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This is Rated M for lemons and language and probably other things like violence.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Chapter 1

A Night to Remember



"Rose, no, please" I whined at my best friend.

"I can't do it. I am not a people person."

"Bella, you are my best friend. I cannot turn up at this interview with a black eye, I will lose my job and you are the only person I can ask. You talk to people all the time. This is no different."

"Rose. Don't pull the best friend card. Or the black eye card. I wouldn't have a clue what to ask some Disney made pretty boy, you will lose your job anyway if I go in your place."

"Silly girl, the questions are already written, and he has agreed to a 30 minute spot and believe me, it is very hard to get an interview with this guy. He is very busy, he has had hundreds of offers since he made this movie and he just wants to get his obligatory last few interviews over with, he will be no more keen to sit around and chat than you will be. Just ask the questions, write down his answers or record them, and get back here so I can "Rose-ify" the interview and submit it to my editor. Please Bella. Best friend forever."

"Okay but you owe me and owe me big. What's the name of the movie he is in and what's his name? And the deals off if the answer to question 2 is Zac Effron."

"Bella, you know who Zac Effron is? I am so excited. I thought you hadn't watched a movie since they colorized Gone With The Wind."

"Yes, Rose, keep pushing me, way to get me to help you out. I know who Zac Effron is because he is on every beach towel and lunchbox in every department store. Nobody who has the gift of sight hasn't seen Zac Effron. Is this your way of telling me I have to interview Zac Effron?"

"No, relax, this guy is no Disney invention. In fact, before he starred in "Bite Me" he was in a string of little seen movies and two of the Harry Wizard movies and that's it, so he is not all full of himself and Godlike."

"Okay, what's his name? I expect I should act like I have heard of him."

"Ed Cullen."

"Ed Cullen. What is he, like 60? Ed? Seriously?"

"He is about 26 I think."

"Fine. So where and when?" I gave up completely. Maybe I should have hoped it was Zac Effron, then I could have got his autograph and sold it on an online auction.

"This afternoon, 2.30 , at Studio B ."

"Okay, but believe me, Rose, you owe me. And guess what, you get to pay now."

"What do you mean?"

"My fee for doing this interview with Mr Ed is, you ring Royce and kick his ass to the curb, now, while I listen."

"Bella, I told you, this was an accident. It was my fault. He was just trying to punch the wall after I got him mad and I fell in front of his fist."

"Yes, Rose, and I married Johnny Depp when I turned up at the church and his real fiancée was late. He never noticed. I just wish he would stop calling me Vanessa. That's the deal, Royce gets his marching orders and I do your job. The job you love. The job you need and want to keep. Your choice."

Rose huffed at me and pulled out her cell phone.

"Hi Royce. Look , I am sorry to do this but things just aren't working out for me, I think we need to take a break."

I smirked at her and sat back, prepared to be entertained.

"Of course not, Royce, I know that was an accident, I know you are sorry, like last time.."

The terrified look Rose gave me revealed something I had not known, this was not the first "accident" Rose had experienced with Royce.

I glared at her as she finished her call and the second she hung up I screeched at her.

"Rose, what the hell? What other accidental injury has Royce done to you?".

I honestly couldn't think of any bruises or cuts I had seen on Rose. Her eye looked shocking, it was almost closed, swollen and red, surrounded by purple. This must be the only thing he has ever done to her, surely.

She did break her leg last year but there's no way she was stupid enough to stay with Royce all this time if he broke it for her. Rose is tall and gorgeous and could get any guy she wanted. No way she was with a loser who hurt her before. No way.

"Royce accidentally hit me with his car when I was slow opening the garage door last year and my leg kinda broke." She screwed her face up, leaning back, like she expected me to hit her or yell really loudly in her face.

Both were possibilities after hearing that piece of news.

"If you hadn't just dumped his ass, I would go kick it until into next week. Honestly, Rose, I do not understand you. You give me so much grief for not dating, not having a boyfriend, and you lived with an abuser for over a year? Why is no guy at all worse than that?"

"Bella, not everyone is as strong and self confident as you are. Some of us need a man to validate us."

"Validate as in break our bones and blacken our eyes? Boy, am I missing out or what?"

