Title: Evading Destiny
Part: 1/??
Author: Murasaki Rose
Beta: none
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/AU
Rating: R
Spoilers: Yami Yuugi's real name
Warnings: Yaoi (male x male), implied Mpreg
Pairings: YYxY, SxJxS, DxT, YBxR, YMxM
Minor Pairings: BMGxA, BMxK, VxA, TxCxH, HxO, PxC, IxM
Disclaimer: Here we go. Yu-Gi-Oh and all its characters are the property of Kazuki Takahashi, Shueisha, Konami, Toei, and unfortunately, 4 Kids Entertainment. In other words, I don't own them and I'm not making any money off of this, I'm just a fangirl having some fun.
A/N: "text" = speech, 'text' = thought, ((text)) = telepathy

Summary: Sequel to Retrieving Destiny. Months after their fateful trip to Egypt, the reunited soul mates continue to adjust to their new life in Domino. With the modern teens' upcoming graduation, things appear to be going well until a strange series of seemingly random attacks and bizarre accidents begin plaguing both the lights and their protectors, forcing their lovers into action. In order to protect their mates, the ancient beings must now determine not only the fate of the "lost" city of Atlantis, but also their entire species! The race is on to find the answers before they all face annihilation at the hands of an unknown enemy.


Lying across his boyfriend's enormous bed, Katsuya Jonouchi watched the tall brunet teen pack for his business trip whining periodically to catch his attention. So far all his efforts had been in vain.

"Are ya sure I can't come with ya Seto?" he pleaded again, large brown eyes widening soulfully at his lover as he once again attempted to sway his decision. Of course, this effect was completely wasted when the subject of his guilt trip wasn't even looking in his direction.

A heavy sigh came from the closet where Seto Kaiba was currently rummaging through his dress shirts. "For the thousandth time, pup. No. You can NOT come with me." The teen then exited the closet with the desired garments in hand, moving to lay them on the bed next to his begging lover. "It's the end of our senior year and you can't afford to miss a week's worth of any of your classes." Seeing the blond open his mouth he continued before his lover started complaining again. "The only reason they're letting me go is because I HAVE to. As CEO and creator of Kaiba Corp's Duel Disk technology, there isn't anyone else I can send in my place."

Jonouchi pouted, sitting up and crossing his arms sulkily, "Seth gets to go," he grumbled.

"That's because I don't have school to attend, beloved. And I refuse to let my own akhu (1) travel alone," Seth responded having entered the room just in time to hear Jonouchi's last complaint. "You on the other hand are an accomplished warrior who will be safe here with the other ms-n hwi (2) and mated akhu and kkwy (3)." As he spoke to the blond teen the priest noticed out of the corner of his eye that Seto was moving his clothing from the bed to the safety of a nearby armchair. Dropping down next to him the tanned darkness curled around the disgruntled reincarnation of his husband, "I know you'll be lonely while we're gone . . ." he began, catching the blond's ear between his teeth, nibbling gently on it.

"But we'll be sure to leave you with some good memories to tide you over," Seto finished, his nimble fingers unbuttoning the blond's shirt.

Jonouchi groaned as his boyfriend and husband both ran their hands across his chest and down low to dip beneath the waistband of his pants.

A hot mouth closed over his own, swallowing his gasp as another hissed a dark promise into his ear. "If we have our way, my Jono, you'll be begging for a break once we're finished with you," Seth promised, darting his tongue into the blond's ear as he assisted his light in removing their lover's troublesome pants and boxers.

Worried and hopelessly aroused, Jonouchi whimpered helplessly as his light and dark lovers dominated him thoroughly. Oh well, at least he'd die happy.


"Hey Honda, where's Jonouchi-kun?" Yuugi Mutou asked the brunet as he took his seat in homeroom the next morning. Now that the two friends were living in the same house they always arrived together, so it was quite unusual for one to be there without the other. "He's not sick is he?"

Hiroto Honda chuckled and shook his head. "Nah. But he will be moving a bit slower than usual today." Catching Yuugi's baffled expression he elaborated, "Kaiba had to go to some super-important convention and Seth left with him."

Still confused, Yuugi was about to inquire further when his best friend came limping into the classroom. The petite tri-color-haired teen took one good look at the pained grimace on the blond's face and had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. Now he got it.

Gingerly settling himself into his chair, the blond ms-n hwi glared venomously at his two best friends, one of whom was snickering and the other whose shoulders were shaking so hard he almost looked like he was having convulsions. "I'd like to see how you two would handle having not one but TWO horny and possessive lovers," he growled lowly at the two hikari.

Unaware of Jou's earlier entrance, Ryou Masayume and Malik Ishtar had arrived and were now looking at the three curiously, wondering what could be the cause of the odd behavior from their friends.

"Are you feeling all right Jonouchi-kun?" Ryou asked innocently, worried by the blond's slightly pained expression.

Unable to keep it in any longer, Yuugi literally fell out of his chair laughing.


When lunch rolled around, Yuugi decided that it would be the perfect time to apologize to his best friend. He hadn't meant to laugh so much, but it was just too funny not to!

Much to his distress, it seemed that his blond friend had no intention of forgiving him so easily. Currently Jonouchi was engaged in playing the silent game with him, pretending as though he could not even hear his short friend's pleas. Seated at the table around them, the rest of their friends had been watching the whole scene worriedly, knowing that this was extremely bizarre behavior for their friends. Seeing the genuine hurt and remorse in Yuugi's eyes, Honda decided to nip the situation in the butt before someone got really hurt.

