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"What?! I do not. You're the one who does that!" Justin yelled.

Theresa rubbed her temples. When would this childish squabble end? It started a week ago. She wasn't completely sure how it started, but from what she knew, Alex had stolen one of Justin's dol- action figures. Then it progressed to other things. She did not understand how they could stay so angry with each other for such a long period of time. Sure, they had spats before, but Alex eventually forgave Justin and tried to steal something of his or do something that made him upset to make herself feel better. That eventually created another squabble, but for the time in between, there was a lot of peace in their house.

Harper rushed to the basement before anything else could happen.

"Go to your rooms!" Jerry shouted.

His two older children completely ignored him. If anything, they shouted more loudly than ever.

Then, Alex raised her arm as though she was about to hit Justin. At this, something in Jerry snapped. This had never happened before and something had to happen before it escalated.

"Okay, Max," Jerry said. "Grab your wand and repeat after me."

Before her hand could touch her brother, Alex felt the familiar sensation of magic slipping into her body the way a slow wave slips onto the shore. As the feeling subsided, so did her anger towards her brother.

"It's calmus, not calmaas!" Their father screamed.

"What just happened?" Justin asked. There was no anger in his face whatsoever.

"Look, I got tired of your arguments, so I got Max to cast a meditation spell on you two. However, he said the wrong thing, so I don't know if it worked properly. Did it work?" he asked curiously, tilting his head slightly in curiosity.

"I'm not angry anymore…." Alex said. "But I don't feel anything at all. I don't even feel slightly upset, like I usually do," she continued.

"It's a calming spell. It should wear off in less than five minutes. Hopefully, you won't be angry with each other when it ends," Jerry said, nodding intelligently. " They'll probably start fighting again soon, so we should enjoy it while it lasts," he told Theresa.

"Oh. I feel like I should be angry or something," Alex answered dully.

"Will the undo dust work?" Justin asked.

"I don't think so. It doesn't really work for emotion spells," Jerry replied.

Alex sank into the couch lifelessly. Justin stared at his watch, waiting for five minutes to pass. It felt like all the emotions that he lost were sliding into his feet, making them feel like lead. There was nothing left in his heart. There should be something else, he knew that, but for the life of him, he couldn't figure out what.

Five minutes ticked by, leaving him oddly empty. Lazily, he made his way to the couch slowly. He stared at the screen, reaching out to grab the remote by habit. He did not actually mind what they were watching as he didn't feel anything at all. As his fingers grazed the smooth ones belonging to his sister, he felt an urge to grab it out of her hands and change the channel. The weather forecast was on. However, he realised that his sister wanted to change the channel to. Her eyes were alight with determination and her pink lips were set in a hard line.

The spell must have worn off.

Before he had time to react, she snatched the remote out of his hands. However, as soon as she did that, they both felt empty again. They turned away from each other and continued watching the show quietly.

He was so sure that the spell had worn off. Oh well. They could continue watching the show until it wore off. He didn't know what else he could do with himself.

On the screen, a mime tried to create a wall between himself and the world.

The minutes ticked away.

"Has the spell worn off?" Jerry asked.

"No," Justin answered.

"Weird, half an hour has passed. It probably has something to do with Max mispronouncing the spell… you two, go down to the lair and try to find out about the spell Max cast on you. You should probably try to find a counter spell while you're at it," Jerry said.

Alex and Justin stood up obediently and walked to the lair. Jerry would almost have killed for such an obedient daughter.

He was just about to tell Theresa how lucky they were that Max messed up the spell when he saw Alex's glassy eyes. He shuddered. Those eyes did not belong to his baby girl. She looked as though she was dead. What had he done? Noting this, he went straight up to his room to read the magic books that he had placed in his room. As he walked up, he couldn't help feeling the icy steps under his feet. He didn't like reading much more than Alex did, but they had to find a cure for this!

Alex and Justin reached out to open the door simultaneously. Their hands met on the door. At this moment, the television set erupted with noise. His children turned their heads around quickly, sourcing out the noise. Then, Alex laughed as the mime fell down. Amusement! Bingo! Had the spell worn off? Alex looked at Justin, as though she were wondering if he found it amusing. However, Justin merely looked sympathetic. Alex frowned. Great, the spell must have worn off. He could see that they were going to break out the insults. That was fine. It was great to have them back to the way they were.