I left before I was tempted to say more and possibly lose Rose over my snarky mouth just when she would need me more than ever. No way was I letting her within spitting distance of Royce ever again, not on my watch. Unless she did want to actually spit on him. That would be cool.

My phone rudely interrupted my musing about what we could have in our mouths to spit on Royce, was it possible to hold a mouthful of acid without it burning your mouth out? I would love to see Royce with some acid holes in his cheeks.

I unlocked my car door.

"Hello, Bella Swan."

"Hi Bella, just reminding you about Kismet."

Kismet? Fate? Destiny? What the hell was Alice talking about?

"Um, Alice, not into all your karmic hippie shit today, I have to do something for Rose and I just have time to get home and change and get to Studio B..."

"Bella,' she squawked, "You promised. You said you would collect my baby girl from the vet this afternoon for me at 2 pm and bring her home. I am at the airport, I won't get home in time. The vet closes at 2.15pm Thursdays , you just have to collect her and take her to my apartment and use your key. She will be fine inside until I get home. Just give her water.."

Shit. Alice's bloody big hairy dog Kismet. I had indeed been bullied into picking it up for her. I think I agreed one night last week after imbibing a little too much Jack.

"Fine, fine, I know, I will manage somehow. See you later, I have to run."

Great, so now I don't have time to get home and shower and change. I get to collect Alice's walking floor rug and go interview whats his face in my probably stinky sweats and Doc Martens. I was planning on my one and only business suit so I could possibly pass as a real reporter.

I looked in my car, yes,great, I had those stupid clothes Alice bought me six weeks ago that I had never quite got around to dragging inside to throw on the floor of my closet to never wear. I opened the bag. Okay, not so great. Hippie skirt in shades of purple and pink, tiered and tie dyed from pale rose pink to deep purple almost black by the hemline. White cheesecloth embroidered peasant top...pretty purple ballet flats though. I liked them.

I turned back into Rose's apartment and took a quick shower and dressed up as a gypsy fortune teller, all I needed was dangly gold earrings and my palm crossed with silver. I rushed back to my car, my long brown hair hanging damply around my shoulders. I pulled out a couple of chopsticks and threw my hair into a hasty bun and stuck them through it. A few curly tendrils framed my face.

I got to the vet at 2pm on the dot, signed for the hairy beast and fled back to my car. I would just make it in time if the traffic was good.

I got there at 2.20pm. Breathing a sigh of relief, I left the car and locked it. Then a large hairy dog who appeared to have no eyes managed to look pitifully at me.

"God, what the heck am I supposed to do with you? I can't leave you in the car or some bleeding heart will smash my windows and call the cops."

But I couldn't take her in with me. Could I?

What choice did I have, really?

I strode in the door looking like I owned the place, a tip Rose had given me years ago, look important and people will assume you are. I flashed Rose's id at the security guard and rushed into the elevator.

Yes, that worked because I , 5 foot 4 inch plain little Bella Swan look just like 5 foot 11 inch tall, willowy, swimsuit special edition model, blond haired Rosalie Hale. Must be the perfect make up. Nah, can't be, I don't wear make-up.

The elevator opened and I rushed into the room in front of me. A woman raised an eyebrow at me.

"Rosalie Hale, Dreamgirl magazine. Interview with.."

Shit. What was his name?

"Guy out of Harry Wizard?' I tried, hopefully.

Mrs Cope , as her badge identified her left breast being named, scowled at me and handed me my security badge with Rosalie Hale printed in large letters.

I pinned it onto my blouse.

"Well, its nice to know I won't have to come in with a bucket of ice water to cool you down when you start salivating after Ed Cullen."

"Done that a few times already?" I guessed.

"I wish I could. God knows, women won't leave the poor lad alone. Its like Cougar central here today. Here's me thinking the 13 year old screaming girls would be the problem. These female reporters have gone in looking like normal human beings and come out looking like we are dragging them away from their center of gravity, kicking and screaming.

"Um, Mrs Cope, can I possibly leave this beast of a dog here with you?"

