Happy New Year. Happy Birthday. Merry Christmas.

By GeeLady

Pairing: H/W

Rating: G

Summary: One friend's wishes for the other friend.

Warning! - DEATH fic' !!

Disclaimer: Dead or alive, I own nothing.



"I know I don't say this often enough - never did I guess. But you're such a hard man to - you don't let anyone feel sentiment, even if it's about you." Wilson smiled at his own awkwardness. No reason to feel awkward about it now. He knew House felt the same way. "I love you. Very much."

He could feel blue eyes staring at him, across the small expanse of air; this tiny space of the world their shared. The feelings that were still theirs, and would always be. "I shouldn't have left. I should have been there, when you were going through all of that...pain and sadness - yes I know I was feeling my own miseries but, that's no excuse for abandoning someone I love. Loved the most. You were always right about that, ya' bastard."

Wilson laughed. God it felt good to do that. "Anyway, thanks for listening. I can't believe you're quiet for once and just letting me talk." He wanted to kiss him. Right then. And never let go. "Thanks."

"Oh - " Wilson pulled something out of his pocket. "I have something for you. Now don't start trying to tell me that it's the wrong color, or not right for you. It's my gift to you, so shut up and accept it."

Wilson placed it before his friend. A small bouquet of white and red roses. Right there, Wilson decided. Yes, that looked right. Just off to the side of the headstone. "Wear them with love."

"And oh, yes." Wilson removed a small bottle of whiskey from his packet. "Can't forget this." He unscrewed the cap, letting a few ounces dribble out onto the carefully groomed grass of late spring. This was his yearly trip to see his old friend. Here, near where his father lay, and within just a few miles of where his mother still lived.

"Happy New Year, House. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas,..."

Wilson downed a few swallows. "I'll see you next year."

...And many, many more.