Sasuke's POV

The guys immediately released Saku's slumped form before walking towards their car. Sasuke walked up to the unconscious boy and gently picked him up bridal style to avoid unnecessary pain. He soon then began walking towards Naruto's car and unlocking it. Taking his time, he placed Saku gently in the passenger's seat and buckled him in. Sasuke then proceeded to dial Naruto's number and waited for the dobe to answer.

"Hey, where are you?" he heard Naruto ask.

"I'm taking Saku to my place." he answered as he entered and turned the ingnition on, "Catch a ride with someone else cause I am taking your car."

"Wait, why are you taking him to your place?"

"Saku fainted and I dont know where he lives." he answered as he pulled out and traveled to the direction of his place.

"Uh huh, I bet. Have fun..." Naruto said as he hanged up with an audible click.

"Dobe..." Sasuke mumbled as he stopped at a stop light. After ten minutes of silence he glanced at Saku and realized that his hair was coming apart and it now drapped over his shoulder in a very feminem way. His chest was moving up and down in slow succesions and his pick lips were parted slightly in a sigh. The light soon turned green and a honk was heard behind him. Sasuke resumed driving as he mentally shaked his head. "I need to get laid.." he muttered as he pulled into his driveway and jumped out of his car. He walked to Saku's side of the car and opened the door before unlocking the seatbelt, picking up Saku, and walking towards the front door.

Sasuke reached into his pocket to pull out his set of house keys and unlocked the door. Meanwhile, Saku had his head in the crook of his neck and inhaled deeply snding shivers down his spine. He watched Saku bury himself more deeply against him as he walked up the stairs. He opened his room door that was located on the right side of the hall, first door. Sasuke then layed him down in his bed and turned the lap light on. He glanced at Saku's neck and noticed a bruise forming rapidly on it. He let out an angry hiss and turned his head away. Sasuke then attempted to rise off the bed but was suddenly pulled back down by Saku who eyes were opened to display vivid green, but sightless, as though he was still dreaming.

"Sasuke..." he heard Saku murmured before wrapping his arms around Sasuke's neck. Sasuke froze as he felt Saku's fingers in his hair lovingly. Sakue then brought Sasuke's lips towards his and kissed him. Sasuke closed his eyes and began returning the kiss which was sweet and slow. He then felt Saku's tongue trace his lips in a request to recieve him. Sasuke opened his mouth and the two were soon into into a duel as they battled for dominance. Sasuke began runnig his hands into Saku's hair as he used his other hand to cradle his face.

Saku released low moans as he pulled away and began nibbling on Sasuke's neck. Sasuke pulled back and glanced into Saku's lust ridden gaze. He pulled Saku's hands away from his neck and placed them on either sides of Saku's head before bringing his head down once again for a last kiss before getting up, turning the light off, and exiting the room.

Sasuke stood on the oppisite side of the door and slumped his head against the door.

'What is wrong with me?'

Sakura's POV

Sakura woke up the next morning as she winced from the pain that was delivered from her body. She glanced at her surrounding area and became frightened.

"Where am I?" she questioned out loud as she sat up and looked around. She caught glimpse of pictures of Sasuke and Naruto with certificates under the name of Sasuke.

"Oh my god. Im at Sasuke's place." she murmured as she placed her feet on the floor and walked towards the mirror that was on the dresser. She glanced at herself before she let out an audible gasp. Her neck spotted a bruise that was dark blue, her lips were puffy and sensitive, while her hair was everywhere giving the term 'bedhead' new meaning.

The door bedroom door opened to reveal Sasuke staring at her.

"We need to talk." Sasuke said as he walked into the room and closed the door with an audible click before the door was locked.

"About what?" Sakura asked as she began walking backwards while he took steps towards her.

"What happened last night." he said as he stood in front of Sakura who had her back pressed against the wall.

"what about it?" she asked as she looked down.

"You don't remeber?" he asked as he tilted her chin upwards to look into her eyes.

"Remeber what?" she questioned, starting to feel like a parrot.

"This..." Sasuke answered as he captured her lips in a rough kiss as he pressed her more firmly into the wall and tangling his hands into her hair.

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