"Nope, you cannot. But there's a small room down the hall where we leave our packages and grab a coffee and such, you could leave him there. First door on the right round that corner. I will come get you when its your turn. I think our star is taking a break. He has had back to back interviews all day, poor dear"

"Thanks so much, she won't be any trouble. She is house trained and born and raised in an apartment, she is well behaved indoors."

I walked around the corner and down the hall, and found the door she mentioned.

Opening it up, I was surprised to find three rather gorgeous looking males sitting inside.

I smiled and hauled Kismet in behind me.

"Hi guys, I just need to leave this dog here while I go do an interview, is that cool with you?"

The biggest guy laughed. He was seriously tall and his body was very 'young Arnold Schwarzenegger'. His hair was black and curly and he had the most adorable dimples when he smiled.

"Well, we don't bite" he joked.

"Wardo might" laughed the second guy. Tall, slim, blond, untidy wavy hair hung down the side of his face. He was grinning broadly at the third guy, who was punching his arm. He looked familiar, somehow. And I was thinking of Alice. Was he a friend of hers? I couldn't quite place him. Or had I seen him on tv? Hardly likely seeing I don't own a tv myself and only see bits of shows at Alice's or Rose's

"Come on , Jazz, better let Wardo get back to work."

"Okay, Emmett. See ya, Wardo."

They both rose and walked out the door, shutting it behind them.

I sat Kismet down in the corner and gave her a quick pep talk about being on her best behavior.

"Kismet, I need to do this for your Auntie , I have to go chat with some jumped up little actor type about how clever he is and how his appearing in some inane movie has changed the world and solved global warming, so you just sit here and wait for me and remember, it could be worse, you could have had to come in with me. Well, no doubt he would bore you to sleep anyway, so maybe I should send you in and I can wait here and grab a coffee."

I almost forgot the third guy was still here. He was tall and moderately muscled, he needed a shave, looks like he needed a shave a week ago, and his hair looked messy and out of control. Probably a cleaner or something.

He was sitting back grinning at me with a bottle of water in his hand.

"You work here?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah, today I guess I do."

"Oh, are you here for an interview, too?" I asked. Silly me, he was probably a reporter from Rolling Stone or some other youth based magazine.

I looked at his flannel shirt over a plain black Tshirt and his designer ripped jeans. He really was quite stunning under the whole grunge thing. His eyes were the most amazing shade of emerald . Well, maybe this is why Rose loves being a reporter so much.

"Ah, yes, here for an interview" he confirmed.

"You are English?" I hazarded a guess.

"Yeah" he nodded his head.

I sat down and pulled out Rose's questions.

"Oh no, are you here for the ex Harry Wizard actor guy too?"

"You mean Ed Cullen?"

"Mmm, thanks, I forgot his name. God, these questions are so ridiculous. This poor bastard must be so sick of answering the same bloody questions over and over. "Are you surprised how well Bite Me has done?" "Did you expect the world wide adulation this role has led to?

God, I would love him to answer something like ' No, I only took the role to get into the leading lady's pants.' That would make for interesting reading."

He laughed out loud at me and I looked up.

"Are you next?I hope you don't ask all the same questions as I have to? Do you have notes?"

"Nope, I keep it all in my head" he replied.

"So, this guy was in Harry Wizard?" I asked.

"Yes, did you see it?"

"Well, I guess if he asks me that, I will answer ' of course, it was a brilliant piece of acting and your being cast for the role was pure genius, nobody else could have pulled that off.' But actually, I took my friends kids and fell asleep. Talk about a yawn fest. I have taken them to every Harry Wizard movie and never stayed awake past the first half hour." I confessed.

"Wow, he must be a heck of an actor" he laughed.

"Yeah, well, at least its not Zac Effron, right?That would be too painful to sit through. Bad enough his cheesy smile appears on every item in every department store. Must be so weird, seeing your ugly mug on books and posters and pencil cases and T shirts. I would be like 'oh no, that's a crappy photo of me, why didn't they use the other one? I hate my hair in that one".

"And what about some of the larger fans who squeeze into a small sized Tshirt? The poor actors face gets all pulled out of shape, he must feel like just banning anyone from buying a T shirt that's not the correct size."

He just continued to laugh quietly at my tirade.

His phone beeped and he answered.

"Yes.....okay....fine....no problem....thanks. Yep, let me know. Cheers."

