My first Glee fic, of course I had to throw in a little Wicked. Language used in this was because I was trying to get into Puck's head... he doesn't strike me as the most eloquent fellow ever.

"But isn't this kind of gay?"

She blinked, a little smile forming on her face. "You think a man and a woman singing a passionate love song is kind of gay?"

He had to admit, she had a point, there. "But it's a broadway song. With... tights, and dancing, and make-up and..."

She patted the piano bench next to her, encouraging him to sit down next to her. "A little stage make-up would be worn... but there's no tights or dancing for this one, anyway." She adjusted the position of the sheet music so she could see it better, and decided to change tactics. "I'll understand if you don't want to sing it, though... it's just, it's one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite shows. I always thought it would be really romantic to sing it with my significant other." She folded her hands in her lap. "But I'll understand if you don't want to sing with me, Noah."

Puck tried to hide his inner groan, looking at the floor- and seeing Rachel's knee socks, leading up to her legs, to her thighs, to the edge of her short pink skirt. He had never went this far in an attempt to get into a girl's pants- but Rachel was special. Annoying, overbearing, intimidating, and a little scary. But special.

And those skirts!

He sighed, grabbing her hand and looking at the music she had in front of them. "Alright, but... if I screw it up, don't yell at me."

She beamed at him, giving him a peck on the cheek as a reward and immediately started playing, and he started to wonder, if he'd said no, if she would've just sang both parts, anyway. "Kiss me too fiercely, hold me too tight.." He had to admit, he liked the sound of it. And Rachel was a really good singer. And prettier when she sang, too. More confident, happier. Sexier. And she was doing this weird sultry thing, which was hot. "... as long as you're mine."

She finished her bit, still playing steadily at the piano, nodding toward the music. His turn. Oh. So he started singing, leaning in to read the words. "...But you've got me seeing, through different eyes. Somehow I've fallen under your spell..." Damn. It fit Rachel well enough. He didn't want to light himself on fire when she sang, anymore. She lit him on fire when she sang. And those little annoying quirks, her intensity... well, it could be kind of cute. When she wasn't so psycho.

She joined in after his verse, and he surprisingly didn't crack on his high note- which seemed to please her greatly. He'd heard her babble about how she loved it when a guy could sing a high note. He'd ignored it, afraid he'd look like Kurt Hummel. The song ended simply, and she still looked content. "Noah?"


"Thank you." She giggled to herself and looked down into her lap, picking at her skirt.


"Well, after the songs over, the actor and actress... kind of make out." She didn't have to tell him that twice. Maybe he would like this theatre thing.