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A very tierd,

Mistress Slytherin

How long had he been here? He blearily opened his eyes knowing that all he would see was the cold grey stone ceiling. His body twitched from pain with every shiver his lips were blue and his face had long ago lost color. His hair tickled his shoulder blades where it had stuck to the drying blood making his skin itchy and raw. Lacerations lined almost every inch of his skin from the creative stripes littering his chest and stomach to the careless ones that cut short lines down his legs. Bella's recent stint with a razor was also evident along his arms where words had been meticulously carved in, if he could have he would have snorted- his own eulogy so poetically written lay in his very flesh. He had forgotten what sunlight felt like, had forgotten what the air was supposed to smell like, forgotten the taste of food that wasn't rotten or made tasteless by the constant copper flavor in his mouth. He breathed softly his chest rising and falling painfully; he wondered how many ribs had been broken this time. He flinched reflexively when the sound of the door opening reached his ear followed by a blinding light. He lay tense; ignoring the agony it caused until he recognized the shape standing in the doorway and relaxed. Tall and harsh Severus Snape entered the room and gracefully swept down the stone steps Harry let out a sigh of relief when a warm hand touched his forehead.

"How are you faring?" He asked though the clinical way he was looking him over told him that the potions master knew exactly how he was faring. Carefully he shook his head wincing at the dizziness he felt. The man nodded his head jerkily in understanding. "You can't speak then?" He said as he pulled his wand from the depths of his robe. Harry knew that this man wouldn't hurt him; he knew that this man would only help him, but still he flinched at the sight of the wand and tried to pull away despite how painful the movement was. "Hush boy I won't harm you…" the potions master whispered calming him with gentle touches.

"-s-sorry" Harry managed; the man shook his head and began murmuring a soft blue glow shining from his wand. Harry sighed in relief as the broken ribs were mended just as easily as they had snapped. He watched the man transfigure Harry's bowl into a large bath tub filled with steaming fragrant water and didn't bother fighting when he was lifted off the ground and slowly dipped inside the tub. Because he was so cold he couldn't feel the pain of his wounds magically stitching closed as the potions master poured a large jar of purple potion into the bath, but soon the warmth of the water began to affect him making him stiffen in pain as the water darkened into a sick red brown brew. Just as soon as the Potions master noticed, the water was replaced by clean water and another potion was poured in this one smelling faintly of sage. He relaxed as the feeling of tiny scrubbers surrounded him cleaning away the filth until the bath had to be emptied once more.

"I've convinced them Harry." The potions master whispered as the tub was emptied a third time and refilled. Another bottle was pulled from a hidden pocket and poured into the bath looking like red syrup. His eyes rested on the potions master sadly and slowly despite his protesting muscles and recently healed skin raised his arm cupping Severus' jaw weakly in thanks. Severus laid his hand on top of Harry's and squeezed gently before removing it and letting it drop into the water as yet another potion was pulled from his clothes this one yellow. Harry swallowed it without complaint the bitter taste hardly registering in his mind as the damage done to his inner organs was quickly repaired. He smiled as the heat of the steaming bath finally sunk into his bones and swallowed once more when the nutrition potion was placed at his lips followed by one that would heal his vocal cords.

"How did you convince them?" He asked relishing the feeling of the man's fingers sliding through his hair scrubbing it with a minty solution to kill any vermin that might have taken up residency in his scalp. Harry cracked an eye open when he wasn't immediately answered and saw that the man was clenching his jaw.

"I lost my temper." He said finally. Harry's eyes slipped shut once more his face neutral.

"You showed them then?" He asked his voice empty as warm water rinsed his scalp and another potion was applied.

"Yes." Severus said softly. "I'm sorry." He whispered, Harry cracked an eye open and laughed softly.

"Severus…do you think that I have any pride left?" The hands paused their movement and shook softly making Harry smile shutting his eye once more. "I'm hardly even human any more Severus." He whispered. "If seeing me beaten raped and tortured will cause them to finally do something then they can see all they want heck they can have it on instant replay!" He said hoarsely. The fingers stopped shaking and slowly slid down his face until arms were encircling his neck loosely.

"You are human Potter." Severus whispered his voice pained. "The people who did this to you are the monsters." Harry sighed and leaned into the embrace clutching the large hands in his for a moment and squeezing before letting them drop back into the water. The arms around him slid away and continued their task gently massaging his scalp and washing away the grime.

"Is that what took you so long this time?" Harry asked as water rinsed his hair again and the water in the tub was replaced once more.

