Come December, Rogue was very excited to tell Gambit that she was pregnant. Gambit looked at her for a moment and simply replied:

"See? I told you I wasn't sterile."

After Rogue told him off for being a buzz kill, they celebrated accordingly. Of course Emil, Etienne, Theoren and even Henri weren't above making jokes about this being a miracle baby.

Mignonette and Sebastien did indeed enjoy a big, showy kiss at the Guild Christmas party. Bella Donna said not a word in response. She merely lifted her knife and threw it with her legendary precision between their heads. Mignonette laughed it off, but Sebastien was quite pale for the rest of the evening. Gambit approved.

Angelica and Sam broke up after almost three years. Angelica cited Sam's inability to commit and Sam accused her of being irrational. Sam was later seen in Tabitha's company.

Interestingly enough, Betsy and Warren really were the next ones to get married. This was much to his parents' disapproval once they found out who his new bride was. Worthington Senior was not at all happy about the idea of someone who tried to kill him becoming his daughter-in-law. Nevertheless, despite their predictable, negative response, Warren stood by his decision. He had no desire to hide Betsy from them as if he was ashamed of her or something.

The following July, Rogue had a baby boy with red-on-black eyes. She let Gambit get away with naming him "Remy Etienne LeBeau the Third".

Jimmy began to study counselling after graduating. He also began working with the new school counsellor, and also Rogue, Hank and Emma in helping new mutants learn how to control their powers.

After she hit eighteen, Aimee began travelling around the world, doing heists and building up her reputation as a Master Thief. From time to time, packages would show up at Xaviers, usually addressed to Gambit, but occasionally to Jimmy and Artie with souvenirs.

Storm and Kitty both had their second pregnancies at the same time, and gave birth within two weeks of each other to three baby boys. Yes, three; Storm had twins.

Squidboy decided the best way to respond to Evelyn and Trey dating was to pretend that nothing was going on. He was greatly relieved that he lived in the boys wing and thus it was rather easy to deny that anything romantic was happening between his mother and his history teacher. Storm wouldn't let him drop history.

The Cuckoos arrived from Muir Island and Emma finally met her genetic daughters. Anyone who may have been anticipating an emotional meeting was most disappointed.

Jones decided to study film and television at University, and hopes to promote mutant acceptance in his future projects.

Logan and X-23 started going on father/daughter trips. Many wondered where they went and what they did. No one was brave enough to ask.

A couple of weeks before Gambit's twentieth birthday, he became the father of a second son, whom he and Rogue named Olivier. Like his brother, Olivier had his father's eyes, but—they saw later when it started growing out—his mother's hair.

Paint became a fan of gothic romance novels and took to 'painting' her favourite scenes on canvas. She would spend hours getting every single detail just right, and all those who viewed the exquisite final product couldn't help but admire her attention to detail. One of Paint's favourites was a picture of the rusalka from Pyro's book, whose vibrant green eyes were modelled after Rogue's. Rogue never told her about Pyro's letter.

Jubilee, finding herself surrounded by so many toddlers, started feeling a bit clucky. Thus one day she confronted Bobby, informed him she wanted to be a mother before she hit thirty and then demanded to know what he was going to do about it.

Jubilee's first pregnancy coincided with Rogue's third (you've made your point Gambit). Rogue was not at all impressed when she found out she was pregnant again only four days before her twenty-first birthday, therefore having to put off her long-planned bar hopping with Logan yet again.

During the last three years since Rogue and Gambit married, Rogue developed the ability to use the other powers she had imprinted on cue, not just Gambit's. On his twenty-first birthday, Rogue presented Gambit with an adamantium staff, using the adamantium they had collected from Stryfe (which had been sitting in storage this whole time) and Magneto's powers. Gambit was delighted. Henri was just impressed Gambit had managed to keep his steel staff intact for eight whole years.


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