Author's Note: This is a story idea I've had in my head for months, and I'm finally starting on it. Essentially, the goblins (for reasons unknown) begin celebrating Aboveground holidays...except that, being goblins, they get them horribly, terribly wrong. Not all of these holidays will get a oneshot, nor do all the oneshots have to come from this list...but it's a good place to start. If you know of a holiday you want represented, tell me what it is and how to celebrate it (properly) so that the goblins can have fun misinterpreting it.

And yes, I already have the King's Day story written. It will come out on King's Day...also known as tomorrow.

Happy Holidays 2010


1st (Friday) ~ New Year's Day

6th (Wednesday) ~ King's Day

18th (Monday) ~ Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday


2nd (Tuesday) ~ Groundhog Day

12th (Friday) ~ Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

14th (Sunday) ~ Valentine's Day; Chinese New Year

15th (Monday) ~ George Washington's Birthday/Presidents' Day

16th (Tuesday) ~ Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday

17th (Wednesday) ~ Ash Wednesday


8th (Monday) ~ Women's Day

14th (Sunday) ~ Daylight Saving Time starts

17th (Wednesday) ~ St. Patrick's Day

20th (Saturday) ~ Spring starts; Spring Equinox

28th (Sunday) ~ Palm Sunday


1st (Thursday) ~ April Fool's Day

2nd (Friday) ~ Good Friday

4th (Sunday) ~ Easter Sunday

22nd (Thursday) ~ Earth Day


5th (Wednesday) ~ Cinco de Mayo

9th (Sunday) ~ Mothers' Day

15th (Saturday) ~ Armed Forces Day

31st (Monday) ~ Memorial Day


14th (Monday) ~ Flag Day

20th (Sunday) ~ Fathers' Day

21st (Monday) ~ Summer begins; Summer Solstice


4th (Sunday) ~ Independence Day

14th (Wednesday) ~ Bastille Day




6th (Monday) ~ Labor Day

12th (Sunday) ~ Grandparents' Day

22nd (Wednesday) ~ Autumn begins; Fall Equinox


11th (Monday) ~ Columbus Day; Thanksgiving (Canada)

31st (Sunday) ~ Halloween


1st (Monday) ~ All Saints' Day

2nd (Tuesday) ~ Election Day (USA)

5th (Friday) ~ Guy Fawkes Day

7th (Sunday) ~ Daylight Saving Time ends

11th (Thursday) ~ Veterans' Day (USA)

25th (Thursday) ~ Thanksgiving Day (USA)

29th (Monday) ~ Advent


21st (Tuesday) ~ Winter Solstice

25th (Saturday) ~ Christmas

26th (Sunday) ~ Kwanzaa

31st (Friday) ~ New Year's Eve