Dead till the end

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Dead to the end is the sequel to Dead and Alive if you have not read the first fan fiction book then this will not make any sense.

Chapter One

It was horrible. The whole bar watched the small television screen in silence as they described the massacre. The vampires and humans alike were frozen in a tumult of emotions. Things like this were not supposed to happen in civilised society but they were getting more and more common. And it was my fault, at least in part.

It was nine months, three weeks and four days since Steve Newlin had died. I had been so glad when Eric, now my husband and King of Louisiana, had stormed in and saved me from the monster with the face of a human. I had already suffered and was about to be murdered so I had felt nothing but happiness when I saw the head of The Fellowship of the Sun lose his head forever. That was then.

The subsequent attacks made by angry FotS members were getting out of hand. It had all happened three months ago after the discovery of Steve Newlin's body. (The vampire that should have burnt his remains had now met his final death.) This was the twentieth attack this month. They were starting a war. The worst part was that it was mostly innocent humans that got killed in the cross fire.

Tonight I watched as the little reporter described how hard rescue teams were working to get survivors out. They were in Chicago and at least fifty humans were confirmed as dead. No vampires had died tonight as the bomb had accidently been planted in the wrong bag and instead of being taken to the vampire hotel it had been taken to a popular restaurant. They had already identified the FotS as responsible as the bomb had been wrapped in a flag.

The FotS had a lot to answer for and the American government were quick to condemn their actions these days. They were 'a terrorist group' and they 'took part in illegal activities' but despite the lack of legal support the public was not discouraged. It sickened me to my very core that support for anti-vampire groups was now stronger than ever. The FotS might not be able to operate in public anymore but it was well known that they were still in operation and their numbers were growing. It scared me to think of people wanting a part in murder and death just because of their prejudices. I had experienced a thing or two about hate but I couldn't understand them.

"Shhh, Sookie relax. I've got you," Eric whispered into my ear and he gently stroked his fingers across my palm. My hand was laced with his and he lifted me from my throne into his lap. His arms constricted around me forming a cage of flesh as he pulled me in to his cold, stone chest. I relaxed as my head rested on his shoulder. My shields were up and not a single thought entered my head unless I wanted it to but that didn't stop me feeling. Ever since I had ascended I had felt more connected with everything than ever before. I could not only hear people's thoughts but from time to time I could feel their emotions too. Mostly it happened when many people were feeling the same thing or when people were feeling very strong emotions. I had suffered a very embarrassing experience of feeling a woman's orgasm while attending a meeting in a hotel. I had not known what was happening until I was caught up in the climax and the vampires in the meeting had watched me with great amusement. Pam and Bill had found it particularly entertaining. Eric had not. He had become over protective as the fangs of our guests ran down and they watched me with hunger in their eyes. Fortunately, they had all got the sense to keep silent until the atmosphere calmed. As all of the vampires attending the meeting were 'in our close circle' so to speak they all understood what was happening to me. That was some relief. My unwelcome ability had interesting effects on the bond I shared with Eric. Eric could not feel these external emotions but he could very strongly feel my reaction to them. He took it as his responsibility to help me detach myself and keep calm when my heart was invaded this way. I appreciated his help but it didn't stop me feeling sick, scared or angry. It just gave me something to cling to while the storm passed.

I could feel over the bond that Eric was both angry and worried by the latest report but he was much stronger than me. He had seen every kind of violence and war imaginable in his long life so he had much more confidence than I that this would all work out. He also didn't feel the slightest bit of guilt at having created the spark for this whole mess. I envied him.

"Do you think we could go home early tonight?" I asked not looking up from where I had buried my face into his neck. He stroked along my back making me shiver.

"I think that is an excellent plan, my wife. I don't think you have very good control tonight." He kissed the top of my head as he clicked his fingers. Instantly Pam was standing beside him. I had been very happy that Eric had decided to stay in Shreveport rather than moving to the traditional New Orleans. I was still close enough to my friends and family and we got to live in the same house (although a few modifications and other security measures had been taken.) Pam and Bill were promoted, of course, and we spent most of our time in Fangtasia. It had made the transition much smoother and much more enjoyable.

"Yes master?" Her fangs had run down and I could hear her excitement. It wasn't a surprise as all of the vampires were eager for blood these days. Eric had made it very clear that hunting for FotS members was not allowed in his kingdom, unless under attack of course.

"Sookie and I are leaving. Take care of everything for me." She bowed very respectfully before spinning on her heal to leave. I could feel over the bond that Eric didn't want to leave while there was such a high potential for trouble but he was more worried about me.