He turned to me and smiled.

"Rosalie?". He was looking at my security pass card.

"Um, Rose will do" I answered, embarrassed. I could hardly confess to my pretending to be a reporter to him.

"Okay, Rose, don't panic but we are about to be locked in."

"What? Why?"

"Security has been breached. Back door was forced open. All lockable doors are about to engage."

He no sooner spoke when a loud click sounded.

Great. Locked down with a gorgeous, scruffy reporter.

I would love to give him something to report.

I mentally slapped myself.

Behave, woman.

"Shall I boil the kettle? I guess we may be here for a while."

I filled the kettle from the tap over the small sink and plugged it in.

Mugs and spoons sat on the bench, sugar and teabags sat beside them. The coffee maker was set up ready to go so I switched it on.

"Coffee? Tea?"

I made the drinks and handed him his cup.

"So, Wardo, is it? Do you live around here?"

"Not really, I am a bit of a gypsy at the moment," he smirked and raised an eyebrow, grinning at my clothes.

"Ha ha. I do not usually dress like this, this is my crazy friend Alice's idea of a new look for me. Well, it was a couple of months ago. I think the last lot of clothes she bought me were all black and gloomy and emo. I haven't actually opened the bags. She thinks I have yet to discover 'My Look', so she goes from one style to another. So far this year I have been the girl next door, Marilyn Monroe, lycra ala the 70's and the genie from that show. All harem pants and crop tops and veil thingeys. Some days I am not game to leave the house in case the men in white coats come and drag me away."

"You have some interesting friends."

"So do you. One of those guys you were with today, the blond...."

"Jasper?" he supplied.

It clicked.

"Jasper Whitlock! I knew I had seen him somewhere before. My friend is his number one fan. We have been to many of his concerts. I love 100 Monkeys."

He laughed at some hidden joke.

"He looks different off the stage. And his hair is different, its always straight and black when he sings with the band." I defended my inability to immediately recognize him, his new hair had fooled me. Funny how hair can change a persons whole look.

"Why did he do that? I loved his old emo look."

"Jasper is adventurous, always trying new things. I think he just wanted to try to update his image. I preferred it black and straight myself."

"Ah, so you have a claim to fame."

He froze and looked into my eyes.

"I do?"

"A friend of Jasper Whitlock" I explained."If you can't be famous yourself, be friends of the famous."

"I have been Jasper's friend since we started elementary school. He wasn't famous back then, and he would be flattered you think he is famous now. He is hardly known out of the Seattle area. So, you are from Seattle?"

"Yes, near there. Grew up going to concerts in Seattle so have seen plenty of garage bands in my time."

"In your time? How old are you?"

"25" I huffed.

"Would you like me to arrange an interview with Jasper?" he offered.

I thought of how Alice would react.

"Could you? Would you? That would be amazing. Thanks."

"You seem very excited about that, should I get him to send you flowers?"

I laughed.

"Nah, he isn't really my type but my friend adores him. He could send her flowers" I laughed.

"How about you? Who would you like to get flowers from?"

"Well, now if you can arrange for Gerard Way to send me flowers, that would give me a thrill" I answered, smiling cheekily.

"Gerard Way? You are a My Chemical Romance fan?"

"The Black Parade...best album ever. I play it all the time, especially when I am in a bad mood or have to do housework...which puts me in a bad mood. I have scrubbed out my oven many times to Gee singing about death and despair."

He laughed.

"I am not sure LynZ would be too happy with Gee sending flowers to random beautiful women."

I blushed, and looked down.

He was joking, right.

"I am a Mindless Self Indulgence fan as well, she can send me flowers too" I joked.

"Yes, she is a gorgeous girl, very flexible. She can send me flowers." he joked back.

He picked up my list of questions I had to ask the famous Ed Cullen and started reading them as he spoke. He pulled out a pen and started doodling on the paper. I thought I should probably grab the papers back but didn't want to seem rude. And Rose had given me two copies.

We talked about bands we liked, we both were fans of Kings of Leon, Van Morrison, we both agreed country music sucked.

Next came favorite films then books. He was quite widely read. I was impressed.

Suddenly he looked at me with a piercing gaze.

