TM: Chapter 2

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Its been 3 years since I left. I haven't kept in touch with anyone really. On occasion I send letter to my mother just letting her know I am alive. But never leave a return address. I don't want to deal with pleas to come home or story's of how everyone is. I feel really shitty doing this to Alice but I have no choice. I know she understands but if I ever see her again, yeah shes going to kick my ass. God, I really do miss her.

Moving on was the best thing I have done. I went to New York first. Then made my way to LA, I didn't stay in one place very long. Eventually I craved a place to call my own and people to hang out with that I didn't just meet while playing at random bars. I made my way to Chicago and have set my self up pretty well.

I play guitar in a band now. We get a lot of gigs in the college district. I have girls falling at my feet and blow passed out like candy. Ive given up the pussy bull shit and take whats given to me. A girl want to suck my dick? Well then by all means. Rack me a line, poor me a drink? Fuck yeah. I learned not to say no. Feelings? Don't have much anymore. They weren't getting me anywhere anyhow.

I don't date... I fuck around get my rocks off and just do what feels good. I try not to over think shit too, go with the flow. I met a girl named Katie. She's a good girl. Fucking star struck college freshman fawning over the "it" band around town of course. But the way she didn't just give it up like the other girls had me intrigued. She was a fucking awesome chick to hang out with too. I told her straight up, I wasn't good for her,not looking for love or a relationship and would never love anyone. But she didn't care. I think she hoped I would change. But it wont. I wasn't meant to love. Just to exist in a sense. We hang out pretty much all the time. I don't call her my girlfriend per say. But in a way she's is my girl. Kind of a don't ask don't tell agreement between the two of us. She doesn't try to dig into my past, and I don't ask about hers. Its nice, it works.

From time to time I wonder about her, but end up fucked up and dick deep in Katie. Or some other random girl, yeah that's a part of our "don't ask, don't tell" shit. It happens, no need to judge. I know I should have not been such a pansy ass douchebag with her and just fucking told her everything. Its my fault. But hers to for not seeing what was right in front of her god damn face all those years. Ive found ways to deal with it.

Some days, I hope that Alice or my mom will some how find me. Others I thank god they didn't. I would die seeing the look of shame on my mothers face. Sorrow in her eyes. Ive changed so much. I don't even know if they would recognize who I am anymore. Each letter I write gets harder. Trying to act like the old me. Sensor my verbal explicits. Act like the little daisy that I was. Last month during a coke binge I was two numbers from dialing Alice's cell hoping it was unchanged. Just hear my sisters voice, the feel of home. But the shaking and need for a fix lead me to drop the phone and bump another hit. After that I watched my shit better. Sticking to a stiff drink and smokes. I can't slip up and call after 3 years, I would get endless amount of shit and not to mention grief for what I've turned into.

I'm really not that fucking bad thou. I mean I make good money playing with Red Eyed Monster (my band). I have a cool chick that stays around for some reason. A sweet loft in the middle of town and have found some good friends in my band mates....

" Eddie???" Katie yelled breaking me out of my thoughts

" Whats up K??" I asked looking up from my note book and snubbing out my cigg.

" You playing tonight?"

" Yeah, told you that already"

" Mmmkay, Hey whats this?" She said pulling out some old CD's

" I told you to not fuck with my shit K!"

" Oh Eddie, calm down. Whats on these by the way?"

" I don't know, shit I've fucked around with over the years really nothing you'd be interested in."

" Ohhhhhhh, so pre-rocker Ed? I gotta hear this" she laughed

" Seriously your pissing me off!" I yelled into the living room from the balcony.

I heard the stereo switch and a CD start to play and I froze.


Fuck I haven't touched that shit in years... Since her....

" Turn that shit off NOW!" I bellowed making my way inside.

I didn't want to explain. To hear or to remember....

" I told you not to touch my shit K" I said with venom grabbing her wrists.

" I'm sorry" she said smirking and looking up through her lashes. Fuck

" Are you trying to piss me off??"

" No, but if your going to go all angry sex with me I'll take it" she bit back

" If that's what you wanted all you have to do is ask..." I whispered as I took a clothed nipple in between my teeth and pushed her up against the wall. She wanted to play.

K liked it hard... I could take my aggression out and she liked it. Another reason we worked.

" Eddie, fuck me good" She moaned

And I did what I was told. I clawed her skirt up and pusher her panties aside, slamming my fingers in to wet core. She made fast pace with my belt and pushed my pants down taking a hold of my dick. She pumped fast and hard.

" Hand's off K, If you want me to fuck you good. Put your hands in your hair, no touching me. Good, now spread your legs for me."

I fisted her thong and flung it from her body. She was panting and trying to rub her legs together.

" You know how this works... You don't get yours unless I get mine little girl." I smirked ramming her with my dick.

" Oh fuck Eddie, Oh fuck" she screamed

" Not until I say remember!" I gritted out

" Please, Please!" she begged to cum. She knew the drill. But I think she got off on asking.

" Take your hand, only one and rub your clit for me." I said readjusting her legs around my waist so I could watch.

" Oh Goooddddd"

" Yes, Yes K, I AM YOUR GOD! You can cum, cum on me K" I commanded

" Fuuuuuckkkkkkk" She screamed

I felt her Pussy pulsate around my dick, her cum running down my shaft and hit my balls. A few more strokes and I shot off . I pulled out quick, smiled at her and pulled up my pants forgoing my belt I went back outside to have a smoke. As I reached the door I turned back.

" Don't touch the CD's again K"

" Ummm ok" she lifted her brow in question. Always the unspoken "why?" But she wouldn't ask. She knew better.

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