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There's more room at England's place…

"That's the end of our lesson today." England wiped the sweat running down his neck, "you can come back next week if you want another lesson." Finland nodded as he gathered his sketchbook and pushed his chair in.

"That was really fun England," Finland beamed as he headed towards the door, "I'm looking forward to next week's lesson!" England gave a tired smile as Finland left the room. Thankfully, there are no more lessons for the day otherwise I would be so worn out. England thought to himself as he crumpled to dirtied newsprints.

"England! I'm gonna go to my room!" America happily jumped as he unravelled another hamburger and stuffed it in his mouth. "See yeah!" That America…. England grumbled in his mind, not noticing France breathing in his ear. England quickly jumped back in shock as France winked.

"Ah mon ami, I'm gonna use your bathroom," France blew a kiss as he left the room. That France is getting on my nerves. England rubbed his temples as he tried to calm himself down.

"Sir, I have a telegram for you." His secretary came in and handed him the sheet of paper.

"Who in the world still sends telegrams… oh wait, some countries still have that." England cursed himself as he scanned through the telegram, "this seemed pretty urgent from the looks of it."

"Yes, sir, as the person who sent it would like to come at stay at your place for a while…" His secretary continued.

"Oh of course… WHAT?!" England snapped as he glared at his secretary, "What do you mean?"

"This person, China I think, said he's being pursued and would like to request residence here." His secretary continued. Ahhh… must be Russia chasing him again… England sighed as he carefully folded the telegram in half.

"So when will this take place?" England finally spoke as he walked towards the window.

"Yes, sir, according to the telegram they should be arriving today…" Before his butler could finish, England's eyes widened.

"Today… TODAY?!" England began pulling his hairs, "When was it sent?!" His secretary looked at the notes he made.

"That would be two days ago sir," His secretary replied. "Please keep in mind that telegrams take a while to be sent…" England tried to hide his shock as he ran his hand through his hair.

"I'll think about it," England waved his hand hastily towards his secretary. "Thank you for letting me know about this." His secretary merely nodded and left the room. This is getting more tiring… England thought miserably as he closed his eyes. This is so stressful…


We're still on the open road out there…

"Are we there yet?" Sora began as he traces his finger along the window.

"Not yet." Donald replied.

"Are we there yet?" Sora asked again.

"No, not yet." Donald tried not to let the vein on his forehead pop.

"Are we there yet?" Sora repeated his question again. Sora, please don't make Donald annoyed… Goofy sighed while he continued with his crossword.

"Can you stop asking?" Donald irritatingly asked. Heh heh, its fun making Donald annoyed, Sora chuckled in his mind as he stared at the unchanging scenery, Lets try one more time.

"Now are we there yet?" Sora asked innocently, while batting his eyes, to the dismay of everyone in the Volkswagen.

"SORA!" Donald fumed as he lunged towards the said spiky-hair boy. "STOP YOUR NONSENSE!"

"Calm down angry duck…" Sora teased and stuck his tongue out, only further provoking Donald.

"Why you…" Donald shoved at Sora, not realizing he shifted the weight inside the vehicle.

"Woah!" Germany called as he quickly swerved out of the way. "Can you guys stop being distracting? I can't drive when you guys are asking stupid questions"

"Calm down everyone." Japan quietly commented as the Volkswagen finally regained its balance. Since when did Japan join us on this trip? Germany inquired as he reached another highway.

"Are we there yet?" Italy managed to ask, not noticing the angry fumes Donald was letting out.

"Is there nothing else you would like to ask?" Germany sighed.


Meanwhile in Demyx's room…

"I am really bored…" Axel groaned. "If only there were more heartless missions like last time…" Demyx continued strumming his sitar and hummed to himself.

"That's because you only like to annihilate heartless, got that memorized?" Demyx teased and created a water barrier to protect himself from Axel's incoming flames. "Gee, I was only kidding!"

"Hmm, where is the rest of the Organization?" Roxas asked as he tossed the magazine to the side. "I haven't seen Zexion or Lexaeus around…" Demyx tried to suppress his giggles as Axel rolled his eyes.

"First of all, those two NEVER come back to headquarters," Axel threw his chakram up in the air, "Secondly, everyone is always having a mission or assignment of some sort which is why we don't always see each other."

"Unless we have a gathering, right?" Demyx winked. "Come to think of it, wasn't Vexen back at the lab?"

"Yeah, something to do with fusing Heartless and chakra together…" Axel furrowed his eyebrows, "That guy is totally messed up…" Roxas gave a smile as rested his head on his arms.

"I thought I heard Larxene, Luxord and Saix downstairs," Demyx suggested, "But Saix left for another mission… again…"

"Well, why don't we do something with Larxene and Luxord?" Roxas asked. Axel glared at him while Demyx dropped his sitar on the ground.

"Man, you still need to learn your way around here buddy," Axel shook his head and sat next to Roxas. "Make sure you get this into your head, got that memorized? First, no one EVER goes near Larxene because she's gonna fry you into a bacon in a split second."

"Hence the name, Savage Nymph." Demyx added. "Although maybe it's because of her PMS days when she gets really angry…"

"I hope she doesn't hear us," Roxas panicked.

"No worries, she's on a mission with I believe Xigbar and Zexion."Demyx plucked a few chords on his sitar.

"Secondly, Luxord is the King of Cards." Axel stated. "Whenever you approach him, you're already lured into his card games. Out of all the members of the Organization, NO ONE has ever beaten Luxord in a single game of cards." Roxas shivered a bit.

"I'm sure Roxas will fit in fine, right Roxas?" Demyx smiled as Roxas nodded slowly. "Well, why don't we just chill for now? Maybe Xemnas might have something for us to do later." Roxas smiled as he relaxed the tension in his body. Maybe this might not be so bad after all…


Ten minutes later at the train station…

China angrily cut through the rope and ripped the tape off his mouth. He once more glared towards Taiwan as he straightened his qi pao.

"I didn't realize that xiao mei was a devil," China icily commented as he grabbed Hong Kong by the shirt. "What the hell did you put in my drink, Hong?" Hong Kong veered his eyes away from his elder brother.

"It doesn't matter now that we're here in Europe." Taiwan stated as she handed China his luggage. "We'll probably take a cab to England's place…" She raised her eyebrows as China glared at her once more.

"Please tell me that the creeper isn't here…" China coldly remarked. Taiwan gave a sigh as she dragged her brothers out of the station.

"We wouldn't have to transport you discreetly and put you on the train if the creeper was here…" Taiwan explained as China glowered.

"What does tying me up have to do with discreet?" China snapped.

"You refused to ride the train due to your fear of trains." Hong Kong quietly replied as he called the cab. "You should be fine since Russia was last seen at the front entrance of the house." China shivered as he entered the cab. I wish my life wasn't filled with problems…

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