"So, when I tell Gee to send you flowers, what type should he buy?"

"Nothing pretentious. Just because he is loaded doesn't mean he should waste a lot of money on me" I mock warned.

"I like simple bunches of wildflowers or maybe pink rosebuds for a special occasion."

"I imagine you get plenty of flowers sent to you already. Does Gee really need to bother? What would your boyfriend say?"

I wondered if he was fishing for information.

"My boyfriend..hmm. I haven't seen him in a while. My last boyfriend broke up with me when his mother grounded him for staying out after dark."

"What? Over protective mother?"

"Well, he was about 12 at the time" I admitted.

"Twelve. And you were..."

"Oh mind out of the gutter, I was eleven."

"So, you don't date? Is it a religious thing?' he queried.

"No, more a self preservation thing. I generally don't trust men."

"That is a shame. We are not all cut from the same cloth, you know."

Suddenly the lights went out and I felt the tension flowing out in waves from my body.

"What is happening?"

"Power must be out. Hang on."

He rang someone then hung up.

"Okay. The power is out which means you are stuck with me here for the night, maybe. They are doing all they can to find out what is happening but it seems the whole state is having a power blackout." he explained.

"Wwwardo" I stuttered. "I don't do dark well. I have to be able to see some source of light. Is there even a window in this room?"

"Nope, Rose, no window. Don't worry, I won't leave your side. We will be out by morning at worst."

I really regretted the whole impersonating Rose thing. I wished I could tell him to call me Bella but he might think I was one of those weird chicks stalking Ed Cullen. He might think I had something to do with this whole situation.

He pulled me to his side and put his arms around my shaking body. God, I am such a coward. I just cannot stand pitch blackness. I could see nothing.

We moved back until we hit the wall then slid to the floor.

"Where's the couch? To the right?"he asked.

We crept together along the floor until I hit the side of the couch then we stood up and moved to sit on it.

Wardo kept talking to me softly, rubbing my arm, trying to calm my nerves.

Eventually his voice settled me down and I leaned in closer and let my body relax against his.

He held me close and started to hum in my ear.

"What song is that? I don't recognize it" I said.

"Just something I am composing" he replied.

I guess if he works for Rolling Stone or whatever, he would be quite into music. I sat there listening to his soft humming and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke sometime later, who knows how much time had passed. It was still pitch black. We had fallen into a lying down position, him behind me, spooning. His arms were around my body and I felt something hard against my backside.

Oh dear, I knew what that was.

Wardo started sighing in his sleep and gently rocking his body into mine, his erection hitting my backside.

Great. I was feeling the dampness soak through my panties, and I started to feel immensely turned on. I smelt his scent, it was masculine and musky and spicey. Not helping.

His face was close to mine and I could feel his breath on my neck. His nose started to nuzzle my neck and my resolve to behave was started to slip away.

Maybe this was the ideal situation to remove the burden of my virginity? I had never felt right with any boy before and being in my mid twenties and still a virgin was just embarrassing. Not to mention, I was really curious to find out what all the fuss was about. I had watched plenty of movies and knew the mechanics and it did look like fun, but the right opportunity had just never arisen.

I squirmed around until I was facing him. He seemed to be asleep but he was still rocking into me and kissing my neck.



"Are you awake?"


What did that mean?

I touched my hand to his face. His eyes were shut and his mouth slightly open. By the feel of his breathing, he was still asleep.

I reached a hand down and touched his manhood.

That made him moan and turned me on even more.

I lined my center up so when he rocked into me, his erection hit right where I wanted it to.

God, the friction. So, this is dry humping. It turned me on as never before. My few experiences of fumbling hands in high school were nothing compared to this.

I started to feel guilty. Was this sexual abuse? He was asleep, I was attempting to get off on him.

I touched his face again.


He muttered and kept rocking. I sucked on his earlobe and he woke up with a loud moan.

"Rose" he said, deep and husky.

"Wardo, I need a favor. I need you to cash my v card for me. I think you are a really attractive man and I so need to get rid of this. Are you up for it?"

Hmm, poor choice of words. He was up , that was for sure.

"Are you sure about this, Rose? We hardly know each other."

