Isis spent the rest of her night in Facilier's home collecting strands of his hair for her plot. The next night she returned to the cemetery with Facilier's hat and cane and her tallow candle. Driving the cane into the dirt once more, Isis lit the candle and entered the spirit world.

A snaky green mist swirled about her feet as she called an audience with Sharam and Lebos. Her hair was suddenly swept back by a sour gust of air, her candle almost being extinguished by the swift force of it. It felt like someone's hot breath on her, but really it was two demons raising up from their levels in the spirit world. Isis didn't have to power to go down to the lower levels and seek Sharam and Lebos out- she had to ask to see them. Luckily they humored her with their presence. That was the first obstacle in her way that she had just surmounted.

"What do you want woman?" a high pitched, grating voice asked. It was Sharam, a feather headed bird-like creature with yellow eyes and spidery hand with sharp talons on the ends of the fingers. He was a tall, bent and sickly looking creature whose lack in strength and girth was well made up by his partner Lebos. Lebos was round and fleshy with three squinty eyes in the front of his bald head. He had rolls of hairy, sweaty fat all over him and moved slowly due to his size. The reason for Lebos' obesity was because the prison in which they threw their collection of souls into was inside Lebos' stomach. They both had a hunger that could only be fed by gathering souls and slowly devouring them. What fed Lebos also fed Sharam and together they prowled the underworld looking for prey to hunt down.

Isis looked over at the two slowly coming out of the gathering mists. She nodded to both of them, gripping Facilier's hat behind her back. Her palms were sweating like mad which only made her clench her fists tighter.

She gave the two demons a customary bow and then proceeded to speak, "I've come to beg for Dr. Facilier's soul. I understand that you have it?" She asked, her papery voice surprisingly business-like and professional.

"Yes you're right," crowed Sharam. His eyes then narrowed as he snapped, "But why should we give it over to you?"

"Because I need Facilier to assist me in a plot," She explained, her eyes carefully trained on the two. "Trust me, if I am a success the score will be unimaginable."

"Ha!" Barked Lebos his laughter rumbling up from his giant stomach. "You're just another witch doctor from New Orleans embarking on a foolish crusade in order to gain the favor of the gods."

Sharam shook his head slowly, a wicked smirk spreading across his sharp-beaked face, "You think they would learn after the last one." He scoffed.

Isis held her composure as she took their ridicule, "Well for what it's worth I would like to beg for his soul all the same."

"You can't have it little woman," Snapped Lebos as he threw his weight around. "Now get lost." He said pointing off into the swirling mists.

Isis shrugged, a little smirk appearing on her face. "I guess I'm just going to have to do this the hard way then." She sighed as she brought Facilier's hat around in front of her to show them.

"What is that ridiculous little fetish in your hand?" Sharam said pointing a claw at Facilier's hat. He stared at it in confusion and amusement, foolishly thinking she was trying to pull some cheap trick on them.

Lebos let out a cruel laugh, "Pathetic woman," he said poking her hard in the chest. Isis stumbled backwards slightly at the force. "How weak do you think we are! You mistake the Mercenaries of the Gods for a mere mortal man? Utter foolishness."

"Forgive me for my ignorance," she said backing up, her head bowed humbly. "I'm merely trying to persuade you."

"You think you can, as you so clumsily say, persuade us with that?" Cried Sharam. He found the woman's situation more amusing by the second.

"No," she began with a sly grin. "With this…" she lit a match and turned the hat around where there was a lock of Facilier's hair stuffed into the red ribbon. The two spirits gasped in horror and clawed at her hands to grab the hat away. But Isis jumped backwards out of their grasp and held the match closer to the clump of hair in warning so that they wouldn't dare come any closer to her.

"You cunning little witch!" Sharam screamed, desperately struggling to reach her.

"I'll burn it, don't think I won't," Isis warned, glaring at the two demons. Her eyes flashed wildly in the light of the flame and they knew that she was not lying.

"You burn it and not only do we die but Facilier as well." Said Lebos; trying to reason his way around her plan. "You're whole aim was to save his soul, you wouldn't kill him."

Isis shook her head, "He's already in a hell far worse than one I'd be sending him to if I killed him. At least this way it's a clean death. So don't think for one second that I won't burn you all to cinders. Now get back, both of you and get me what I came for." She ordered.

"Yes, yes of course," Sharam nodded his ugly, feathered head obligingly. "Lebos bring out Facilier."

Lebos stumbled back a bit not quite believing the position they were in at the moment. His mouth was agape in shock but he nodded at Sharam's words in understanding. He then plunged his hand into his stomach to retrieve one of the thousands of souls stored there.

"They're just so many of them you know?" Lebos said pulling out jar after jar of souls. The small bottles fell haphazardly to the ground, some breaking open and freeing their contents as Lebos hurriedly searched for the one that contained Facilier. "This one that one, they're all the same to us. Please don't think we meant any disrespect little woman." He said trying to make amends for his earlier rudeness, hoping that it would aid in her decision whether or not to let them out of her grasp.

"I'm sure you didn't, I just want to collect his soul and leave." She told him, barely caring what he had to say to her just as long as she got Facilier.

Finally after some intense rutting around, Lebos pulled a bottle that was labeled Facilier out of his stomach.

"Here, here it is, take it!" Lebos cried pushing the jar into her hands. Balancing the jar, match, and hat in her small hand Isis backed up to her candle.

"Thank you very much." She told them before kneeling down next to it. She blew out the match, picked up the candle and snuffed it out in the dirt. A loud, harsh wind then sucked her back into the land of the living. Isis went toppling backwards onto the ground, her feet nearly went flying over her head. All the candles she had lit were blown out and the dead leaves on the ground viciously scattered in the wind.

The lid to Facilier's jar popped off and Facilier himself came tumbling out on top of Isis. Facilier and Isis just stared at one another in slight disbelief as the last few gusts of wind escaped from the portal. After all had calmed down the spell between them broke.

"You dare play chicken with my life woman?" Facilier yelled grabbing her shoulders and pushing her into the ground, his face was only inches away from hers.

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