However, the second Alex withdrew her hand and placed it on her hip, the irritation went out of her face as though someone had flicked a switch within her. Justin's sympathy vanished as well.

That was… weird. Perhaps the spell meant to stop them from getting angry. Still, this was too creepy.

He didn't like seeing the glassy look on their facesl.

Like robots, they reached out for the door again. As the door was flung open, Alex's hand slammed onto Justin's. For a fraction of a second, Justin's face contorted in anger. However, it slid back into its zombie like state as Alex walked down into the lair. This was bad. He would never hear the end of it from Theresa if this was not fixed by tomorrow. He knew that she would only use this situation to make a case against rampant magic. That would have been fine with him, but she would probably drag him into it as well. He rushed up the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him.

After a while, Justin began to feel hungry. He almost welcomed the sensation. At least it was not as bad as the emptiness within him. However, the hunger began to distract him from the research. He looked at Alex. She was working rather hard on it. Deep inside him, he knew it was strange to see his sister so studious.

He walked briskly up the stairs and took an apple out of the fridge.

"What are you doing out here?" Theresa asked. "Didn't your father ask you to look for a counter-spell?"

"I was hungry."

Theresa looked at him carefully. "Okay. Why don't you go downstairs and make your sister is really doing her research?"

Justin thought about his sister, her face slightly scrunched up, fully concentrating on the books she was reading.

"I'm sure she's doing her share of the research," he replied mechanically.

"If you're sure," Theresa answered doubtfully. "Here," she continued, shoving a sandwich into his hands. "Take this to your sister, just in case she gets hungry."


Then, he turned around and walked down the stairs of the lair quietly. He looked at his sister. She was definitely concentrating on the book. He shrugged. Something about the sight still bothered him slightly.

Still, since they were supposed to be calm, perhaps she did not get bored as easily.

"Here," he said, handing her the sandwich.

"Thanks," she replied. Their fingers touched as he handed her the sandwich. There was a very evident electric current running up and down her body. All of a sudden, she felt very bored. She wanted to jump around. Dance. Kiss her older brother. And not necessarily in that order. She'd do anything besides sitting there quietly, reading. Reading. What was she doing?!

"The spell, do you think it wore off?" Alex asked.

"I don't know," he answered. He was feeling a sudden curiosity, though. It must have worn off. She looked deep in thought. Then, a look of frustration took root in her face. She grabbed the sandwixh.

All of a sudden, the curiosity slid off him. She no longer looked frustrated.

He thought back to the other situations where they both felt something. Something clicked in his mind. Quickly, he grabbed her hand. Again, the electricity jumped off his hand into her body. It was the most pleasant feeling in the world. It burned her, it delighted her, destroyed her. She dutifully shrugs it off. It's no big deal, she is used to this feeling. She cannot help loving the wrong person.

"I get it!" he exclaimed excitedly, his voice full of life.

"Get what?" she asks, annoyed.

"I finally understand why we randomly start feeling stuff and then feel empty again," Justin answerd. "Watch this."

He let go of her. Again, they didn't feel anything. Then, he reached out to touch her again. She seems annoyed. She asks him what the point of what they're doing. He lets go. Again, she stops feeling annoyance whatsoever. This time, he sees understanding creep across her face. She reaches out to touch him again.

"So, we have to touch if we want to feel anything?" Alex asked.

"Pretty much."

"Alright, make sure you don't let go of me," Alex said.

"Huh?" Justin questioned, a faint tinge of pink emerging slowly from under his cheeks.

Alex rolled her eyes. "If you let go of my hand, I won't feel angry. If I don't feel angry, I won't try to get even with Max. Anyway, I don't know about you, but I don't particularly like the empty feeling we have all the time. It's really depressing."

"Oh. Yeah, I don't like it much either. Does this mean that we'll have to hold onto each other's hand all the time?"

"There's no way I'm going to hold your hand in school. I'd rather suffer that depressing emptiness, thanks," Alex replied, throwing him a disgusted look. I'm so going to kill Max," she continued.

"You know, I'm usually not a big fan of violence, but this time, count me in."

Alex smiled coldly.

"Do you want to do the evil laugh?" Justin asked enthusiastically.

"Justin, you ruined the moment!"

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