"That's what makes it ideal. Every time I have tried to begin a relationship, I am so sick and tired of the man's company before we get to the bed stage, that I feel like I will die an 80 year old virgin with a dozen cats."

"Or one large hairy dog?" he joked.

"Will you do this? Please?"

"Rose, I am really attracted to you. I won't deny that. But I don't want to take advantage of this situation. Is this really what you want?"

"Oh yeah, and soon."

He put his lips on my mouth and kissed me passionately. God, now my panties are soaked. I was glad the lights were out or he would see how embarrassed I was.

I felt his hands reach down my sides and start rubbing up and down. I twisted my hands up and pulled my peasant blouse off and he undid my bra. I threw them somewhere in the dark and relished the feel of his hands massaging my breasts. He kissed my mouth again, and I felt one of his hands move down south. I wriggled out of my skirt with his help and lay there just in my ever more damp panties. He started to rub my slit over my panties and that was it. I pulled them off and tossed them over the back of the couch.

He sat up and I felt him removing his own clothes.

I felt his nakedness when he lay back down, his erection seeking me out again. I felt quite bold in the dark. Why had this never occurred to me before? All I needed was an attractive man and a dark room.

His fingers were sliding in my wetness up and down my slit and his mouth moved to suckle on one nipple. Oh God, I almost came there and then. He laughed quietly at my reaction.

"Just relax, let yourself go, Rose. You are so beautiful, I can't believe no man has been in here before."

His fingers entered me to demonstrate where he was talking about. He rubbed my clit and started pumping two fingers in and out, gently, then as I became more and more excited, he curled his fingers forward and that was it. I screamed into the dark and he moved his mouth over mine, kissing me in a way no man had ever kissed me before. He kept softly stroking me as I came back down and rode out the last pulses of my orgasm. I sighed contentedly.

"Do you want to keep going?" he asked me in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"Yes, more" I eloquently replied.

I felt him slide lower down my body and I frowned. What was he doing?

I felt him nudge my legs apart and his head push between them. Oh God. Oral. Rose's favorite fun time activity. She swore it was better than sex itself. I had never had any man do this to me before but no way was I stopping him. I opened my legs wider and dropped my knees outwards.

"Rose," he murmured "Has anyone done this to you before?"

"Uhuh, nope" I whispered.

"Hmm, you seem quite keen" he laughed softly.

"Oh yeah, I have had many stories related to me by my two best friends. This is something I definitely want to experience."

"No pressure then."

I felt his tongue touch on my clit and nearly shot through the ceiling. I was still rather sensitive. He sucked my clit into his mouth and the warmth wetness made me shiver with anticipation, He moved from my clit down to my core and started pushing his tongue in and out. Wow. Words failed me but the sensations were spectacular.

I writhed beneath his body and he sucked in my clit again , keeping up the rhythm. Clit, back to my core, clit again. I felt the tightening warmth and fell apart as he licked my clit firmly, faster than before. God, I hope nobody can hear me. I hope everyone else trapped in the building is deaf.

His mouth was suddenly on mine again, kissing me hard and then he whispered in my ear.

"I am just going to push in fast and hard, it will hurt no matter what I do, so just relax and keep enjoying it as long as you can, then I will slip in."

He kept massaging my throbbing center, not allowing my second orgasm to stop, and I relaxed again, murmuring and moaning at the feeling.

Not being able to see was an advantage and I was still enjoying the warm, smooth sensations when he pushed in, all the way. I felt a slight tearing as he hit my barrier but it didn't hurt. He rocked into me more fully and I felt my hips push up against him. His fingers were on my clit, rubbing around in a circle and I started to tense and tighten again. He started to move faster and harder and I sighed loudly as my body responded to his.

"God, Wardo, I can't believe I have been missing this all this time. Now I get it."

"So warm, so tight, so wet. I love your body. You are perfect, Rose."

I ignored the "Rose" bit and concentrated again. God, he was a master. A sex God. I had chosen well. Wait till I tell Alice and Rose I had come twice....

I screamed into his mouth as my body orgasmed again.

Okay, three times.

"Can I come yet? Or do you need more? ' he asked quietly.

"God, just come, I don't ever want to stop so there won't be a good time to end this.'

