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The Twilight Twenty-Five


Pen name: Profmom72

Pairing: Carlisle

Rating: T


My family and I are inextricably bound together. It is as if we are invisibly connected with a fine string. No one can stray too far from the group without tugging on the rest of us.

For some, being tied together implies shackles and constriction. They fight against it like a newly saddled horse.

Where others focus on restraint, I see connection and unity.

Family members get on each others' nerves. They fight. They even run away.

But the string pulls you back.

Because they also love.

I have lived with no such attachments.

I promise you, bound is better.

E/N: And there we have it. No lost moment on that one, and the last two followed a similar theme. I enjoyed my time with Carlisle. Thanks so much for reading. Now, can you guess which was the ghost written drabble?