Aura Adventure

This is about a teenager named Jaden who gets warped into the world of pokemon.

This is my first fanfic and I hope you enjoy it.

I do not own anything about pokemon in any way, except for certain characters and places in the story. Everything else belongs to Satoshi Tajiri (creator of Pokemon) and his company.

New Game

"Can we go and get Platinum now, Mum?" whined Jaden as he finished breakfast. He had wanted to buy it all weekend. Even though the game had come out the Sunday before, by the time Jaden and his Mother had gotten to the store, all the copies in every game store they had been to had been sold out. As the woman at EB Games had told him: "It was a very highly anticipated game, and a lot of people had been waiting for it to come out."

So Jaden had to wait until the next weekend. Unfortunately for Jaden, Saturday was no good because of some dumbass wedding. He didn't even know the people getting married. They were his Aunt's and Uncle's friends and although Jaden had appreciated being invited, he still thought it was a waste of time.

"No, we can't get it yet," said his Mum.

"Why not?! I've waited a very long time for this you know,"

"I'm well aware of that. You've been going on about this 'platinum' game for a while now," teased his Mum. "But we can't get it until we've cleaned the house. You know that the Real Estate Breakup Party is being held here this year, don't you?"

"Of course I know. You've been going on about this 'party' for a while now," mimicked Jaden. "But the party isn't till this afternoon. That's plenty of time to clean the house later.

"If there's time to buy your game first and do the housework later, then why can't we switch them around and clean the house first. Because even if you get your game, you'll still have to get off it to do the housework after about ten minutes. I'll tell you what. If you do the cleaning first, and you try really hard and make it as clean as possible, I'll pay for half of the game. Deal?"

"Seriously?" asked Jaden, his eyes wide. If his Mother payed for half, then he might have enough money for another game as well.

"Yes, I'm serious."

"Awesome! Thanks Mum!" He bounded up and gave her a giant hug.

She laughed. "Don't get too excited. You still have to do a good job with the cleaning first."

"I'll start straight away." And with that he jumped up and ran off to get the vacuum. His Mum smiled. It's amazing what a boy will do to get half-price on a game he's been waiting months for.

As Jaden worked, he imagined what pokemon he would train. In the end he decided to wait and see what was available to catch first. But, one thing for sure, he knew that as soon as possible he would get a Riolu. He simply loved them, and loved their evolution, Lucario, even more. In Pokemon Diamond, he had a level 100 Lucario. It hardly ever lost, and was Jaden's pride and joy. He knew that, above all else, his Lucario would always be the strongest.

Finally the housework was finished, and Jaden had pestered his Mum all the way to the store, asking her to drive faster. At last, he got to the store and bought the game. His Mother, as promised payed for half. Itching to go, Jaden had rushed past all the other shops to the car, and had read the instruction book all the way home. In his excitement, he had left his DS at home and, thus couldn't play till he got home.

Hardly able to contain his excitement, he walked into his room and inserted the small chip into his Nintendo DS. As he turned on the power, the DS started glowing and shaking roughly.

"That's funny," he said to himself. "I never knew the DS could shake. Maybe it's like the vibrate on a PS2 controller. Well, whatever it is, I'm excited. Lucario, here I come!" Suddenly the shaking ceased. "I wonder what that was?" thought Jaden. "Maybe it was just a new feature."

A ray of light burst from the bottom screen and enveloped him, accompanied by a piercing noise. Screwing his eyes shut, Jaden realised that this wasn't part of the game. Something was going on here. With a final flash of light, everything went black and Jaden's last thought was: "What the hell is going on!?"

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