He rocked faster and more firmly and I felt him slightly stiffen against me and he released inside me. It felt amazing.

"Thank you, Wardo. That was freaking awesome."

"My pleasure, Beautiful. Any time. I do mean that."

He moved out of me and lay beside me again, pulling me close to his chest, and keeping me wrapped in his arms. I felt him kiss the top of my head and heard him sigh in satisfaction.

My breathing slowed and I felt myself drift off into sleep.

Some time later, I felt him move and turn me back to face him again.

"I think it must be morning. It seems lighter."

I looked around and squinted my eyes. Maybe it was a tad lighter.

"How are you? Did I hurt you?"

"No, opposite of hurt, Wardo. That was the best experience of my entire life. Thank you so much."

"Do you want to go for round two or are we done?"

His fingers were already exploring my throbbing center and I opened my legs wider, inviting him in.

He moved above me, then changed his mind and rolled me onto my stomach.

"I just want to try one thing."

I felt him nudge my legs open and he entered me again from the back. My center stretched at the sensation and he lowered his body closer to my back, and clutched me tightly.

He kissed my back, in long, sweet, passionate kisses and my heart swelled.

This is about sex, Bella. Not love. Keep things in perspective.

He raised and lowered his body and I felt him enter and leave my body, over and over. He raised me up a little and suddenly he was hitting a spot deep inside that was reacting wildly and I started to moan out loud.

"God, Wardo, what are you doing to me?" I gasped.

He increased his pace and I felt my orgasm hit like a tidal wave, much stronger than last night. I tried to find something to grab onto as he kept pounding into me, not allowing the sensations to stop. He shuddered and came inside me and his body fell on top of mine.

I moved myself , rocking my hips as he rode the last sensations out.

He rolled off me and turned me to face him again, cupping my face and kissing my lips.

"God, that was beyond words."

"Oh I don't know about that" I replied."I can think of plenty of words. Sensational. . Life changing. ."

He laughed and conceded I was right.

We lay there together, falling back into our comfortable chat we had begun the day before. There was no awkwardness or regret on either side, it just seemed right and natural.

Gradually the room became lighter and lighter and Wardo stood up, gathering our clothes. He used his T shirt to clean me up and pulled his flannel shirt on, and his boxers and jeans.

He then started to dress me, kissing my nipples gently, before doing up the clasp of my bra and moving my breasts back into a comfortable position inside it. I looked into his green eyes and thought I saw something reflected back to my heart. Maybe all guys look like this after a night of sex but I could pretend. He eased my panties then skirt onto me and then I raised my arms and he slid my peasant blouse onto me, kissing my shoulders and neck as he dressed me. He sat down again and pulled me onto his lap.

"That was the best night of my life and I mean it, truly" he whispered, kissing me everywhere he could reach.

"Rose, I want to see you again. No, I need to see you again."

Sounds started to reach us and the lights flickered on. We jumped apart, guiltily.

Suddenly the door clicked open and a security guard entered the room, followed by several other men and a woman with an open diary, who was telling Wardo he had to hurry. He turned to me and mouthed what I thought were the words "I love you" and then he was gone.

Strange. Why had all those people come for him? He must be on a deadline. And a way more high profile reporter than Rose. He had 'people'.

Mrs Cope came in.

"I apologize for your being trapped here all night. I hope you are okay?" she raised an eyebrow at me.

"Very okay, Thanks Mrs Cope. I guess these things happen."

Thank God.

"Sorry, sweetie, about your interview, we shall have to reschedule. Slight emergency , sorry about the inconvenience. I will give you a card and next time Edward Cullen is in town, I shall arrange an interview for your magazine." She handed me a press pack.

I picked up the list of questions and put them away in my bag, woke up Kismet from her deep sleep and left the building. Darn, I didn't even get his last name. If his first name was even 'Wardo', it seemed more of a nickname.

Maybe next time Alice dragged me off to see 100 Monkeys we would sneak backstage and I could ask Jasper.

Yes, because I spend a lot of time with famous people.

Well, I had spent an entire night with a friend of an almost famous singer, that's probably as close as I will ever get.

I sighed.

I had better think of a good way to explain to Rose why I hadn't had a single question answered for her magazine.

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