Harry's pregnancy was an easy one for the most part. He only had minor bouts of morning sickness along the way. He did suffer the odd mood swing and his cravings were making his husband ill. Like for the wedding Lily came down often as did Narcissa to help with the nursery. When Harry was back in the UK that summer for Draco and Hermione's wedding they had a baby shower for him. Harry was happy unlike the engagement party the baby shower was days away from it not to steal the glory. It was evident postponing their trip till next summer was needed as Harry was entering his final trimester and had a grapefruit. Draco and Hermione were married a few day's after the twin's birthday on the beach with Harry standing for Draco of course.

A few days early on the first of October Harry went into labour. The healer at Beauxbautons was happy to do the honours as she had with Beau. The Potters and Malfoys along with Sirius and Severus came down. Even the twins had. They all knew it was twins but not the sexes. Twins often skipped a generation but not this time.

Thirteen hours of labour later they were led in. Godric smiled "Pink and blue? I was kind of hoping for a pair of boys."

Harry looked up from his daughter "Keep that up and we may reconsider naming you and Uncle Sirius her godfathers."

Sirius happily took the pink bundle into his arms "You know I think she will be just as much a prankster as her brother."

Lily laughed when Remus looked ready to protest "Just because you and my son were the prefects don't try that innocent act on me."

Their daughter was first born so brothers had been chosen. Remus considered Severus but he was already Harry's though oddly so had Remus been. They each chose a godparent for each twin. Hermione wasn't hurt only her husband was chosen for the little boy. Fenrir who had come was touched to be chosen. Werewolves didn't have the tradition but he was honoured. He saw the babies like grandkids. Harry and Remus had promised the pack to bring the twins for a visit soon.

Like their wedding James and Lily were so touched to be allowed to be here. Harry watched the couple with the twins and would have it no other way. The Malfoys would be a big part but Harry wanted his parents there too. As did Remus who considered them family since before Harry was born.

Fenrir looked down in pride at the babies "The pack will be so happy to welcome them."

Remus smiled "I knew they hoped when we bonded we would add to the pack for the solstice at least."

Draco wanted to know "Come on spill on the names."

Remus pointed at their son "Your godson is Jack Conner Lupin."

Harry looked to his daughter "And our little girl is Helen Camilla Lupin."

They had wanted to include their loved ones but the babies to have their own names. Jack was in honour of both their fathers. While Conner meant wolf lover in honour of the pack. Helen Harry suggested when in Greece for Helen of Troy. It was an honour to all the Blacks including Sirius and Narcissa. But Camilla was from Roman myth. It allowed Severus and Lucius to be brought in as well as Remus of course. It was also a variation of a flower for Lily.

The twins were handed back so a photo could be taken of them. The Potters sent them another elf when they learned it was twins. Looking at the two daddies no one had seen them so happy even when they wed. And every one in the room was so happy for them.

Remus who had been waiting for this moment since he imprinted on a newborn Harry kissed his husband and twins "I finally feel complete."

Author note: I hope you liked. I need a new challenge. No crossovers or sequel.

Four votes for girls two for boys but request for twins. I took name ideas from a few.

Jack Conner Lupin: Jack (English) is traditionally a nickname for John but also for the French spelling of James. It honoured both Remus and Harry's dads. Conner (Irish) one of many meanings is wolf lover. The twins will be shifters like their dads but also honours Fenrir and pack.

Helen Camilla Lupin: Helen (Greek) light Sirius and Narcissa got their way was name Harry mentioned on honeymoon. It is for Helen of Troy and is a moon. It brings in all Blacks even the Weasleys. Camilla (Latin) attendant Inspired also by honeymoon. Is a name from Roman myth a princess in the Aeneid. Honours Remus as well as Severus and Lucius. Both names also have a floral link for Lily.