This original one-shot for the Officer and a Gentleman contest has finally been continued into a multi-chapter fic called Menage a Trois. The link is here:

http:/www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/s/5884062/1/Menage_a_Trois

The first two chapters are the original one-shot split into two chapters. Chapter 3 is new.

Recap since extending the continuation was a bit longer coming than planned - Bella and Edward are recently married after a whirlwind romance. Bella and Jasper are best friends and up until Bella met Edward were friends with benefits. Bella came home early from a conference and found Edward and Jasper naked and intimate on the couch. Bella knew that Jasper had a crush on her husband and one night she drunkenly told Jasper she was okay with them being together as long as she was there, all the while assuming that Edward was kinda vanilla in the bedroom. Bella was very excited to find her two fave men in this position and invited herself to the party! All three were tucked up cosily in bed when we left them.

Chapter 3 is the morning after from Jaspers perspective.