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A Rose By Any Other Name


Forever Mine


I had pumped extra milk after every feed and stored the bottles of precious liquid in Alice's fridge. Tonight Edward and I would be back on track. Back in each others arms as tightly as we were in each others hearts. I still had moments when I expected something to go wrong, expecting to wake up and be told I had been in a coma again and dreamed it all. Edward had spent every night in my bed but we had waited even after the doctor gave me the all clear 10 days ago.

I needed this night to chase away my fears and reassure me of our bond.

We were eating in the small restaurant attached to the main lobby of the actual hotel. So we walked up together at twilight, hand in hand. I had fed Hope her final feed before bed and settled her in the crib at Alice's hut.

Tonight was our night.

Edward and Bella.

Wardo and his rose.

We ate our food, barely noticing what it was then walked back to our hut.

Edward held me close and kissed my forehead.

"I love you, Bella Rosa" he said.

I looked at him,mystified.

He undid the zip on my dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. I had a surprise for him. I had snuck out to a tattoo parlor back when Hope was newly born, and had a tattoo done on the back of my right shoulder. I had managed to keep it hidden and now was the big reveal. He unhooked my bra and I turned my back to him.

"Bella" he whispered, tracing the heart with "Edward and Bella Together Forever" written inside.

He leaned into me and kissed it.

"I love it."

He took off his black button shirt and revealed his chest to me. Two words now accompanied the small perfect pink rosebud tattoo on his chest.

Bella Rosa.

I touched it reverently.

"It means beautiful rose and that's what you are. My beautiful rose" he sighed into my ear, setting my entire body a quiver.

He had chosen those two words as Hope's middle names.

Hope was the physical proof of our love.

His lips were on mine and I opened them eagerly to allow him access. My hands were grasping at his zip and I had his dress pants falling down his legs before the kiss ended. His boxers soon followed and he stood before me, naked and proud.

I still was shocked at his beauty.

I knew it was only skin deep but his soul was just as beautiful.

He slowly slid my lace thong down and kicked it away then led me to where the jacuzzi waited for us. I climbed in and he sat me between his legs and pulled me close to his chest.

"Does this remind you of anything?"

I remembered every minute we had ever spent together.

"Yes, I seem to have been in this position before" I answered with a grin.

"Not quite" he said, raising me up then lowering me onto his erection.

I gasped quietly as he filled me completely.

"Yes, thats better. This is the position I remember" he said into my ear.

He started to raise me up and plunge me down along his iron hard shaft and I sighed and moaned in pleasure. Finally, I was home again.

"Home" he murmured.

"Home" I confirmed. We both felt the same.

Apart we were lost souls, together we were perfect.

Soul mates.

Nothing could part us, we were meant for each other.

My walls started to tighten. It had been a long time, I would not be lasting long tonight.

Edward caught my nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. It was extra sensitive and it sent a charge of tingling down to my core that was more than ready to explode.

"Edward" I shrieked, biting into his shoulder so I didn't make too much noise.

He moved me more quickly, sustaining my orgasm, until I felt limp and boneless, with only his shaft holding me upright.

"Bella, I love you, my Bella" he cried as he shot his seed inside me.

I was safely on the Pill, there would be no more surprise conceptions for us. I wanted our lives to go to plan from here on.

We washed each others bodies, inch by inch, kissing and rubbing and he stood and pulled me from the tub. We fell across the bed, on the two white towels laying there.

He started to dry my breasts and stomach then legs. Right down to my feet, then he nudged my legs apart and I rejoiced and lay back.

His wet eager mouth covered my clit which was still swollen and ready for more. His tongue pushed firmly along, licking me into a state of bliss. He entered two fingers inside me and started gently pumping them in and out. I didn't think I could stand more but this was sinfully awesome. He sucked my clit into his mouth and rolled his tongue around me. I felt myself explode again and he grinned with his eyes, watching me writhe in pleasure.

He crept back up my body and rubbed my breasts, kissing my neck, my ear, my shoulder, and making my body quiver. He wanted more.

I wanted more.

He rolled me onto my stomach and pulled me to my hands and knees, then moved up close behind me and entered me again. This position was so tight. I shivered in delight. He started gently and whispered in my ear that he wasn't sure how hard he could pound into me, so soon after the birth.

"Don't forget, she came out of an incision in my belly" I reminded him. "There is nothing tender about the area you currently occupy".

He smirked and kissed my neck.

"You probably shouldn't have said that" he laughed and rammed into me.

I grabbed onto the bedhead and lay my upper body on the mound of pillows.

He withdrew entirely, leaving me empty and aching for more.

He entered just his tip and teased me by moving it side to side, hitting new places and making me want more.

I thrust backwards so he had to push right into me.

"So thats how we are playing" he whispered.

He moved almost out and set his rhythm, pounding repeatedly in and out until I screamed his name, unable to quieten for anything. My head felt dizzy, I guess there was no blood left to go in that direction, I was on fire where we were joined and he kept pounding until my orgasm faded then he released inside me. I felt him shudder then push in erratically. His heart was pounding loud enough for me to hear above my own.

