to open the marshmallow bag. Once that was opened, I sprinkled a few on top of the hot beverage and crawled over to my boyfriend; trying my best not to spill it. "Here you are…" He went to take it, but I pulled it away nearly last second. "Oh! I almost forgot the special touch!"

"Maka…you don't have to…" As Soul trialed off I held the mug up and kissed the very top layer of the steaming liquid. Then, right as I pulled away from it, I leaned over to him and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. When I pulled away and handed him the mug, I saw a small drop of hot chocolate drip off his lip; causing him to lick it off from instinct. "That was…a bit odd…" He then mumbled to himself as I made my way over to the burner to pour myself some. "But I guess I liked it…" He licked the rest of his lips and made a thoughtful face. "This…this is actually pretty good…"

"You think so?" I asked him as I crawled back over and sat next to him. He nodded as I leaned up against him and blew over the top of my drink. I smiled and went to take a drink of my coco; noticing that our blush wouldn't show since our faces were already red from the cold. He then set the mug in his right hand and put his left arm over my shoulder to hold me closer and almost immediately I felt even warmer than earlier…and I was sure Soul was much warmer than before as well since he had stopped shaking.

"Although…I think my Mother's hot coco was better…"

My eyes snapped open and I sat up quickly to glare at him while he took some kind of victory sip of his drink. "Soul!" I then gasped as he grinned from behind the china mug. "Ugh! You're unbelievable sometimes!" I growled as I set my mug down and stood up. I didn't feel like taking my book out in that cold weather, so I just glared at him one more time and turned to walk away.

"Oi, Maka! It was a joke!"

I narrowed my eyes as I kept walking away from him, and as he called out for me a little more, I sat down under a different tree; glaring at the snowy bush a few feet in front of me. Ok…it was just a simple little joke, I could see that…but he was still being mean and rude with that comment. I lazily looked at the snow near my hand and closed it over a clump of snow. I then used the other hand to help roll it up into a ball. "This'll show him…" I mumbled to myself as I stood up with a small grin. I looked around the tree and over to our blanket set up and got ready to toss the ball of snow, but he wasn't there. "Wha—"

"Lookin' for me?"

"AH!" I yelped; spinning around and tossing the snowball on instinct. It smacked Soul in the face and splattered all over the tree beside us and his coat. Though…the way he looked at me through his snow made mask made me giggle, and soon I was laughing. So Soul just rolled his eyes and used both hands to wipe the snow away from his face. He then shut his eyes and smiled with a shake of his head as he slowly knelt down and began to roll up a snowball of his own…too bad I hadn't noticed that part yet…

"Two can play at that game…"

"Wha—" I opened my eyes; only to come face to face with a ball of snow like he had. And just as soon as my eye sight was taken away, I heard Soul burst into laughter. "Soul…" I growled as I reached up and wiped the snow away from my face. He was gone though for some reason; causing me to lift a brow. Where the hell did he go this time? I stepped away from the tree after rolling up another ball for defense. But before I could make any other movement, something smashed against the back of my head, and spread the cold throughout my skull.

I slapped my free hand on the back of my head and glared in the direction in which the snowball came from. "Soul!" I snapped at a random bush of winter blossoms. My eye twitched as soon as another ball hit my back. "That's not fair Soul! I don't know where you are!" I then shouted as I spun around again. I spotted another bush and tossed my snowball at it. But all it did was fall back into the snow and blend back in. I then narrowed my eyes, and crossed my arms; listening for him carefully.

A bush shuffled and I turned to my left; jumping in as if a cat pouncing on its prey. "Whoa!" Soul gasped as I tackled him into the snow and rolled across a bit of land. "Geez…you didn't have to attack me like that…" He laughed lightly as we lied in the snow together. But I just glared at him and reached out to make another snowball… "Sorry Maka…about the joke." He then said; causing me to freeze and look at him. "I know it was rude…and I promise I'll never do it again…" I smiled and held up my pinky finger.

"You pinky promise?"

"Of course." Soul said back; hooking his pinky finger with mine and grinning at me. "Tell you the truth…" He then began as he sat up and helped me sit up as well. "It's probably the best hot coco I've ever had." I smiled at him even more and leaned over to embrace him tightly. Of course there were times when he was a rude jackass…but when you got around that, he was just a big sweetheart full of love and kindness; caring about me so much that he'd jump in front of a bullet for me—literally…

"You know…" I began as he stood and helped me up as well. I smiled at him and his cute red nose and tucked a bit of my hair behind my ear. "My Mom's Hot Chocolate is supposed to warm the soul…" I then told him before setting my hand over his chest. He lifted a brow with a small smile and I giggled with my other hand close to my lips. "And I can definitely see that it's working on yours!" A laughing lightly a little more and stood on my toes to give him a sweet peck on the lips.

"Oh really?"


Soul grinned a little more and rolled his eyes playfully before beginning to walk back over to our blanket. But then he stopped walking. "Oh yeah…" He then breathed before taking a few steps back and putting his right arm over my shoulder. "Shall we go back and finish what we started over there?" He then asked me; receiving my nod in return. He grinned and began leading me back over to our blanket so we could finish our hot chocolate. "That's cool though…I knew I felt a little warmer than normal."

"Nah, that parts just me."

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