Smacking his hand down on the table in front of the blond, Honda made sure his oldest friend was paying attention before giving said blond a piece of his mind. "Face it Jonouchi, if the situation had been reversed you would have laughed your ass off at us," Honda proclaimed, locking eyes with the other teen, silently daring him to contradict him.

Caught off guard by the brunet's brutal honesty, Jonouchi realized that he had not been being fair to his friends. Honda was right, had it been one of them, he'd have been the one doing the laughing. Shaking his head, he gave them a wry grin, "Sorry guys. I guess I'm just extra touchy since I won't be seeing my bookends for almost a whole week. Forgive me?" he asked, giving the two his best "kicked puppy" face.

"Only if you forgive me too," Yuugi conceded in relief.


"I don't suppose the three of you are going to share with the rest of us what that was all about are you?" Malik asked, not the least bit surprised when the only reply he got was three simultaneous negative head shakes.


As usual the group of friends parted briefly after school to drop off books and gather their things before meeting at the front gate. Always the first one done, Tomoya Hanasaki hurried to the outer gate entrance because unlike the others, he had a special reason to rush ahead. That was because every day after school, the reincarnated Atlantean Queen was met by his formerly sealed husband and daughter. Today was no different.

Standing just outside the gate under the shade of a large tree stood a tall, handsome man with long aqua hair and gold eyes, a cute little girl with brown hair done up in pigtails, bouncing on the balls of her feet next to him. Spotting the orange-haired teen running towards them, the girl's gray eyes lit up in delight.

"Mommy! Look what I made in school today!" Chris caroled, running forward and thrusting a piece of paper into the slender teen's hands. "It's a picture of us and the knights!" she explained as Hanasaki admired his daughter's artwork.

"It's beautiful, Chris!" he complemented her, smiling warmly at her bright grin. "We'll put this on the refrigerator as soon as we get home, okay?" he promised as he carefully placed the picture in his book bag for safe keeping.

"How was your day my love?" Dartz asked the teen, pulling him into a warm hug before placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

"Hmm, not bad. There was an odd thing going on between-" Hanasaki began to explain, stopping suddenly when he caught sight of a familiar group of girls.

"Something wrong beloved?" Dartz asked curiously when his husband began turning red as some of his female classmates passed by.

Shaking his head, Hanasaki abruptly pulled the aqua-haired man down into a passionate kiss. Gold eyes widened in surprise then slid shut contentedly as the older man allowed his smaller lover to bring their bodies flush together. Breaking their kiss, he gave the petite teen an odd look. Shy and reserved in nature, it was very unusual for his beloved to be so bold in public. Not that he was complaining, but still it was very odd. Raising an eyebrow at the gray-eyed teen, he couldn't help but ask, "What brought that about?"

Glancing back over his shoulder and giving an uncharacteristic smirk, the orange-haired teen snuggled closer to his lover. "Just driving home a point."

Looking in the same direction his light had, the older male caught sight of a small group of girls wearing expressions that ranged from horrified and appalled to furious.

"Your fan club," the teen said by way of explanation.

"Fan club?"

Hanasaki chuckled, "Yes. You managed to acquire them just by being here daily to meet me."

"Okay," Dartz replied slowly, still not quite understanding what his mate was talking about.

Having arrived just in time to witness Hanasaki visibly stake his claim, Jonouchi took pity on the confused Atlantean. "They're just jealous that quiet, nerdy little Hanasaki has such a, and I quote, "gorgeous bishonen" paying attention to him," he explained, chuckling at the fuming girls in the background.

"They were making nasty comments today about what a nerd I was and how much more beautiful they were and kept trying to convince me that they any one of them would make a better match for you," the bespectacled teen told his mate. He shrugged slightly, "I felt the need to prove them wrong."

Giving the snobby girls a disdainful glare, the Atlantean king snorted, "As if they could even compare. You my light are the most beautiful creature on this earth, both body and soul."

Wrapping her arms around Hanasaki's waist, Chris hugged the teen tightly, "Daddy's right Mommy! You and Daddy were born to be together."

"Aww, that's so sweet!" Anzu cooed as she and the rest of their friends joined them. Suddenly feeling shy, Hanasaki blushed but made no move to step out of his lover's embrace.

Yuugi smiled knowingly, but said nothing. He didn't want to embarrass poor Tomoya any more than he already was. "Well, now that everyone's here we can go pick up Atem and the other yami at the Game Shop-"

"And then on to the arcade!" Jonouchi finished for him, spinning the small teen around by one arm in a clumsy pirouette.


"We will be arriving at Narita International Airport (4) in ten minutes sir," announced the soft voice of the plane's pilot.

"Excellent," the plane's only passenger murmured in reply, even though he knew the pilot wouldn't hear him. Handing his champagne glass to the flight attendant, he gave her a charming smile resisting the urge to smirk as she blushed like a school girl.

Once she had returned to the back of the cabin, he allowed a smirk to cross his features. 'Too easy,' he thought proudly. He did enjoy his games both big and small. Speaking of games, this conference promised to be the grandest game of all. His greatest peers and competitors would all be there, just waiting to one up and show off to one another. New alliances and enemies would be formed here all in the name of winning. He couldn't wait.

Gazing out the window of his luxurious private jet at the island below, Siegfried Von Schroider began to laugh darkly.


November 04, 2009
-edited December 29, 2009


1 - light (ancient Egyptian)

2 - born to protect (ancient Egyptian)

3 - darkness (ancient Egyptian)

4 - Formerly known as the New Tokyo International Airport, Narita International Airport handles most of the international air traffic to Japan.