"The Dark Lord and Dumbledore have made my days long as of late." He said cryptically before conjuring a sponge and pouring a blue potion onto it. "I managed to make this though." He said as he began to scrub Harry's skin gently. Harry gasped and moaned as his nerves were set aflame with feeling. "The crucio curse destroyed your nerves but this potion will heal them slowly even when I'm done scrubbing you clean." Harry reached up as the man leaned over the tub and pulled him into a deep kiss, one he would only ever share with Severus. When he pulled away they were both slightly breathless and Harry could feel the tears fall from his eyes at the emotion in the man's eyes.

"When I get out of here I want to stay with you." He whispered carding his fingers through the lank hair as his former professor shook his head.

"What about your friends?" Harry snorted softly and traced Severus' jaw carefully.

"I don't even remember what they look like right now, and I don't want to, all I want is to be somewhere warm with you, away from all this." He whispered pecking the man's lips gently. "I don't want to fight this war any more; I just want peace…with you." He begged. Severus smiled and kissed his forehead before scrubbing his body some more.

"A small cottage?" Severus said his eyes distant making Harry smile.

"With a green house in the back for your potions ingredients?" He said closing his eyes as the images soothed him.

"Yes, and a garden in the front filled with all the flowers that you could possibly want." He encouraged as he scrubbed Harry's nails.

"I've always wanted a garden…" Harry said sleepily. "Don't really know why…" Severus chuckled and pressed a soft kiss to the clean hand before moving to the other one.

"Sleep Harry, I'll be here when you wake." He whispered. Harry mumbled softly before letting his breathing even out as he fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Severus sighed as he surveyed the broken boy before him. How could things have gotten this bad? The boy hadn't done anything to deserve this; in fact the Harry he had come to know once he had gotten over his own prejudices was the kindest and most loving person he'd ever met. Yet this boy, who had so easily wormed his way into Severus' impenetrable heart, had witnessed so much pain in his life that it was simply cruel. It had been four years since Harry had been captured right from his bed in Gryffindor tower and into this living terror. The worst part though was that no one was willing to help him after Dumbledore had told them that it was hopeless, no one but Severus. His promise to Lilly Evans was still fresh in his mind as if he had only just made it though at first it had been hard for him to see Harry as anything more than his fathers' son. A single torture session had changed that idea, after seeing Lilly's eyes watching him approach with pained resignation he understood that the boy was his own person. He was not the obnoxious, cruel bully that his father was, nor was he the fiery, opinionated imp that his mother had been. He was strong and calm, he was accepting and forgiving, he had fire and he had glowing embers. He was everything that Severus wanted to protect he was the innocence that had seen too much and the grace who had never felt anything but hatred from those around him. He was the betrayed who continued to hold steadfastly in his loyalty, he was in a word beautiful. He smiled as he lifted the sleeping boy out of the tub and lay him down on a transfigured bed before casting heating charms on the sheets and returning the tub back into a small tin bowl. Carefully he rolled Harry over, pulled the large jar of healing lotion from his robes and began rubbing it into the smooth skin filling the dark cell with the scent of lavender and chamomile. He worked carefully smoothing the lotion into the skin as he mapped out the too-thin body below him. Harry mumbled softly and shifted but Severus could tell by the soft smile on the boy's relaxed features that he was enjoying it. He wondered idly if the boy would let him do this after he'd been rescued, he wondered if after seeing his friends once more Harry would even bother with him. He shoved those thoughts away and kissed a shoulder blade before carefully rolling the boy over and starting on his chest and arms. He scowled at the words carved into the skin and worked most of the jar into them until all that was left were small pink lines that he would be sure to fix once Harry was safe. He startled slightly when he met drowsy green eyes and realized that he was now leaning over him kneeling in between Harry's legs. A small flush tainted Harry's pale cheeks as he watched Severus rub the lotion into his skin.

"What is that?" He asked tilting his head to the side. Severus smiled.

"It will help heal any lasting damage." He said 'accidentally' brushing the boy's rising penis with his slick hand causing Harry to throw his head back and moan. Severus grinned and made quick work of the boy's legs ignoring the pleading look he was receiving until every last toe was covered. Harry was watching with panting breaths as Severus made his way back up the legs with openmouthed kisses and gentle nips. Finally, just as he reached the place where Harry most wanted his mouth he pulled away smirking at the mewl he received in protest as he pulled another vial from his pocket. "You know Harry," He whispered heatedly. "I'd been puzzling over this for a while. You see this potion will heal the damage done to your rectum, nut it has to be rubbed in, how do you expect I'll be able to do that?" He whispered pouring the clear potion on his fingers. Harry watched with glazed eyes his legs unknowingly spreading wider. Severus shivered at the image the boy made laying in wait for him.

