Bad Romance

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I want your love, I want your revenge. You and me could write a bad romance.

Hinata Hyuuga gritted her teeth against both the physical and emotional pain that was currently running through every nerve of her body. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, hoping against hope that her pursuers had lost their trail. She didn't even dare to look back as she ran as fast she could from the men on horses. She didn't even stop to breathe until she disappeared deep into the dark forest. She pressed her back tightly against the bark of an ancient oak tree. She could still hear the faint sounds of horses neighing. However, she could not make any more of the men's voices. She slowly let out a breath. Her shaking hands clutched tightly at the remains of her dress. Tears threaten to blur her sight.

"Leave no survivors, his Highness's orders," called out one of the soldiers on horse back. They had killed everyone. They spared no one, not even babies. The cries of innocent men and women echoed in her head. The scream of a woman as she tried to shielded her children from the intruder's blade. She stared down at her dress, the blood was still fresh. It was the blood of innocent people. A sob choked in her throat. She was the one who caused this. It was because of her existence, this innocent village was brutally slaughtered.

Unforgivable, she thought, bitterly as a single tear rolled down her scratched, bleeding cheek. She wiped the tear away with the back of her hand. She knew she couldn't dwell upon these things. Her need for revenge would consume her if she wasn't careful. A twig snapping alerted her that she was still in danger. She needed to get away from here. She saw a heavy-looking rock not far away from her hiding place. She reached for it, holding the solid object in her hand. She waited. The soldier was in front of her now. If he turned around now, he would have spotted her. She raised the stone high above her head and threw it with all her might at the soldier's head. The soldier gave a surprised cry before collapsing to the ground. She hurried over to him and took his sword. The cool, metal handle in her hand felt good.

"Suigetsu?" called a male voice in her direction. The voice startled her and her flight response kicked in. As her legs begin to move but she felt a glove hand snaked out and grabbed her ankle and pulled her to the ground. The sword slipped from her hands. "Not so fast," she heard the fallen soldier mutter from behind her. She started kicking in vain, hoping that his iron grip would loosen. "Over here. I found her…" he shouted, she could hear the smugness in his voice. She kicked even hard and in a stroke of chance, she managed to strike him in the eye. This caused him to loosen his grip on her ankle. As fast she could, she pulled her foot away. She was breathing fast as she started to run.

"Get that wrench," screamed the fallen soldier, clutching his injured eye. Her foot barely touched the ground as she ran. However, the horses were fast, they were catching up, and they were only a few feet behind her now. When she was too busy looking behind, she didn't spot the rock ahead of her. In a few moments she had lost her footing and fell hard on the ground. Within moments, the horses surrounded her. There was no way she could escape. Breathing hard, she forced herself to stare at the ground, expecting the coolness of a blade any minute now. She heard someone get off their horse and came up towards her, the sound of her heart beating still loud in her ears. She flinched as she felt his gloved hand grabbed her chin and tilted her face up. She stared up into soulless, black, onyx eyes. His cruel smirk made her inside go cold.

"I finally found you, Hinata Hyuuga."

She gasped as she felt a sharp strike on the back of her neck. His devil like smirk was the last thing she saw before darkness consumed her. The cell was dark, cold, and damp. She shivered and pulled her knees to her chest. The heavy chains around her wrists and ankles were giving her hard, purple bruises. Her mouth was dry and her head spin from the lack of food. She wondered why they left her alive. Maybe it was to torture her for information or worse to kill her slowly. She buried her head into her arms. She promised herself, she wasn't going to cry but tears slipped out silently from her eyelids. She thought of her family. She thought of the kind, old couple that she was stayed with at the village. They treated her as if she was their daughter.

She never meant for this to happen. The fury and hate that was inside of her started to burn brighter than ever before. She promised herself that she wouldn't let vengeance take over, but at times it was only thing that keep her heart beating. She couldn't die yet, she needed to…no, and she had to avenge her family and that village of people. She needed to live. The sounds of footsteps approaching, she wiped at her tears. She quickly lay on the ground and pretended to be asleep. However, the people who came to fetch her didn't seem to much care if she was asleep or not. They began to roughly shaking her awake. They grabbed her wrists and ankles, unlocking the locks that bind her to the cell. "Come," ordered one of the guards roughly grabbing her arm. She winced at the strength he used but she refused to make a sound. They lead her to a wider passageway and up a flight of stairs.

They came to a door and gave her a hard, unexpected push. She stumbled into the room. Her heart beating furious, she wondered what kind of torture she should be expecting. However, to her surprise, it was a huge bathroom. The bath tub was already filled with steaming water. The scent of vanilla and flowers filled the air. A beautiful blonde stood waiting for her by the large, ivory bathtub.

"I will help you undress," said the blonde, taking a step towards Hinata. Hinata took a step back, a look of puzzlement on her face.

"Is something wrong?"

"W-what am I doing here?" asked Hinata, breathlessly. Her head was spinning. It almost seemed like a dream. "Taking a bath silly, you wouldn't want to see his Highness looking the way you are would you?" giggled the girl sweetly with a smile. "Wait…his Highness?" The girl's brows wrinkled slightly before speaking "of course, you will be joining him for dinner." Hinata forced herself to smile at the girl. She proceeded to undress and let the blonde girl scrub her clean. Even as she entered the hot water, she still felt cold. Her heart had gone completely cold. She had nothing to lose anymore, her family was dead. Anyone she came in contact was in danger because they were going to be labelled as traitors. There was nothing left, expect revenge. She was going to have her revenge, even if it was going to get her killed.

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