"Bella" he screamed into the night.

I rocked with him as he came back down, covered in sweat, and we fell side by side on the bed.

"You are mine again" he cried.

"I was always yours" I told him.

"You and Jake.."

"never had sex" I finished his sentence for him.

"I am still the only lover you have ever had?" he asked, unable to hide his delight at the news.

"Yes, Edward. And the only lover I will ever want."

He nuzzled into me and pulled me closer.

"I could not love you more, no matter what. My heart is so full and ecstatic right now. I will love you forever. My Bella. My bella rosa . My heart knows no-one but you."

We fell asleep with him spooning me and holding me closely against his chest.

I awoke in the night when I felt him pushing gently at my entrance.

"Edward?' I turned to look at his still sleeping face.

Oh, deja vu.

He did this to me the first night we met.

"Bella" he sighed in his sleep. He moved faster and more insistently against me.

What the heck. We were married this time.

I put my hand down and guided him inside me, and rocked back gently against him.

He started to breath more loudly and called my name over and over, each time he entered me.

"Bella, Bella, Bella".

I tried to stifle a laugh.

I have a husband who will make love to me while he is asleep. I guess some people sleep walk, some people sleep talk, Edward makes love in his sleep.

I rocked back and forth with him and he suddenly stopped.

"What the heck.."

"Hello there, I was just making love with my nighttime friend" I told him.

"Bella, I didn't.. I was dreaming."

"I like how you dream, Edward. Now get back to it."

He pushed in firmly and raised his finger to my mouth and placed it inside. I licked it and sucked on it and he pulled it out and started circling my clit. My breath started to hitch and my heart sped up at the sensation.

"God, Edward."

He snickered in my ear.

"Only you, Bella, have ever made me make love, awake or asleep."

He rocked harder and harder until my walls quivered and shook and he gently pinched my clit, sending me over the edge again.

I collapsed in his arms and he followed quickly, pumping inside me as he came.

"Bella, my Bella. I love you forever."

"Good, then the tattoo wasn't a waste" I joked.

He clung to me tightly.

"You can never leave me again, my Bella. No matter what. Promise me."

"I promise, Edward. I will never leave you again."

He flipped me over to face him and said seriously "I would not survive without you. I would not even want to."

"I know, Edward. I feel the same. Without you I am nothing."

"I need you to always be here for me, to be in my arms, to make love to me, to sleep through my movies."

"I saw all of Bite Me Too without falling asleep" I informed him.

"Did you? When?"

"When we were apart. I needed to reconnect but it wasn't the same. You being Vampire Masen. It wasn't my Edward, my Wardo. That's who I missed, who I needed."

"Well, I am your Edward now and forever, my Bella."

Edward still has some insecurities. We were parted too often in the past for things to just be Happy Ever After.

Hope is still waking at night so we often nap during the day when she does, and he often wakes up from his sleep desperate for reassurance that I am still here.

"Bella, I have to be inside you. I have to feel you are still here, still mine."

I just welcome him in and reassure him him this is real, the things in the past that tore us apart are gone now. Its over.

We won.

I am sure in time he will settle down and accept this as the truth but for now he is needy and I have to fulfill those needs and just be here for him.

We are living in his apartment until the building of our house is completed. This gives us time to say our goodbyes to Alice and Jasper, who are staying in Hollywood for the foreseeable future. 100 Monkeys has hit the big time. Jasper is the new flavor of the month and Edward was happy to hand over his crown.

Rose and Emmett are returning to Seattle with us, buying a house in the same street even so our kids can grow up together. Alice bought the last lot of vacant land in the street so one day, they will build a house and live near us too. When Jasper's star dims and the fans move on to the next big thing. Its inevitable. Then their real life will start and they will marry and have kids and join us in suburban paradise.

Edward has his music, he composes and writes the most beautiful lyrics, his songs reflect his soul. I have our daughter to raise, she is starting to find her feet and is toddling about with help of the furniture, her copper curls bouncing as she drops to the floor to land on her well cushioned backside. Her eyes are the same emerald green as her father. There is just no way Jake could have ever pulled off being her father as it turns out, even if I had not remembered.

We need to be in our picket fenced home so she has the freedom of a yard and Kismet is coming home with us. Alice has decided she is more my dog than she was ever hers so our family has grown again.

And in time Hope will have sisters and brothers and we will be the perfect family. We are already the perfect starter family.

Edward and I practice our baby making skills every night so they don't become stale before we need to put them into use again.

He alone has made my body feel and experience so much and I am so glad no other man ever touched me that way. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right man, and when you meet him, you just know. Even in the dark, when you can't see his face or his body, you can still sense his soul and his heart.

We may have started a little unorthodoxly, but I truly believe our hearts were calling out to each other as much as our bodies were.

And the many times we were apart, we still had that connection.

Nothing apart, a very big something, everything, when together.

Sometimes 0 + 0 = eternity.

An eternity full of bliss and love and hope and desire.

I lay in bed this morning, Hope was asleep curled on Edwards chest, his arm was around me, and I thought, "This is my world. Everyone I love is in this bed.".

*********** The End *************

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