"Severus…" Harry whispered pleadingly when his finger traced the wounded pucker healing it with a pleasurable tingle. Carefully he let one finger push past the tight ring of muscle just as his lips touched Harry's parted ones lingering for a moment before pressing forward in a gentle kiss. He waited until Harry relaxed around his finger before pulling it out and pressing it out repeating the motion as the torn walls were healed. "Ah! ...Another!" Harry hissed. Almost instantly Severus' second finger joined the first carefully stretching the abused hole while healing the damage that others had caused. He pulled away from a hiss which had quickly become consuming and laced the fingers of his other hand with one of Harry's and whispered in his ear.

"When you get out of here I'll never let another man touch you." He swore causing Harry's hips to thrust up and his head to turn to the side giving Severus access to his neck. With a dark chuckle Severus nibbled on Harry's ear his fingers joined by a third as he spoke. "I'm glade we're in agreement." He said lowly the vibrations running across Harry's sensitive ear as teeth bit down gently on his neck. Severus suckled hard ensuring that Harry bore his mark, a mark that claimed him wholly.

"Severus now!" Harry begged writhing deliciously beneath him. Severus smiled and kissed Harry's swollen lips as he freed his erection and poured the oil over it liberally the fingers of his other hand still embedded in Harry's entrance. Glassy green eyes watched even as his body twitched in anticipation. With care Severus removed his fingers and pressed his erection against the twitching pucker relishing in the feeling of Harry's legs wrapped around his waist as he pushed passed the loosened ring and into the tight heat. He gasped and Harry moaned at their joining both clutching each other tightly, afraid to let go.

"Harry, Harry, please!" Severus whispered wondering how long he could keep himself still when those muscles were pulsing so deliciously around him.

"Move!" Harry ordered breathlessly gasping when Severus pulled nearly all the way out and clinging onto the broad shoulders when the potions master snapped his hips forward slamming into his prostate. "Ah…S-Severus…Ahah!" Harry clutched the older man close as pleasure raced through him making him feel whole and needing at the same time. Severus' groans answered his whimpers and Harry decided he'd never heard music more beautiful then the music that they were creating, of course in his current position he wasn't thinking much. Together they pushed their way through the pleasure making it greater and greater with each movement; with each heated promise filled kiss until finally their eyes met and their pleasure was completed. Severus watched as his name fall from the pink abused lips and saw the passion glazed eyes just as his own climax hit him dragging him into a world of white. For a time they simply rested like that, entwined and unwilling to let go, frightened of what would happen, terrified that it would be the last time that they would see each other. Their hands turned white from the tight grip they had on each other and their eyes strained as they tried to convey everything they felt everything that words were too simple to say.

"Harry…" Severus whispered his voice raw as he pulled the boy tighter against him. "It's foolish for me to say I know, but incase anything should happen…incase I were to never see you again I don't think I could bear not saying it." Harry watched him with tear-filled eyes as he spoke and he couldn't resist leaning in to capture the lush lips and whisper the words against them so that maybe they would mean what the simple words couldn't possibly hope to express. "I love you Harry Potter." He whispered. Suddenly hands were wrapped in his hair and his lips were caught up in a bruising kiss he was only too happy to participate in. When they parted the sound of their breathing was echoing off the walls. Harry traced the harsh lines of his face with loving fingers as if committing every line to memory as he spoke.

"You are not a foolish man Severus…by far you are the wisest man I know, the man that I will spend the rest of my days with…The man who I love more than any one." Severus gasped at this before grasping one of the slim wrists and pressing a kiss to the soft palm. "I love you Severus Snape." Harry said with a breathtaking smile, one that he thought he would never again see.

"And I love you Harry Potter." He whispered giving the boy a lingering kiss. "But we're not painting the cottage in Gryffindor colors." He teased when he'd finally pulled away. Harry let out a breathless laugh before pecking his lips.

"I think we can come to some sort of agreement." He whispered his face growing sad as he played with Severus' long fingers tracing patterns into the pale skin. "You will have to leave soon." He whispered reluctantly. Severus too frowned before grasping Harry's hand and pressing kisses to the tip of each finger.

"Yes." He said quietly. "But I will return soon Harry; just keep thinking about our cottage." Harry nodded and accepted the deep kiss that Severus had drawn him into. "I love you Harry." He whispered softly before pulling away and gathering the empty vials and jars back into his cloak.

"I love you too." Harry replied watching with a tender longing as Severus made his way to the door his face hardening into its usual unforgiving mask. Harry smiled as he heard the professor tell the guards not to let any one bother him until the potions were able to do their work. With the aid of a dreamless sleep potion which Severus had given him just before leaving Harry fell quickly into a deep undisturbed sleep his mind at ease for the first time in a long time.