I was glad that Eric still managed to put me first but sometimes I wished it was for different reasons. Eric was scared I would use my powers and reveal my identity. He had expended a great deal of time and effort in keeping my special identity secret but unfortunately every now and then I threatened to rip off the lid of his tightly closed box. I had total control of my powers now and since my ascension my powers had grown considerably but they were still subject to my moods and one of my human vulnerabilities was poor control of my emotions.

Eric's biggest fear, after either of us dying, was that I would reveal my identity. His fear was twofold. First, he feared that I would burn out if I used my powers so he made me promise not to use them unless I absolutely had to. I didn't mind, most of the time, agreeing to this promise because I wanted a normal life and this was the closest I would get. Secondly, Eric feared that if others found out of my powers they would seek me out for their own end. That in itself had a whole whirl of problems. If I agreed to help them I could burn out or I would disrupt the cosmic balance I was bound to protect. If I refused they could find out my weaknesses and force me or just kill me.

He was right, of course. I had to keep who I was a secret. There was a reason Gods didn't walk the earth I was learning. It had all been a very big adjustment for me I can tell you. It's not easy being the strongest and most powerful creature in existence while also walking around with regular human weaknesses. It was also not easy having your closest friends and loved ones look up to you like you are miles above them, especially when many of those people had hundreds of years experience and knowledge on you. I had the ability to know everything but the only way I could access that particular power and many others was to leave the limits of my human shell. I would not do that because that would mean leaving Eric and the thought was unbearable.

Eric walked me to the car in silence and drove me home. We were escorted by three teams of guards and my personal shadow, Brian. Brian was a tall vampire at 6'5" and he had shaggy black hair that cascaded down to his shoulders. He was very attractive but very quiet. He rarely spoke to me or anyone else but I could always feel his quiet thoughts beside me. I had thrown one hell of a fit when Eric had told me I was to have two body guards. I had submitted only when he assured me that he would have a guard too. His guard was for daytime only as he felt no need for extra protection at night with all of the security that surrounded us as a matter of course. Brian was scary as hell but I could hear from his thoughts that he was very happy with his new responsibility. He would die for me should the need arise and that stopped me from resenting him. I laughed my ass off when Eric told him my true identity. It isn't very often you get to see shock, awe, fear and respect intermingled on a vampires face, especially a hard ass like Brian. It is even less often you get to see a vampire dive to their knees to grovel at your feet. I had found it very amusing right before demanding he get up off of the floor and never do that again. So Brian was my nightly shadow. He was to watch my every move in silence and keep me safe. He was sat on his bike and he rode beside our car with ease. I tried to ignore him.

Eric carried me straight up the stairs and into our bedroom. I breathed a sigh of relief once we were inside and the door was firmly closed. This was the only place we could be alone and the relief I felt every night was echoed by Eric's.

"You are going to have to work on your emotions, dear one," Eric said as he helped me out of my dress.

"I can't stop feeling Eric. I can't help it if I get upset by those horrible things. I hate that people are dying and I feel like the whole world is going crazy." He kissed my neck slowly and seductively and my body instantly relaxed.

"I know you can't help it," He nibbled on my ear and I shivered with anticipation. His voice was husky, "but the world was always crazy and it always will be. You shouldn't get worked up over what you can't change." He kissed me on the mouth and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I worry about you." I let him save me from my heavy heart as he slid off my red lace panties and flicked my nub with his finger. I moaned at the pleasure and his fangs, already partially extended, ran all the way down. He kissed me deeply and I licked at his fangs causing him to growl into my mouth. It didn't take long for me to be ready and as soon as I was he laid me on our bed and entered me. He rode me to a wave of happiness that we both enjoyed while screaming for each other. Then he curled me in his side and played with my hair. He didn't need to feed. My blood was even richer now and a few sips could keep him satisfied for a week. He would even have that rosy glow vampires get after feeding in great quantity. He just held me knowing I would sleep in his arms.

Eric loved to watch me sleep and our bond was so strong now that most of the time he knew what I needed without asking. It was like he could read my mind sometimes although I was very glad he could not. Eric had proven to be a vet good king. He was fair but ruthless and there were many vampires partitioning to move into Eric's kingdom. The one thing that was universally acknowledged throughout the kingdom, however, was that Eric put me first. Everyone knew that the queen's needs came before everything and Eric was like a devout man worshiping his goddess in the way he took care of me. We had our fights and he knew very clearly that I was NOT to be worshiped by him, if at all, but that didn't stop him spoiling me.

"Rest minn elska. [My beloved] I have you." He whispered into my hair.

"Erik jag älskar dig." [Eric I love you.] I said feeling the strength of him wash over me like oxygen. I was so relaxed it didn't take long for me to drift off despite the early hour.